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Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black

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The 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker remains totally portable standing with a 600mAh rechargeable battery that allows music playback of up to 5 hours.

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  • "Fantastic, light and small"

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Kafe Sure
22nd February 2017

Samsung Galaxy
Very useful item but today I have switched it on - and I cannot switch it off!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi To switch off, you hold down the button located on the top in the middle that shows a power symbol. Hope this helps.
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Tracy johnson
Colville nz
26th January 2016

Blue tooth speaker
Reserved the speaker I'm happy with it thank you
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Auckland New Zealand
4th December 2015

Works great
A neat product But needed to fit the Veho logo myself lucky it was in the package.
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Bob Ferguson
5th June 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab2
Big thing / little package!
After struggling to hear the sound track of films on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 while on holiday wanted something small, easily carried and loud enough to make watching films enjoyable. This little device did the job perfectly. Small enough, easy to use, loud enough. Only gripe is that the carry bag which comes with it is to small to hold the charging cable. I can live with that (or get my wife to knit one slightly bigger!)
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21st April 2015

Veho 365 Bluetooth speaker
Excellent item
I wanted this to use with iPad Air 2, works brilliantly with everything, except FaceTime. I may be missing something.
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Gary Colby
26th December 2014

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth wireless speaker
Great little gadget
I got this little speaker the other day and I must say it is great I can play all my music from my phone or my computer in the office or at home the sound is very good for such a little gadget. It has also come in very hand at meetings I can connect it to the laptop at the other end of the room and everyone in the room can hear my presentation very clearly. I would recommend it to everyone.
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4th December 2014

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Excellent little product with a big sound. My family love it.
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Myles Lindsay
United Kingdom
9th September 2014

HTC Desire HD
Excellent, well made wireless speaker
Very pleased with the Veho 360 M4 wireless speaker although I have not yet been able to load the micro SD card with MP3 music that will play.
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United Kingdom
19th August 2014

Veho 360BT
Having purchased two of these little wonders they are absolutely fantastic. I would recommend these to anyone.
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10th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, HP laptop
PROS Do NOT be mistaken by the size. They say great things come in little packages, this definitely fits that saying. For the size this little speaker packs some sound. 66ft long garden & I heard the music clearly at the end of my garden. You can play music either via bluetooth or by a micro sd card. Easy to use & connected via bluetooth in seconds. It comes with a usb connection & a jack connection. You also get a cute woolen sock holder, that helps keep it protected when not in use. Great speaker for the price. Unfortunately, I have a negative, which saddens me as this is a great speaker. CONS When playing music via sd card there's no shuffle. If you have multiple songs from one artist it will play those songs one after the other. If you can dismiss that lil con, then this is a great speaker.
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31st July 2014

no pin/wifi code
great speaker for out and about. the only thing was there was no words with it, with the wifi pin/code. i had to find out the pin by looking at these reviews on this website to get.
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28th July 2014

Great portable speaker
Have been using it for a couple of weeks now and have found that as a portable bluetooth speaker its good. Sound is great. But only lasts for two hours so need to plug in or recharge. But apart from the short battery time it's a great little wireless bluetooth speaker that you can take with you anywhere.
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Coventry UK
17th July 2014

Nexus 5 & Nexus 4
Just what I needed
Lovely item very compact and light, very very easy to set up and connect. works fine with Nexus 4 & 5 listened to TMS cricket coverage for days since arrived only issue DEVICE needs to be fairly close or signal is sketchy battery lasts 3hrs on bluetooth and charging takes 3 hrs on usb via my laptop. all in all a great buy a must to boost that rubbish mobile output volume
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30th June 2014

Great Service
The first unit supplied had a fault which meant playback via bluetooth did not work. I returned the unit and had a new one in full working order within 48 hours. Pretty impressive and all very simple to to achieve through the well oiled returns system. The speaker itself has plenty of volume and sound quality is pretty good for a unit so small. The initial bluetooth pairing would easier if the instructions included the information that the code is 0000.
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Milton Keynes
23rd June 2014

Iphone 5S
Great Little Speaker
I originally bought this speaker as I wanted some sort of music while i was on holiday. This did the job perfectly. Nice crisp sound with great audio quality (especially for how small it is). The speaker is also surprisingly loud, loud enough to get a few complaints from people staying in rooms around me on holiday. Very easy to carry around as it is small and light. The only minor negative thing i can say for this speaker is the fact that the bass is not the best compared to other portable speakers(still get some bass but not as much as i would like)however the audio quality makes up for this. All in all I would definitely recommend this product for the price you pay on Mobile fun, however i would say it is well over priced if you were to buy is off Veho (£60)
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west midlands
19th June 2014

bluetooth system
Nice quality sound , bit pricey compered to simalier systems , sadly doesn't connect calls.
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26th May 2014

Nexus 7, Moto G
Thumbs up!
Fast and reliable delivery. Pros: Nice looking, small size, very good sound. Cons: It would be better if micro USB connector instead of mini USB is used for charging, no random option for SD card music reproduction.
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24th May 2014

