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Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger - Purple

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Part No: VPP-002-SSM

Product Reference: 37362

Keep your smartphone's battery topped up with this small and compact universal emergency battery pack in purple by Veho, designed to charge virtually any small mobile device.

  • "Just what I need (and it comes with a sock!)"
  • "Works fine - almost 100%"

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Vicki Snowdon
5th April 2014

iPhone 4S
No more battery Worries.
This has been a life saver for me, no more keeping my phone on airplane mode to save battery as I know this pebble is in my bag for emergencies. So easy to use straight from packet, charged it until light turned blue, then when my battery went down to 20% plugged the pebble in and charged my phone up to 95%, happy is an understatement as know I now can travel without battery worries. This is a bargain, other makes charge a lot more for similar devices but this is worth every penny, would definitely buy again .
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18th February 2014

Samsung S3
Just what I need (and it comes with a sock!)
Compact, neat and attractive and with a nifty little sock to keep it scratch free. Hopefully it will avoid having to put my S3 on charge before the end of each day. The only disappointment - the carry pouch for the tips is a very flimsy plastic bag. Would have been better if the instruction booklet hadn't mentioned there was one.
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4th February 2014

iPhone 4S
My Little Recharger
Well, what can I say? Does what it's supposed to do. You can charge up the Pebble Smartstick, pop it in your bag or pocket....and you know if your all singing, all dancing mobile dies on you, you have all you need to bring it back to life! Great if you're out and about and maybe taking photos too - no chance of missing that important call or that perfect picture. Yet to test how long device holds its charge once powered up...but very happy with my Pebble....
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Bonnie Neiderman
16th January 2014

Portable charger
It is a great little device. I would have preferred a better case so that the charger was more secure
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11th January 2014

Smartstick Emergency Charger
Excellent little product. It comes supplied with fittings for various phones and a knitted sock to protect it. There is also room in the sock for the cable with the micro usb and usb so they can be kept together for immediate use. Small, and compact and well worth having as backup when you are not near a power outlet. My teenage grandsons want one too now, but not necessarily in purple :)
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4th January 2014

Various Usb chargers
Pebble smart stick
Wow! What can I say, firstly the customer service support I received was second to none! And as for the devise it was well worth the price as my iPhone doesn't keep charge but I can keep this in my hand bag and know I've always got a back up. I'm so impressed with the whole customer experience I've purchased another one and will be giving it to a member of my family who has the same problem with their iPhone so thank you mobile fun for your assistance.
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Andrew de Havilland
South of France
14th December 2013

Tesco hudl
She opened her stocking present early
Just what she needed to keep her iPhone always powered up. Although it arrived so promptly she opened it before Christmas while I was away in France. At least now she can't say her batteries ran out when I call.
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18th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy s3
Great! :)
The pebble needed 2-3 hours charge before I used it (the red charger light changes from red to blue when ready.) Started with 12%, used the stick whilst facebook messaging, emails and twitter - charged me up to 85% power which is fine! Tested it again from 9% and switched it off and 91% when it finished! All in all a great product. Its also great that I don't have to carry two connections for the Samsung. :)
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Steven Greenbeck
Market rasen
22nd August 2013

ideal for holiday
small compact but music quality is great. Ear phones nice and comfy to wear for long periods of litening
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20th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Compact & Effective
Previously used a powermonkey but got frustrated at having to take yet another charging lead around. Just needing the usb/micro usb lead for both re-charging the stick and charging phone is a real bonus. Good looking, comes with own storage sock. Little heavier than I was expecting.
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13th August 2013

Sticker on the front said ready to use. It wasn't, apart from that its great!!!!
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John O'Brien
Ligh, Lancashire
5th August 2013

HTC One + plus Asus Transformer tablet
Small, efficient and cost effective
A small, compact device to provide extra or emergency charge for my phone and tablet.. Easy to maintain and charge and small and light for storage.
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6th July 2013

I Phone
PURPLE POWER Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger - Purple
The spare charger was used the day after it arrived and it was quick, easy and efficient. Allowed enough extra time for finishing some work on the way home, leaving evening free. Fantastic.
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1st July 2013

iPhone 4S & iPad Mini
Fast, quick and easy.
Fabulous little piece of kit. Tiny and fits into my handbag, smaller than my wallet. Charged my iPhone from 10% to 100% in 15 mins. I switched it off for this. Also then charged my iPad from 34% to 89% while I was using it. Still not needed to recharge it either!
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Sofia Bulgaria
26th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
This little Pebble Smartstick is great! Today i receive it and i love it! When my Samsung is out of power i just connect this little tech to my device and start charging my phone immediately! :)
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Eilean Burgess
United Kingdom
9th June 2013

Pebble Smartstick charging my HTC desire
Brilliant gizmo
Very useful. so much so I am buying one each for the family for pressies!
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12th May 2013

samsung galaxy s3
Very nice!!!
I love that extra battery and its very comfortable to carry it in my bag and do that promise. The only defect is that need five to six hours to charge the stick but for me its ok.
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Helen Wright
9th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy s3
Handy little gadget
Handy little gadget, compact, just right to put in handbag !
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29th April 2013

This is just what I needed!!
Very good!! Most especially when we are outdoors on a picnic and the mobile charge goes off and needed urgently!!
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29th April 2013

Eminently portable and easy to use.
Easy to use, carry in bag and quickly charges phone
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28th April 2013

Pebble stick
Great little device hoping to be able to use for customer gifts (though not purple! - that's a bit girlie!)
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Bobo Fransen
28th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Works fine - almost 100%
I read two reviews, which was not so positive, before buying the Pebble so I decided to make my own test. I charged the Pebble for 7h (one night) and in the morning the blue light had turn red wich I assumed was a sign saying it is fully charged. I then plugged in the Pebble to my Galaxy S3 which then had only 5% battery left. After 2 hours and 20 minutes my S3 went up to 87% battery power and the Pebble was empty. So it charged my S3 in 2h20m with 82% power which is quite acceptable I think. In the description it says it holds 2200mA which would be correct then if the S3 battery is 2600mA and the Pebble delivered 87% to the S3. So, all in all, I would definately recommend this device to other buyers! I give it 5 stars!
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Bob Brunton
19th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Only just received the device,and not had time to use it. but I've noticed there's nothing in the instructions on how much time the device needs to recharge after first use.... Lets hope its as good as it looks!
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29th January 2013

Only For Emergencies
Don't plan on using this device to fully charge your smart phone. At best, it will bring your phone to a 60 or 70% charge. New smartphones have a 2200ma battery internally. this unit might bring them to only a 50% charge. The Veho Pebble is good for that emergency call but don't depend on it as a back up battery charger. With my Nexus 4, the best it can do is bring it from a 47% charge to 77%. I would not bother to buy one again knowing this.
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