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Sorry, but The Ultimate Google Nexus 4 Accessory Pack - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

The Ultimate Google Nexus 4 Accessory Pack - Black

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Product Reference: 37443

The ultimate Google Nexus 4 accessory pack contains must have items for your Nexus 4. Designed to protect and store your Nexus 4 at home, in the office and in the car.

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Howard Curtis
United Kingdom
10th November 2013

Nexus 4
Great product
Great value for money. The only accessory I don't use is the mini desk support. The rest work great and compared to products I have bought before, are of good quality.
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31st October 2013

Sono pienamente soddisfatto di quanto acquistato. Il prodotto rispecchia ciò che è stato descritto nel sito. Tempi di consegna in linea con quanto dichiarato. Complimenti.
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Patrick O'Donohoe
26th October 2013

Nexus 4
Mixed bunch
This looks at first like a good collection of accessories, but after receiving it, some are of questionable use: Desk stand - might be good for watching movies etc or use with a separate keyboard (neither of which I have tried yet) Car holder - The grip is good, but the sucker and ball joint are too plasticky and wobbly to be much use. Flexishield skin - Excellent protection for sides and back, without too much extra bulk. Mini portable desk stand - actually just a knob attached to a sucker. OK in landscape mode but will not work in portrait (unless the phone has a flat bottom) Car charger - claims to be a 1m lead, but it's coiled so can't reach more than about 0.5m without becoming too tightly stretched. Useless if the power outlet is between the seats. Screen protectors - not much to say; they do what they're supposed to.
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3rd October 2013

Despite some negative comments
I am glad I decided to give the Google nexus 4 Accessory pack a go.The screen protector already put on the mobile phone had 3 little air bubbles on the edge. The cover fits well. The desk stand works well ; people who complained about that probably didn't take off the protective film prior to using it. The little suction ball knob is ok too although I have no need to use it. Have not needed, therefore not tried the multi-mount in the car. All told, am pleased with the pack.
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2nd August 2013

Google Nexus 4
Very Handy
I am actually very pleased with my purchase. I read previous comments and all were not very positive but I still decided that I need to see it for myself. I ordered the pack mainly cause I needed a screen protector and the silicon case. All extra things are just like a bonus. Silicon case is awsome. I has a very nice grip and it fits perfectly to the phone. Screen protector was fairly easy to install and it looks fine. Only flaw wast hat in a 5 pack 1 was a bit with a wrong shape, that does not fit to phone. But no worries 4 were ok :). I absolutely love the desk stand. I have it on my table at work fastened with double sided tape and it looks really cool. In previous reviews I saw that almos nobody like the car holder, that it wouldn't stay and so on. I do not agree. Tried it yesterday and I had even problems to remove it afterwards. In another work it works fine and is very handy. The only pointless thing was the gummy desk holder, or whatever it's called...that is just weird :D The delivery was also quite fast. 5 days and I got my stuff So all in all I am very happy with my purchase !
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23rd July 2013

non male
Ho comprato questo kit accessori, che nell'insieme non sono male, anche se alcuni sono universali e non specifici. Mi sono ritrovato addirittura 2 caricatori per auto invece che uno solo, però mancano le istruzioni di utilizzo, pecca importante a mio parere. Giudizio comunque positivo. Tempi di consegna rispettati.
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24th June 2013

Buon kit
Nel complesso un buon kit, ottimi i supporti da tavolo, la cover e le mascherine (dotate di applicatori, contrariamente a come capita altre volte). Il supporto per la macchina è invece poco pratico. Nel complesso buono.
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Gordon Thomas
17th June 2013

Nexus 4
Makes up for the lack of Nexus4 accessories in mobile stores!
As Nexus4 accessories don't seem to be available in any of the mobile stores in Dundee - even the one where I bought the phone - the Accessory Pack is really good s it covers everything. I bought it essentially for the car charger and the screen protectors but the other items could also come in handy. There was no basic guide for the various gadgets and that was the only downside.
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Peter Barber
12th June 2013