Htc one x
Small big sound
Very happy with this little box big sound very surprised how loud it was great for the garden ,price ok
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22nd May 2014

Excellent product, great service
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Simon Berry
10th May 2014

iPhone 4 & Samsung Galaxy S2
Little Speaker, big sound.
This little gem of a speaker packs a punch when it come to sound quality and volume. A great listening experience although a longer lasting battery would improve the product - about 2 hours when fully charged.
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11th April 2014

Great little product!!!
I bought this for my partner who works away a lot to use with his iPhone and iPad. Pairs up easy, takes up no room and sound quality is great for what he needs. Service was excellent also.
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16th March 2014

prodotto pregevole
Prodotto con caratteristiche decisamente funzionali.
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Mark Willis
10th March 2014

i pad 2
Gift for my father
My father uses his i pad to listen to Classic FM by app. I bought him the speaker to give him a better sound and he loves it.
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8th March 2014

Review of Veho 360speaker
Awesome sound quality really good product the only downside is the length of time received from battery . The charge doesn't last to long if on constant
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17th February 2014

Xperia ZR
I kept getting notifications about the M4 from mobilefun, and thought it looks good, and is the type of thing I would use (full marks to the marketing people)but is it really going to sound that good when it's that small. Wondering around a shopping centre I got my answer, I heard the music, but couldn't work out where it was coming from, then I spotted a small black cylinder in the middle of a table. I walked over for a look, and it was an M4, and it was producing a lot of sound, and clear sound. I've now got my M4 and it works a treat, the instructions are a little bit vague, like I was going to read them anyway; and the bluetooth range isn't fantastic, but other than that it's very neat.
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Liz Jenkins
15th February 2014

A little block of awesome
Been after a little speaker for a while as I was tired of listening from my phone speakers. Bought this and I'm really impressed. So useful having a Bluetooth connection, line in and as card. Absolute bargain for the price! Great sound quality for its size too. Never going to be amazing but its sound fills a room full of people
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9th February 2014

iPad 2
Veho little beauty
Hand sized speaker that does what it says on the tin. Surprisingly awkward to set up first time but has been easy to use ever since. Loud decent sound for such a small speaker. Great to move about the house with your music. Shame cannot set up 2 at once. Sound quality is fine but will not pack punch of a real hifi
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Monza e Brianza
6th February 2014

Ottimo Prodotto
Speaker di piccole dimensioni ma dal suono potente e di buona estetica. Il segnale Bluetooth non è molto forte, ma basta non allontanarsi troppo e non ci sono problemi. Uno prodotto senza dubbio consigliabile anche per il buon rapporto qualità/prezzo. Per mia esperienza MobileFun offre al cliente un eccellente servizio con uno staff cortese ed efficiente, risolto in poco tempo un problema di ritardo di consegna. Complimenti!
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Andrew Ball
United Kingdom
10th January 2014

small but very big
small, light, easy to pair and just amazing. How that much sound that comes from something so sweet and so portable. A must have in you bag
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George Maddison
9th January 2014

I phone 4 / 5
Sexy critter
Recently purchased my veho 360 Bluetooth speaker and it's a sexy little critter that sounds as good as it looks. Lots of base and no distortion at higher volumes. Not as good as my Bose wave system but definitely more cute!!
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29th December 2013

iPhone 4 and iPad 2
Great device
Very neat Bluetooth device Good sound quality and power Connectivity very good Only gripe is that the metal finish around the cutouts for the power lead and USB socket are a bit rough
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27th December 2013

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
It is very good and portable
Its pretty nice and sound clarity is excellent.
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Akis Papasavvas
6th December 2013

Stand Alone With SD card & With Laptop
Crystal-clear audio into a tiny package
The Veho VSS-009-360BT 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker packs loud, crystal-clear audio into a tiny package, and even accepts microSD cards so you don't even need a smartphone to play tunes.
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Wayne Iddon
25th November 2013

Samsung galaxy Note 2 phone and tablet
Blue tooth Speakers
After a sceptic view,when I opened the package. However my view changed . The speaker packs good clear sound,with a kick ass bass sound. The link to any Blue tooth device is so easy,it can be connected within a matter of seconds. One piece of advice. When you first turn the device on. Make sure the volume is turned low. The on noise scared the crap out me.
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27th October 2013

iPad 4
Excellent sound
For such a small product the sound reproduction is excellent. Easy to set up and being so portable will be using it on holidays. Battery life is sufficient to listen to radio as long as you want, quick charge up once fully charged.
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15th October 2013

HTC ONE and Nexus 10 tablet
Veho speaker
Arrived one day after ordering great service, sound is excellent, took it on holiday last week, but not well made the top came of and i had to tape it up to keep it working, i think the suppliers need to look into this. still i may have been unlucky, but as i say the sound is great.
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10th October 2013

iPod shuffle
As good as I'd hoped
I'd done a bit of research about which portable bluetooth speaker would be best for my son - within a price range - and this looked the best. It works plugged into his iPod Shuffle and bluetooth works well with iPhone/other devices. No complaints. Loud enough. All his mates want one now!
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23rd September 2013

