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Sorry, but Lazerlite Stylus Pen v2.0 - Silver has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Lazerlite Stylus Pen v2.0 - Silver

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Lazerlite v2.0 is the ultimate writing and office accessory which includes a ball point pen, capacitive stylus, laser pointer, LED light and gift tin.

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31st August 2013

Looks good
Excellent looking pen / stylus and works well in respect of functionality. Only disappointment is that the cover top does not clip onto pen and I imagine ill probably lose it due to this element of the design Bill
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almeria, spain
13th July 2013

samsung galaxy s3 mini
is it possible to use pen with galaxy s3 mini?
I would like to know about the posibility to use this pen or another. Thanks.
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Sweet M
11th July 2013

Acer Iconia Pad
Yep....just what I was looking for
As I am a professional, looking good for my clients is imperative so when I came across this item I was thrilled. Having a pen that looks smart that includes a stylus and two lights....great! Can't wait to show it off!
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frank melody
8th July 2013

seeing in dark, writing, on my nexus 7
lazerlite stylus pen
very happy with pen
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4th July 2013

IPad3, iPhone4
Looking for a replacement.
Looking for a replacement for my original lazerlite bought some months ago, as I had lost the stylus and then the ink ran out! Glad to have another as the pen is smart, writes smoothly and I now have the stylus. Only one point - where can we get refills? By the way, fantastic service as well.
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Paul Evans
Stoke on Trent
12th May 2013

Great little Product
Great little pen-plus, balance is good, its never far from my hand, I use it every day to both write, use with my Ipad, and i use the pointer in presentations. Only wish that I could get a replacement pen refill. Come on mobile Fun get the refills sorted Paul E
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Chris Brockman
Crowthorne, Berks.
7th May 2013

Galaxy S2
Does what it says very well - but...
Easy and comfortable to use, each function works very well indeed. My only reservations are firstly, the top/cover pulled off the pen initially with a satisfying click but thereafter would not stay on as too loose - fixed myself with a bit of tape inside cover as couldn't be bothered to return, now OK. Secondly, I like the replacement batteries for the laser and torch functions as they should give hours of use but the pen is obviously a one-off as no refill is possible - no more writing once it runs out!
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Steven Jones
United Kingdom
5th May 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Handy device
It does what it says in the description and does it well. The only small annoyance is trying to get refills for the pen, since I've been to alot of shops and no-one seems to have ones that are short enough to fit properly. All in all it's good
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Gareth Corris-Jones
3rd May 2013

Samsung Galaxy Y.
Handy piece of kit.
I found this particular item to be very handy and extremely good value for money. You literally have 4 tools at your disposal in your pen-pocket. However, if I have any criticism, it is that the stylus could be a trifle smaller in width. Apart from that, I am one happy-bunny.
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Peter Bridgman
United Kingdom
2nd May 2013

A useful item
The Lazerite Stylus Pen is a very useful dual purpose device particularly if you give presentation. The lazer option makes a very good pointer.
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2nd May 2013

iPad 3
Just the thing
The stylus pen is ideal for my needs. I hate getting finger prints on my iPad but this stylus pen stops that. I even use it for my kindle which is touch screen but the torch comes in handy for this. My cats love the laser and it can keep them occupied for hours. I must admit I've not used the biro but then I tend to use electronics for most things but I'm sure it'll get used at some point. Good product with all it's uses in one item.
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28th April 2013

Exactly what I needed
The only bad thing about finally obtaining an iPhone was I would have to cut my well maintained nails! That is until I was encouraged to look for a stylus when the one I chose came in record time I was delighted it was exactly what I needed and now I can text with the best of them!
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24th April 2013

Good value
For £7.99 you can't go wrong. All seems good...only slightly odd thing is that it takes three batteries but you get two spare ones in the tin, which seems rather pointless. Still, for the money, it doesn't matter.
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24th April 2013

nexus 7
Very flexible and useful
Very happy with the item which arrived today. Many uses and just the thing to have in your pocket.Just one thought, where do I get ink replacements for the pen? Five stars if they are readily available.
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Raymond Oliver
22nd February 2013

