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Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 5S / 5 - Black

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Duststorms, rainstorms, 6 foot drops, whatever lies in your matter what life throws at you (or your iphone 5S / 5), the Griffin Survivor case is ready for anything.

  • "A good case for adventure"
  • "Simpy 100% Spot On!"

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24th January 2017

Very happy with the case I've just got.
I've had a few of these cases over the years and these are the best for a builder to keep the water and dust out , and it has a good belt clip
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11th June 2016

I love the Griffin
My second Griffin survivor case, after my first one was stolen. It takes away any worries of getting a broken or scratched phone
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Jane Currah
19th May 2016

Griffin survivor case
Snug fit meant it was a little tricky to get case in place, but it seems pretty robust now it is on. Flaps allow you to access ports and cover swivels to reveal camera lens. As my phone was expensive, it seemed worth the additional cost to protect it and is cheaper than insurance deals.
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7th February 2016

The best case
If you want the best case for your phone buy this one.
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Dr Andrew Taylor
27th May 2015

iPhone 5s
A good case for adventure
The name says it - "Survivor". If there is a need for protection of an iPhone then something that looks like this is a good idea. Griffin stuff is always well made, and this case clearly matches up to all the claims. It is about as robust as you can get and still have all the iPhone features available, and with a tough, rotating belt clip, it ticks all the boxes. Screen tactile function is a little degraded, more so at the edges, but you soon learn to live with that. The belt clip optionally clicks closed and is frighteningly difficult to open again - but is obviously tough enough to survive the force needed - ensuring a very secure clip. The best I have come across for a demanding environment (Mountain Rescue).
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Christopher Norfolk
Saltash, Cornwall
21st May 2015

Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 5 / 5S
Great product, superb service.
My Griffin Survivor case is an excellent product-and using the Mobile Fun website couldn't have been easier. From start to finish it was smooth, user friendly, informative, the service was prompt and the after sales care impressive. Mobile Fun exceeded my expectations. It was one of those rare things these enjoyable online shopping experience.
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Mike Knittle
New York
27th February 2015

I bought a few products for my phone. All the products are top quality. Shipping was fast and efficient. I am now loving all my new gear! Thanks mobile fun. I would recommend them and use them again.
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West Lothian
23rd September 2014

People can't hear you clearly
I'm new to the world of smart phones. The case is well made and offers very good protection. However, I've had a lot a people commenting that they can't hear me very well when I speak. I removed case and what an improvement. Must be a problem that the microphone being enclosed. even tried lifting flap when speaking but that had only a limited effect. Going to look for another case.
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11th August 2014

Griffin Survivor Case for iphone 5S
Bought this case cover for my husband, he was over the moon as he works as a stonemason in the building trade and of all the covers he said this is the best. I now have 2 sons wanting this cover also, as they too work in the trade. Guess what even got a lovely bunch of flowers to say thanks. LOL
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Shaun evans
26th June 2014

IPhone 5s
Iphone saviour
The survivor case is awesome. Already Within days of receiving it I dropped my phone off the ladder, bounced off the concrete on to grass. No more buying new glass also constantly surrounded by dust due my job and at night phone is dustless! Would defo recommend if your in the building game, it's a little bulky in your pocket but bearable knowing it's also safe if it encounters rain, dust and the dredded drop
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Paul Tierney
20th February 2014

Griffin iPhone 5 Survivor case
This is a fabulous piece of kit, for what is a fairly delicate apparatus. It is bomb proof, without in the least compromising function. I have the Griffin case for the iPad, and I think that the Survivor case is better designed. It is wonderfully reassuring to hold this robust, functional case. Great product!
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Simon Edmunds
17th January 2013

iPhone 5
Very happy!
I love this case! I dropped my Iphone 4 so when I upgraded to a 5 I really wanted the best protection for my new phone. Getting the phone into the case requires a little patients but once in its good to go. The case is a little chunky but feels solid and well made with quality materials. Your phone feels very protected. I used be very conscious of where I put my phone down but with this case it's not a problem, I can sling it in my bag/pocket/desk knowing its not going to get scratched damaged. I have no problem using the phone but I did notice that as the noise cancelling mic located next the camera lens is covered up and that this can affect the call quality if your in a noisy environment. I found that if you open the separate rubber opening for the camera it exposes the mic and improves the call quality. This is only a minor thing and worth it to protect the phone. Overall I think this case is the best I've had so far!
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27th November 2012

survivor right on !
spot on protection for the big out doors, or active work place. very chunky....
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Lonny Wunder
Corvallis, Oregon
27th November 2012

Great product but I need a new clip
Great product, fast service, great design, but... I submitted a request on the web site on how I can get another belt clip because mine disapeared.... no answer. I will give you five stars if you can tell me how to get another belt clip.
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22nd November 2012

Calza a pennello !!! consigliato
La custodia è eccezionale , calza perfettamente, le componenti nonostante siano plastiche e gomme sono molto ben fatte, e da un senso di sicurezza soltanto tenendolo in mano , il touch screen risponde bene avendo pure una pellicola gia installata sotto. Vale ciò che costa.
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10th November 2012

Bought this for my boyfriend, who has to have phone completely covered for work as he is outdoors mostly. It's class ! Phone is so protected ! Such a great cover, it's so safe ! He is very happy with it ;)
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8th November 2012

iPhone 5
Simpy 100% Spot On!
I will keep this brief and to the point as I am not a 'professional' reviewer of products; I will start with the simplicity of the transaction with MobileFun - I ordered the case at 2pm over the phone with an extremely helpful advisor, it took 4 minutes max from start to finish - ding dong 10am the following morning the case was delivered to my door!! Onto the product itself, very simple and quick to fit, extremely robust which of course is its main selling point! My 2 children have managed to drop my new pride and joy gadget twice in the week since I put it into the case...which fortunately no doubt saved the phone from a trip back to Apple or worse. I initially received one slight negative comment from a friend that in his opinion the case made the phone look too big - for me personally it actually makes the phone far easier to hold and handle compared to the case that my previous iPhone4 was housed in. Nothing more to say, 100% happy with the service provided and 100% happy with the product received.
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5th November 2012

Excellent product
I work mainly on roofs in an environment which can be hazardous to the elements as well as dust and dirt so I need to be confident that my phone is well protected and with the griffin survivor case I can rest assured no matter what I put my phone through it will " survive". Although I haven't tested its impact from a great height as yet I know I don't have the extra worry of damaging my phone and can concentrate on the job in hand.
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Warfield area
4th November 2012

iPhone 5
Case performance
Brought this case to protect my iPhone 5 as had this one for my iPhone 4. Supper tough dropped many times and perfect inside case. Work in the electrical, plumbing and heating industry so gets bashed around a lot, but all is good!! :-)
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29th October 2012

As good as it gets.
The new iphone5 is thinner and lighter and therefore more delicate but so good to use. It therefore needs protection if like me you intend to,cycle,climb scramble up rocks find yourself in wet,muddy sandy terrain. Yet always want your iphone at hand and ready to use this is the beast for you. Perfect fit and so solid yet remarkably light comfortable and pleasant to hold. Your phone is completely protected from any ingress but is able to be opened with sealable flaps that disappear from view when closed, to items like the camera or power inlet when needed. It really doesn't get better than this. Expensive yes, trendy ? Probably not, but does the job it was designed for superbly well. Feel I can take my very expensive iPhone 5 anywhere now and more importantly use it while I am there with absolute confidence.
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28th October 2012

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