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Bangkok, Thailand
20th September 2013

iPad 2
Small size but BIG SOUND
Good product Fast shipping Cute price
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Steve Pentecost
22nd August 2013

iPhone iPod iPad
Size doesn't always count
I knew the speaker was going to be small but the size of the sound and the quality is amazing. I've used it I. Doors and outside and around the BBQ in the sultry Cornish air the sound has baffled everybody. Do you see size doesn't count but quality dose.
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Colin Hawkings
3rd August 2013

Cracking buy.......does as it says on the box!
Bought this item after some deliberation. I was not disappointed. The volume and quality of sound is really good given the size of the device. Great for a diviner party....sits discretely on the table where you can control the volume a track you wish to listen to. Would recommend.
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24th July 2013

Altoparlante Bluetooth wireless Veho 360° M4
Pro: Prodotto di ottima fattura, solido, piccolo, curato, esteticamente piacevole. Il suono, date le dimensioni, è molto buono. Facilissima la connessione con il bluetooth, dopo la prima volta è praticamente istantaneo. Contro: il suono che emette quando lo si accende è veramente fastidiosissimo, troppo alto ed assolutamente inutile e non si riesce a disattivare; proprio una pessima idea. Autonomia limitata della batteria se usato con il bluetooth (diciamo un pò più di 2 ore circa). Se usato con il cavo, autonomia invece ottima.
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17th July 2013

Samsung galaxy mobile phone
Good little device
Unsure of what speaker to order mobile fun the MobileFun video was a great help. Placed order, the delivery was efficient and the device a very good blue (wire connection also supplied but not tested) tooth mini speaker. The only niggle, may be I should of picked it up from the web, was the lack of mains charging system, however the usb charging works very well.
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Winchester, UK
10th July 2013

Loud, Good Quality, OK battery life
Surprisingly loud, good quality, love the SD card slot function. However could do with a longer battery life and/or a battery expansion option.
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29th May 2013

Ho acquistato un regalo, l'ho provato x esser sicura e non fare brutte figure: il prodotto rispecchia esattamente la pubblicità datane. Sono soddisfatta al 100%
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28th May 2013

L'altoparlante si presenta bene, piccolo e comodo da portare in giro, si connette velocemente sia al Tablet che allo smartphone, volume musica alto ma un pò scarso in bassi, ha la possibilità di inserire una micro sd che però a mio parere non serve allo scopo per cui uno lo compra, anche perchè mancando un display non si può scegliere la musica, nel complesso giudizio positivo, anche in relazione al prezzo ottimo.
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21st May 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note
Terrific Sound
This tiny speaker performs as well as any speaker 5 times the size and price!
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18th May 2013

veho bluetooth speaker
mini veho speaker
Volume loud and sound is brilliant for tiny speaker only snag I found is after 2 to 3 hours you have to recharge it has batteries runs out this is when on bluetooth connection thinkwhen connected to the lead last longer but over all I, m glad brought this device quick delivery packed well I would recommend this mini speaker to anyone.
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5th March 2013

Samsung S3
Unit has a pleasant feel
Unit has a pleasant feel and comes with the added attraction of a mini SD slot, which can be used to play music independently of the paired device. It took me a good deal longer to get it paired with my 'phone than the video demonstrated. Two PIN options are given in the instructions, but they are difficult to read because of font size. I like the inclusion of a knitted pouch, a variation on the usual fabric used for these things, but wish there was also room for at least one of the connection cables in the pouch. Kafe
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4th March 2013

iPhone 4S
I like
Nice little device. Easy set up (pin is 0000) not mentioned. Enough sound neat controls. Would have liked battery meter, happy overall. XL postal delivery
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13th February 2013

android phone Desire x
Device just right for my needs. also found service very good .
I received the Veho 360 after watching the video and searching site for device that would be practical, light to transport for use in my class (Yoga). This worked well.Sound loud enough to be heard in a hall. +I found it easy to operate -not being very technically minded. However , I did have a problem with turning device off -the press- down button was stiff and finally would not switch off at all. The veho was returned. The next day another sent out and recieved day after .I consider this to be very efficient service. The replacement -although button still stiff appears to be working satisfactorily.
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Joao Guerrinha
4th February 2013

Veho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Fantastic, but the basses are not so good. The bluetooth can't go more than 5 meters but is absolutely fantastic.
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14th January 2013

macbook air, iphone 3gs
Excellent value for money
The product is of good built-quality, offers a very clear and accurate stereo sound and, depending its size, is very portable. Another advantage is its ease-of-use, as it starts and connects over seconds. Highly recommended (especially when in offer as it worths every penny).
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13th January 2013

iPhone 5
Compact unit
Got this on a whim whilst surfing for something else. I listen to my iPhone in the bath with over ear headphones on but they are now starting to deteriorate due to years of getting wet. Really happy with the speaker, more compact then expected, sound quality is ok, not much bass but is more then acceptable. I'm sure this will come into its own when the weather warms up and I'm in the garden listening to Tune in radio.
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