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iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Lightning Charge and Sync Dock - White

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Product Reference: 37020

This small and discreet white charge dock conveniently allows you to sync and charge your iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 simultaneously.

  • "Nice solid dock with non-slip base"
  • "A desktop must have"

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20th April 2016

iPhone 5S
Charger doesn't work
Don't waste your money on this - charger doesn't work "accessory not supported"
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Charlie Sorry to hear you are having issues with this item. Please check the cable you are using as this might be the problem, however if you find the cable working fine on its own, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
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England, Kent
23rd June 2014

Iphone 5c
When i first got this product, it said "This accessory may not be supported" but it still carried on charging my phone so i didnt pay it no mind. However after a few weeks, it started to say that its not supported again and it just completely stopped charging my phone. Its fine to have as a dock but thats about it. It didnt have any other uses which for the price i paid, really annoyed and disappointed me considering it was literally just a dock and no charger cable. If this bug was fixed, i would definitely recommend this product. Otherwise, stay away.
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4th September 2013

iphone 5
Not what it said on the tin
Disappointed for the first time. I bought an dock earlier which is great but this one turned up with a sound jack as well. That is not as advertised on the website and is, apparently the only type now available. The jack makes it impossible to use and it is now not charging. Being sent back tonight. Horrid.
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22nd January 2013

Would not recommend purchasing
I wouldn't recommend buying this product. I ordered two and one broke so I sent it back for a replacement. In the meantime the other one broke. Then I got the replacement one and that broke too. Based on some online research I did I will be waiting till Apple releases an iPhone 5 dock.
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Nichola Burns
20th January 2013

iPhone 5
Very poor quality
I bought this for my husband who has an iPhone 5, so that he could charge this next to the bed at night. My husband loves gadgets and takes particular care of things. First complaint is that it says it is suitable for the phone with a case/cover on-no its not. It wobbles about and you will find yourself wanting to either pack something in the side or taking your phone out the case every night. The adapter in the base simply broke off in the phone. This looks like a very weak cheap connector that has simply snapped after being used three times. So it is not fit for purpose, not suitable for a phone with a cover, not suitable for use everyday use; although you would expect it to last more than 3!
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12th January 2013

iPhone 5
Iphone 5 desktop charger
Very poor design, works, but does not hold the phone steady. Having used it for couple of weeks the connector is loose & virtually unusable
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11th December 2012

Not as advertised
The picture that shows the phone docked with a cover on is accurate in that the phone will dock with a thin cover as shown BUT it will NOT charge, no matter how hard you try and push the phone into the dock. Slip the cover off and it charges without issue. Don't buy unless you are prepared to remove the thinest of covers first.
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