Google LG Nexus 4
Mostly OK but not all parts fitted
The micro usb supplied with the in car charger does not fit into the phone socket when the case (supplied as part of the package) is on the phone. The rubber ball type of mobile stand does not support the phone stably but just makes it roll around on its curved end. The screen protectors do not fit the entire screen to the edges, so that applying them evenly and cleanly is even more difficult than usual. The other parts included in the package are fine in themselves - case, static stand and in car holder. The package comes with no help or instructions.
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2nd May 2013

Google Nexus 4
Accessory pack
A very useful pack. My main reason for purchasing was for the cover and car charger, so the additional items were a bonus.
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Ines Grenha
28th April 2013

Nexus 4
Nice Pack
Even though I had a few problems with the delivery service I have to say that this items are pretty good. What I really wanted was the Car Holder, the FlexiShield Skin and the screen protectors. Many are saying that the Car Holder doesn't support the Nexus, but that's incorrect. Mine supports just fine, it just need to be in the right position and as soon as you ear a "click" when you're fixing it to the window it's ready :) The FlexiShield Skin is awesome :D It's just what I needed... The Desk Stand was a "bonus" for me with this pack which turn out a useful accessory :D The Mini Portable Desk Stand is the only thing which is as good, in fact it it doesn't support the weight of the Nexus, but I didn't wanted it anyway, so not bad for the pack it self.
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6th April 2013

The case and screen protectors are great. The desk stand works perfectly well with the case on. Maybe one or the other has changed since previous reviews were written? The windscreen holder is OK, but it's very hard to get it to stick. Once it is stuck, it stays on fine. The dashboard mount and mini desk stand are useless.
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5th February 2013

LG Nexus 4
Mixed bag
As the title says, this really is a mixed bag. The Flexishield cover is a good fit and has a comfortable grip. The car charger works perfectly. The car holder is completely useless. Firstly, the adhesive plate is not strong enough to hold a fairly weighty phone like the Nexus 4 to the dashboard. Having then fastened the plate with Evostik to the dash, I found that the suction pad would not hold for more than 5 minutes! It looks neat but again is not strong enough for holding a Nexus 4 on a sloping dash. Desk Stand does not work unless you remove the Flexishield cover eeach time you use it which is a bit of a bind and no doubt shortens the useful life of the cover. Mini Portable Desk Stand is a bit of a waste of time. I have not used the screen protectors yet as the phone came with one. Overall I am very disappointed. Not good value for money. I have purchased from MobileFun in the past but do not know whether I will again in the future.
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1st February 2013

Google Nexus 4
Does not work with Google Nexus 4
Stand only works with the Nexus 4 if you do not use the gel skin, as the skin does not stick to the surface of the holder and just slides off. In car holder not strong enough to hold the weight of the Nexus 4 without falling off the dashboard.
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25th January 2013

Nexus 4
Some parts good - some not
The cover, screen protectors and car charger are very good. It's not very clear how all the other parts are supposed to be used. Some basic instructions would have been helpful. I'm guessing that both desk stands rely on some adhesion to the original phone case, but this doesn't seem possible with the cover attached, so those parts are redundant.
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15th January 2013

Nexus 4
All in one box
Just about everything needed for the Nexus 4, including a couple of bits that I still haven't identified. All good stuff and excellent quality for the price.
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Mike Fairclough
9th January 2013

Google Nexus 4
Got what I needed - Extras are a let down
I wanted a Car Holder, Protective covers and Car Charger - these are great! The Desktop holders are a bit of a let down. The mini portable holder - waste of time. The Desktop holder doesn't work with the back protective cover on it, therefore you need to take this off so the phone sticks. I still think this pack is great value and the items that I wanted from it work great. I hoped the others would be better. Still a very satisfied customer! - Thanks
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