Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station

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Product Reference: 36199

Keep your mobile devices fully charged and in one convenient location with this stylish, space saving Converge USB docking station by Quirky.

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Janette Shrimpling
17th August 2014

Quirky USB docking station
Brilliant product
This charging dock looks sleek with a high gloss finish so looks good. It is exactly what I needed. As I have a few devices that need charging this dock is really useful as you can connect up to four USB charger cables to it and it is very neat as you can hide the cables behind the dock. I would recommend this product.
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Beverley Magri
21st May 2014

iPad Air and Samsung Note
Universal Docking Station
I appreciate that different types of gadgets can all be charged using this Docking Station. It is proving to be very useful as before I had to free up several electricity sockets if I wanted to recharge several items at the same time.
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20th May 2014

iPhone, LG Android, iPad.
Best buy so far this year.
This Quirky docking /charging station frees up and tidies so much desk space and hides the tangle of wires/leads. It is truly my favourite buy so far this year. Great offer Mobile Fun, thank you.
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Dino F
Croydon, South London
9th May 2014

iPhone 5, iPad 2 and various iPods
Poor Quality and does't last
This is a very poor quality made product. I will admit that I did not buy this item from Mobile Fun (bought mine off Amazon however it is 100% exactly the same product). Firstly, the power cable on the back of the product, doesn't even fit properly - it will not charge anything unless the cable is seated in the correct orientation and I often found myself having to twist the cable around to get it to work properly. The device itself is made of poor quality plastic. My charging station didn't even last for 4 months before the power cable at the back started to fail to make a connection. Its a cheap product which doesn;t last.
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Carol Sales
Tunbridge Wells
8th May 2014

galaxy s5 , galaxy
Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station.
interesting flowing shape that really does what its supposed too, also keeps items safe when not in use.
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Paul Goodland
United Kingdom
20th March 2014

Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station
Keeps desktop tidy
this really helped in keeping the desktop tidy and at the same time greatly reduced the need for unplugging leads all the time, extremely useful
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3rd January 2014

iPhone iPad
Quirky docking station
Lovely sleek lines and great for hiding cables. Looks the part and half the price advertised elsewhere :)))
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29th December 2013

Samsung galaxy,sony experia
Not what I thought
The docking station cannot stand alone without a wall behind it to stop the tablet from sliding off. The back of the docking station is not tall enough:( so limits the area in which it can be stored for usage
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25th November 2013

Thank you for your product
I liked your product Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station.It is very useful and stylish.It is a great product.
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Kev & Nikki Anderson
8th November 2013

samsung galaxy note 3, Samsung galaxy note 10.1, Kindle 4
brilliant piece of kit
This item does exactly what the book says. It makes everything nice and tidy. Once you have decided what leads that you are going to use, when they are rolled up to fit in the sleek bend you cannot see a long trail of charging leads and in my eyes that makes for a trendy piece of kit, oh, and my wife likes it too. So in my opinion, all you people out there that needs a multi charging unit, go and get one, you will love it. So once again, MobileFun has come up with the goods, and at a very good price. By the way, another great feature is that you only need 1 power lead to charge upto 4 items which I am sure that you will all agree once you've got yours.
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Thessaloniki, Greece
4th November 2013

iphone 5, ipad 4
great organization
its perfect for my bed table. now everything is organized and the cables are tidy. i would prefer to see it also in colour black.
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7th October 2013

iPhone4S x3 plus iPad Mini
Simple and effective
Simple design, and tidies up the desk.
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Peter Deacon
3rd August 2013

Power plug
As the MobileZap web address and the delivery address were both in Australia, it is disappointing that the product came with a UK plug, especially as the item was a gift.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi, we apologise that the product does not meet your expectations. A member of our customer services department will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / refund. We hope that this does not deter you from considering us for future purchases.
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Dave Bennett
21st April 2013

s3 mini / note 10.1 /blakberry
it's Ok
It isnt quite as easy to dock things to this as the video might sugest. But it does keep all of my devices nest and tidy on the desk which was the main reason for buying.
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Jim Culling
4th April 2013

Ipod Touch, Blackberry, Tablet, rechargeable Blue Tooth Speaker
Universal USB Docking Station
Top gadget, keeps eveything neat and tidy. I now only use one socket where before i had 4 chargers and associated leads. If you have multiple devices to charge, get one.
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21st February 2013

