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Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5S / 5 - Astro Silver

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Part No: DR51A1-SVL

Product Reference: 36580

Give your iPhone 5S / 5 the ultimate style and protection with this Aircraft grade Aluminium bumper in astro silver

  • "You get what you pay for........."
  • "Quality and class"

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Welwyn Garden City
2nd September 2013

iPhone 5
You get what you pay for.........
When I told my wife I had just spent nearly £60 on a phone case - I very nearly didn't have a phone to put in said case.......... Now she wants one!! There are many many cheap and nasty cases on the market - but if your going to use one of the best phones available - why opt for a sub standard case. It is incredibly well built and unlike so many cases I have bought in the past does not add much the the dimensions of the phone - whilst at the same time offering from what I can see the best protection out there. Your going to have to take my word for it as I am not prepared to deliberately drop my phone for the sake of a review!! Fitting took a tiny bit of tweaking to ensure everything was smooth and I was offered a replacement by Mobilefun (but realized it was me not the case). All in all - a great buy, fast postage, good product and fantastic customer services - could not really ask for more.......
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21st August 2013

iPhone 5
Elegant and hard wearing!
Finally found exactly the thing I was looking for. This sleek aluminium bumper holds the iPhone perfectly. It doesn't compromise on the sleek industrial feel of the iPhone, but just gives some protection along the sides. The rubber bumpers inside make sure it doesn't scratch up your phone either. It's certainly a challenge getting the iPhone in properly, the mute switch is diddly to get right. But once locked in place with the alan key, it's not going anywhere! They even give you two spare screws I case you're a butter fingers! One final thing, if you liked the look of the iPhone 4/4s, then a black 5 in the plain aluminium bumper is very reminiscent of it. Very happy!
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Donal Walsh
13th August 2013

Good bumper and stylish
Have my Draco bumper almost a year now. Its expensive but cannot find fault with it. Its is comfortable to hold and the shape makes the phone very stable in your hand so slipping is very unlikely. I have only dropped the phone twice (breaking the fall with my foot both times). The edges are a little sharp. Getting plenty of comments as it makes the phone look different. My phone moved ever so slightly from front to back (thickness) but the wrap around is not moving on the length or width of the phone I would have gone for the silver and red or aluminium and black but because my phone is regulary in a outdoor construction inviroment went for the all aluminium. Good buy and I am tempted to get the red or black one still as they look great. If it were only a bit cheaper.
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Stag 77
25th July 2013

Iphone 5
Ok but a bit expensive for what it is
nice looking doesn't spoil the look of the phone but its an expensive case and doesn't fit as you think it should for the money
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8th July 2013

iPhone 5
Best, most stylish and effective bumper for iPhone 5
I bought one of these several months ago for my wife and now I have bought another for myself. All other cases or bumpers I have owned for iPhone have made it slippy to hold and spoilt the looks of the phone. The Draco bumper looks sharp and stylish and makes it really easy to hold. Whilst not inexpensive it really is top quality, and cheaper than a replacement screen. It's no thicker than the phone so it preserves all that attracted me to iPhone's looks. I can't recommend it highly enough. So good I bought it twice.
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4th March 2013

iPhone 5
Very Poor Signal
Product looks great and does give your phone a much smarter appearance. Definitely stands up to dropping and bashing around as it is pretty strong too. My only issue is that my network(UK Orange) coverage went from average to almost none existant. It got to the stge that I had to sit/stand in certain areas of the house to pick up wifi or make a call. I resisted taking of the cover for as long as possible having spent £50 on it. Having now removed it signal is perfectly acceptable. GREAT LOOKS, BUT RESTRICTS SIGNAL. On reflection , I wouldn't buy this product.
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Annette Ryland
16th February 2013

Quality and class
This draco Iphone bumper is the best. it makes my phone look even better and would recommend to anyone and have already shown friends and family of which have gone ahead and ordered one from you. First class delivery came the very next day. Thanks for a great product.
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Himanshu Sharma
11th February 2013