Battery Info for this Pen is wrong!!
Like I said in a discussion and review that I posted about 10 and 5 days ago approximately, the battery info is wrong! This pen has 3 LR41/SR41 size batteries to make it work. NOT the 2 LR416 batteries that you make out in your product description. I've had no acknowledgement or reply from my comments and your product description remains unchanged. POOR!! Pen itself works well!!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Raymond, our apologies for not getting in touch sooner. Thank you for highlighting this incorrectly listed info, the page has now been amended accordingly.
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2nd February 2013

Lazerlite Stylus pen silver with case
Brilliant just wat i wanted
I wanted this pen for my wife to use on her iphone & ipad the fact it had a working pen, torch & Lazer pointer was a real bonus, 4 for the price of one Brilliant
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26th January 2013

Samsung Galaxy Aceplus, iPad2
A really cool stylish pen, beautifully finished and a handy size. very easy and comfortable to use. Excellent stylus and very useful laser pointer and torch. Only one small drawback - the top could have been tighter fitting or screwed as it drops off too easily.
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Jeff Bishop
26th January 2013

Kindle Fire - iphone 4S
Good - but...........
Everything worked but....... The pen cover was loose on the pen and I had to glue a ring of paper on the inside of the cover to increase its grip on the pen - then it was OK. The pen cartridge (ink) is quite small and I have no idea where or how to obtain a replacement (very small and wont last that long). Also not too sure how to remove the cartridge from the pen anyway (doesn't seem to want to pull out of the body). The laser and light are excellent, the pen writes cleanly and the soft tip works just as it should.
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26th January 2013

Smart Phone
Very Smart
This is a very smart piece of kit. Great pen, torch and lazer pointer. However it has one thing that lets it down, the shaft that covers the pen is a very lose fit, infact it falls off in ones pocket. Had to put a piece of sticky tape around the pen body to hold iy on.
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23rd January 2013

Ipad 3
Perfect for cleaner screen
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20th January 2013

HTC Sensation
Good little gadget
Everything works just as you'd expect. Only problem is the lid is very loose.
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3rd January 2013

Great gadget - just one tweak needed
For the price this really is a great little device. Useful torch, with a bright white LED, and an impressive little red light laser - you will be surprised - it's pretty powerful. The capacitive tip works perfectly on smartphone displays etc, oh and it's also a pen. Another plus is that this device is fairly small (~12cm total length), which means it will fit into my mobile phone case without jutting out. But... there is one flaw: The end cap which pulls off to reveal the pen tip is too loose. It's designed to be an interference fit, but it's not tight enough. So watch out, you might lose it. If the design had incorporated a notch or ring to click and secure the cap, or indeed just better tolerances in the manufacturing, it would be perfect. (I ordered two of these and they both have slightly loose fitting end caps - so I guess it's a common issue). (Hence a 4 star rating) To finish on a plus - it does come with a set of spare (button type) batteries which is very handy. Overall: very pleased. A quick tweak by the manufacturers to improve the cap tolerance would make it perfect.
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Serdar Satrettin
United Kingdom
2nd January 2013

HTC & Nexus 7
"Swiss-Army" pen!
A great idea and extremely useful pen, stylus, torch, laser pointer. This stocking filler of a gadget has been invaluable at Christmas as a.. 1) Pen: I have left notes for the wife, i.e. "Don't overcook the turkey this year" 2) Stylus: Challenged my friends on "Drawsome" making drawing a breeze but not actually improving my childlike sketches. 3) Torch: Helped find my keys after dropping them in the front garden after a few glasses of mulled wine 4) Laser pointer: Provided endless fun (torment) for the family cat. Why only 4 stars? The lid doesn't really stay on properly and has a tendency to slide off at will! I bought 3 of these and they all suffered with the same problem some being better than others.
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Blackburn, Lancs.
2nd January 2013

Smart Service.
Once again the service was excellent. Ordered one afternoon, dropped on the doormat the following morning - at almost Christmas time, too. The item was exactly as described and in good working order. Only negative comment I could make - the cap of the pen was rather loose fitting, in danger of falling off and being lost. Otherwise, 10 out of 10.
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31st December 2012

Makes a nice gift
Nicely presented with spare batteries. Goes down well with gadget-loving youngsters.
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Pradeep Seth
Stanmore Middx
31st December 2012

What a nice gadget!
Product is very handy, specially the laser light to pin point the product and LED comes handy too! Thanks
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