So pleasantly surprised!
What a breath of fresh air to receive such good customer service. Not only did the advisor sort my telephone query regarding my online order but he upgraded my delivery option without me asking free of charge! The product was a very much liked birthday present, so success all round! Guess where I'll buy from next time I need anything mobile related? Thank you mobile fun.
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Newcastle upon Tyne
19th February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2, IPhone 4 & I Phone 5, Ipod Touch.
Looks Good and Works Well But................
The Quirky Convirge Universal USB Docking Station looks like the ideal product to 'centralise' all your charging needs, it looks very good and works really well but practically it falls short of my expectations. It's very fiddly to have to thread through the cables and once your devices are on charge it isn't really very physically stable, also unless your cables happen to be 6" long you quickly run out of cable storage space in the 'gap' underneath.
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4th February 2013

Ipad2, iphone4S
Very disappointing product, poor vfm, awkward to use
Cannot understand how this is a best seller ? Basically it's a long white bit of plastic formed into a "shelf". You have to provide the USB charging / link cables with the appropriate end to connect to your device. Not unreasonable that I guess but you then have to feed the cables through a soft plastic "slit" which is awkward and crucially hard to get just right otherwise you are left with lots of cable at the front of te unit. My ipad2 in its case, not a particularly large case, did not sit properly on the sloppy "shelf" and kept slipping off. The white "on" indicator cannot be turned down and it's bright in your darkened bedroom at night !! Very disappointed, thought this was the answer to my need for charging multiple devices in one place. It's actually quite poor vfm and you are just as well, indeed better, using the clever plug unit available from the ace Mobile Fun - it allows you to plug two USB cabled devices into the one plug AND still let's you plug a traditional three pin plug into the surge protected unit. Excellent and a lot cheaper !!
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Rod Booth
2nd February 2013

IPad & Mini Ipad Iphone
USB Docking Station
This was a replacement as the transformer on the original one died after about three months, will see how long this one lasts?
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30th December 2012

Great gift for gadget-crazy Dad!
This item is brilliant. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my Dad who has a huge range of gadgets including a Kindle and tablet. It looks great and functions as it should. He was delighted and is happily using it now for his bits and bobs. No complaints so far. Also Mobilefun were fantastic. I ordered this on a weekend and it had arrived the following Wednesday, despite it being very close to Christmas. Cannot fault them at all.
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Sophie cole
28th December 2012

iPhone and iPad
Very useful
We always use Apple products in our home and always use a docking station. Since the iPhone 5 came out the size of the charger connection has got smaller so we couldn't use our original docking station when we got our new phones. This universal docking station is very useful to us because not only can we charge our 3 iPhone 5's and ipad at the same time but we also have the option to charge non Apple products too! We have used it every day and it looks good too!
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20th December 2012

iPhone 5 + iPad
Ideal charger
This item is exactly what I was looking for , to get rid of several charging units and replace them all with 1 combined unit that can charge 4 items at once. It's brilliant.
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George Tetsill
Fenwick Kilmarnock
6th November 2012

ipad 3
Everything you could need all in the product,
This is such a classy looking piece of equipment.
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18th October 2012

galaxy note
not upto what i expected it
I mainly purchased this tablet for Galaxy note 10.1 tablet, as i saw it in the advert area of Galaxy note accessories , however sadly , it does not work for that , hence its of no use to me , just looking like an extremely expensive stand only. Rest of it , is just a usb hub , not worth the high end price tag it has got . I agree with the reviewer who rates it one . It could get a better rating , if it is priced reasonably . You would certainly expect much more functionality with this price (eg charging indicator with colour change for each charging port , auto turn off after 4 hours , a button on this hub itself for each hub to turn on and off etc etc ) .
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Robert Walter
United Kingdom
11th October 2012

iPhone 5, HTC One something and a Kindle
Massively over priced
This is basically a powered USB hub without USB in. You can buy items with more functionality on eBay for £2 so for £40 you'd expect the key feature which is it's shape and also the build quality to be exceptional. Sadly it's not. It's feels like it's made from cheap plastic and not put together very well. It's the kind of thing you've pick up for under £10 from Tesco. Sadly it's not the premium product I hoped it was.
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28th September 2012

iPhone 5, iPad 3, Jawbone Headset & More
Beautiful crafted charging station
Been waiting for a while for a complete solution, have seem various options from Mobile Fun, including the iDapt and the Belkin product. This is by far the winner, the USB connectivity options is great, really makes this future proof and means even the Mrs can charge her S3 on this station. Enough juice to charge my iPad, though I haven't measured the speed, does seem to do it in reasonable time. iPad takes quite a bit of space, but you can just feed a cable out of the side if their is no space on the "shelf". Pros: * Looks gorgeous, would consider a black one, if they made one. * Futureproof, because of USB sockets - been charging anything that I have a USB cable for - 3DS, Bluetooth Headset and Car Kit. Cons: * No charging cables included - But everything I have comes with a USB cable anyway so haven't missed out. Overall - Great product. Was worried this is just a glorified USB Hub! But really looks the part and everybody who see's it asks me where I got it.
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