Looks good but that's all.
Brilliant design. Makes the phone look something right out star trek. But it gives you a run literally trying to find a spot where you can get some connectivity. Really a thumbs down for something so fantastically designed.
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19th December 2012

iPhone 5
Great (Eventually....)
My first exerience of this product was a bit of a disaster - the fit was poor (the phone moved within the bumper) and the edges on the bumper were quite sharp (it was uncomfortable to hold). I was very disappointed and returned the bumper for a new one. The second one is completely different - it holds the phone firmly in place and is completely smooth. The bumper looks fabulous (I have silver on a white iphone) and has been much admired. My only negative comment is that the bumper has resulted in a drop in reception - not a great issue for me personally but I suddenly have no signal in places where I was previously getting one bar. To fit the bumper is slightly fiddly but i would suggest it is fine if you have a normal level of dexterity and common sense.
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Steven Ibbotson
17th December 2012

iPhone 5
Warning for iPhone 5 users with docking stations
The Drago Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5 is a fantastic and stylish eye-catching case,but be warned! it won't fit onto your docking station with the mini adaptor in place which renders your docking station obsolete . Its not the kind of case you can take on and off all the time because of the tiny screws. For the cost of this case you'd think Drago could have warned us. I love the case but I need my music . After spending £54 for the case and £25 for the adapter I am a bit gutted.
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21st November 2012

iPhone 5
Well worth the wait!
I ordered a Draco 5 (Astro Silver) Aluminium bumper as soon as I saw it on the MobileFun website after doing some research I KNEW it was the best protective accessory for my iPhone 5 (white). As I understand from MobileFun's helpful updates and Draco themselves that due to the demand of the product and supply problems meant I my expected date of delivery was put back about 2 weeks. I had to contact MobileFun about this issue due to a wrongly-issued dispatch email but the representative helped me and explained everything - what more can you ask when you have a question about something you really want!? When I had the Draco Aluminium delivered along with a free MobileFun smartphone screen wipe, I was overjoyed as I had been using my new iPhone 5 for a week or so without a cover which was a nervous experience considering the investment! Previous reviews have mentioned that this product is tricky to put together and that they were glad that extra screws were included - I have to disagree. Putting the case together only requires some normal hand dexterity and knowledge of how screws go into fixings. The buttons, spare screws and hex key come in a small sealed package securely in the Draco pack and I put the buttons (volume and mute switch) in place and assigned that half to my phone. The other half already has the flush power up button inbuilt and so I aligned them together to then see where I would secure the screws that were removed before putting it all together. The hex key and screws all fit perfectly in to where they should go - but nothing can compare to the build quality of the bumper case as a whole itself. Once the screws are tight (but not too tight as you have polymer dampers in-built to the bumper), you have an iPhone 5 which is beyond doubt IMPROVED from it's existing design. If you have cared enough to buy an iPhone 5 you will already know how beautiful the machine is and how you would want to protect your investment. Although this bumper case is expensive it cannot be compared to a snap case or rubber bumper. The signal never drops, all 3.5mm jacks work under the phone, the new Lightning port cable fits just right and it actually improves the audio from the bottom speakers on the iPhone 5. I know from previous dropping experience that should you have no protection you will regret not protecting it. If I had held this product before buying, I would be happy paying even more for the look, and the protection. With this amazing case, you have shock dampers in each of the corners, a small lip over the back and front panels of the phone (about 0.5mm) meaning your screen and back aluminium panel and camera are protected should you rest your iPhone on a table. I've always been a big fan of not covering any iPhone's material beauty with inferior materials and products but with this Draco case you have all round sexy shock protection with durable machined aluminium which will last the length of at least a 2 year contract whilst at the same time enhancing the design and trumping any case your iPhone 5 equals will have! My only further recommendations is to tighten the screws tightly every month and take the case off once every 6 months to make sure that the dust doesn't accumulate (and to see your iPhone is in pristine condition!). If you doubt the price of the case, think of it insurance it gives you and the next level of look it takes your iPhone. As an additional comment I wouldn't go for the half aluminium / half plastic and whether you have the black or white iPhone 5, I would say either Astro silver would suit both.
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