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Sorry, but Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 & 4 Smart HDMI Dock - EDD-S20EWEG has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 & 4 Smart HDMI Dock - EDD-S20EWEG

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Product Reference: 36945

This genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & 3 / S3 / S4 Smart Dock allows you to connect your phone to an HD display, connect a USB keyboard and mouse, connect external storage devices and plug in 3.5mm audio components.

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Nick G
29th September 2014

Samsung galaxy Note 3
Time saving dock
I have just changed from a Nokia E7 to a Galaxy Note 3 and wanted the ability to type long text messages quickly. Nokia Suite allowed you to do this very easily but Samsung's Kies 3 software is a poor substitute with very few features. This dock allows a mouse and keyboard to be connected to the Note 3 and this enables quick inputs. It also allows charging and data transfer to your computer (but the mouse and keyboard will not work when this connection is made). The dock looks neat and tidy on your desk and the spring loaded connector at the base allows some tolerance for larger after market cases.
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27th March 2014

Proprio un gran bel prodotto!
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Bob Malcolm
9th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Effective and good value
When my PC crashed I turned to my Note 2 to keep working. While writing emails and navigating files and web pages on its screen is doable, for full time use it is a pain. So I bought the dock to connect to a USB keyboard, USB mouse and my big LaCie monitor. Keyboard and mouse worked straight away. But I could not find a way to satisfactorily convert from the HDMI output to DVI or VGA for the LaCie, so bought a 14 inch HDMI monitor. It worked fine plugged into the dock's HDMI port. Given the problems I had with HDMI conversion I wonder about the HDMI implementation on the dock but could not find any detailed technical specification. Nor could I find a detailed specification of the USB ports. I think they are only USB 2.0 but don't know. With external storage the dock will interface with only FAT32 devices up to 32GB so I copied my working files from my NTFS backup to a USB memory stick. The dock also works with a powered USB hub to provide, in effect, more than three ports. In summary, the dock is very neat and works well.
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Massimo Pedemonte
1st December 2013

E' un buon prodotto e ha il vantaggio di non farti cercare per tutta la scrivania il mobile. Come docking station evoluta, hai pure la connessione HDMI, ha il suo unico gap nella mancanza di un software specifico per la gestione. Ovviamente SAMSUNG ha una sua suite proprietaria ma non sarebbe stato male trovare nel box o nelle istruzioni un link sul quale poter trovare un manager dedicato. Comunque è per me un ottimo acquisto.
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Anthony Mullen
16th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Excellent - almost
Fully compaatible with the S4. Mirrors phone screen on HDTV in full 1080 res. Allows you to view movies and phone content on the TV. Plugged an X-box 360 controller into mine and also played afew compatible games. A truly marvelous device. I did however experience some downsides. Delivered with 2 pin euro plug and therefore requires a plug adapter. Wouldn't scale to a 720 TV so was cropped on all sides. Phone interface stays in portrait mode. Hence 4 stars
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Beaumont, Tx
3rd October 2013

Will not work with Note3
This docking station works great with the Note 2. But when I upgraded to the Note 3 today, I sadly found that the Note 3 uses a USB 3.0 connector which made the docking station unusable for the Note 3. The Note 2 of course uses a micro b connector. I cannot find any type of adapter yet. So, bottom line, this site advertises that it will work for the Note 3...... It will NOT!
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19th July 2013

i am going to use this qith s3
i was waiting for this for a long time
According to the reviews I find it's quiet useful but I am still waiting for my packet to come Have tried many items for s3 and I am happy pretty sure will be happy with new product from mobilefun uk
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Michael Audus
Essex, UK
19th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S4 Zoom
No good for S4 Zoom
I have both a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and more recently an S4 Zoom . This docking product is listed on Mobilefun's website as compatible with both. Sadly it isn't. The S4 Zoom is just too obese to fit properly. That said it works perfectly with my Note 2 (for which it was originally designed). I can finally connect a standard USB memory stick reliably. Previously I used a small adaptor cable that fitted the Note 2 at one end and accepted a USB stick at the other. It proved pretty unreliable as some of the contacts at the USB stick end kept disconnecting. As usual Mobilefun's service is first class. They have to be one of the best internet retailers around.
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Michael Farris
26th June 2013

S4 Dock
The docking hub that I bought for my wife is a great product! We have enjoyed using the HDMI port as well as other functions of the hub. I wish it came in black to match my phone.
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8th June 2013

mantiene le promesse
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Rafael Ribeiro Eloi
Santos BR
4th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / S3 Smart Dock - EDD-S20EWEG
Do what it promises
Some problems with the stock but in the end everything was ok. The product is good and everything works as promised.
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Andy Jenkinson
Farnborough (Hants)
1st April 2013

Samsung Note 2
A few small niggles but a good device
The Smart Dock came with a 2-pin to USB plug ("Travel Adapter") and USB cable. I expected a Euro 2-pin plug but it appears to be a shaving socket plug. It is certainly very loose in my Euro 2-pin to UK 3-pin adapter. It has the same output rating as the plug which came with the phone (5v 2amp) so might be more useful than a second 3-pin plug. I noticed that hot-swapping a memory stick didn't seem to work. I needed to disconnect and reconnect the cable to the Smart Dock before a new USB stick was recognised. Attaching an SD card in a USB adapter seemed to require a powered hub. I had thought that as both dock and phone accept micro-usb then I should be able to attach the phone to the dock via a micro-USB extension cable so I could use the phone off-cradle and still use HDMI etc. Unfortunately the part that connects the dock to the phone appears to be non-standard and I couldn't get it to fit a female micro-USB. In spite of the minor gripes listed above it is amazing that it does what it says on the tin! I highly recommend it. Andy
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