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Olixar Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack - iPhone 5S / 5

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Keep your iPhone 5S / 5 screen in pristine condition with this 5 pack of Olixar scratch resistant screen protectors.

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27th December 2012

iPhone 5
Great but not perfect!
I was torn between buying a screen protector that was more expensive, supposedly "bubble-free" and could be used more than once, or these 5 cheaper protectors. I have never used a screen protector before, so I decided to take a chance on the cheaper version (and that way, if I messed it up, I had 4 more tries!). It has taken me three attempts to get it right, and even now it isn't perfect. I've got 3 small bubbles at the top of the phone, but none over the screen so I'll have to put up with it for now. You have to thorough clean the glass before application, and then continually wipe the screen until it's seamlessly spotless. My main gripe with this protector is that the cut holes aren't perfect for the iPhone 5. In the images, it shows a long hole for the ear piece and one small circle for the camera, plus the main button. This isn't the case. The manufacturer has very obviously used the template for the iPhone 4/s and elongated it to fit the iPhone 5, which means they've still got the camera hole next to the ear piece, which the iPhone 5 doesn't have, and the hole for the front camera isn't a circle, it's an elongated hole. It looks pretty silly having random extra holes. Other than that, the protector makes little to no difference when using the phone, the touch screen is just as effective when without.
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1st October 2012

Iphone 5
These screen protectors are difficult to apply without small but evident bubbles. Despite the cloth and smoothing tool that came with it. Great Value but be careful when applying.
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