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iGrip T5-3764 Universal Tablet Car Holder

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Product Reference: 36071

Adhering to flat surfaces such as a car windscreen, the iGrip T5-3764 holder is a strong and fully adjustable mounting solution for a variety of different tablets.

  • "Firm holder for my note 4"
  • "Great product"

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Dave Clemo
16th August 2016

Firm holder for my note 4
I bought this to either hold my tablet or my note 4 to use the sygic satnav I had bought as well. I decided the tablet was too big to have on the windscreen as it took too much vision away so I decided to then use my note 4 and it was perfect.
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Richard L
3rd February 2016

Hudl 2
Does its job well.
Holds Hudl 2 firmly. Easy to fix and stays stuck on windscreen all day. Plenty of adjustment for different angles.
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28th December 2015

Excellent product.
A great holder for my Samsung tablet .
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25th October 2015

Fine piece of kit does the job very well. Your service was as promised with next day delivery thank you.
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Roman B Bobek
26th August 2015

Asus Fonepad
Excellent kit
received as gift,easy to install & set,good quality
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on the road...
28th December 2014

Acer Iconia tablet
Great tablet holder
I use my 7" tablet as a satnav in a truck as well as a general purpose device, so a secure holder is essential. This is the first one I've found that is secure and stable. It comes with a sticky disc so that it can be secured to the dash, but I use it suckered to the windescreen, so I can't comment on how secure that might be, but I have no reason to suspect it would not work as described. THe clamp itself is robust, holding the device securely. The holding clamp is a simple spring loaded slide, but quite secure, and the upper holding tabs are laterally adjustable so it can be arranged so as not to foul the side buttons. The bracket is quite substantial and is adjustable on a ratchet slide enabling the device to be positioned inthe most convenient attitude. Construction is quite solid, making me optimistic for the long-term, unlike an earlier (different) mount which broke after a week. The mount is quite rigid, too, meaning that the device does not wobble with road vibration. So far it has proven to beas good as I'd hoped and I have no reason to believe it won't give me long service. Recommended.
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24th November 2013

Brantz (digital odometer device)
Robust, adaptable holder
Well made, strong, adjustable holder which we have used to attach a substantial measuring device to the windcreen to save damaging the dashboard of leased vehicles.
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16th September 2013

NEXUS 7 2013
Excellent car holder for Nexus 7 2nd Generation tablet.
I began by purchasing a cheap car tablet holder from ebay- mistake! I then purchased the igrip- This seems like it was made for the latest Nexus 7, with very versatile configurations. I did have to add a skin to the Nexus so that the igrip could get full grip whilst holding it the way I wanted, otherwise I think the tablet would off fallen out of the holder. Extremely well made compared to the cheap ebay one. I am a delivery driver and this has not failed me yet.
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23rd August 2013

Samsung Tablet 2 10.1
I bought this to mount my tab on my boat. I now have access to TV,Radio,and several different marine apps (navigation, GPS. Fish and wreck finding etc.) I have screwed the suction mounting pad to a bulkhead to ensure a stable platform for the tab. The igrip has not failed to keep a grip even in some hectic sea conditions (force 5-6). This bad boy holds on no matter what. Look no further if you are looking for a strong, stable and easily adjustable platform to mount your treasured piece of kit.
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Mike Hodkinson
11th July 2013

iPad c/w Retina Display
Excellent Service
Struggled to find a screen mount for the iPad4, eventually found Mobilefun and within 24-Hrs had exactly what I needed at a price I was more than happy with. Great work guys - keep up the good work - Thank You
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Martin Turnbull
27th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Nice one
Look nice but need strong cup to stick but can get other one and well secure to hold my tablet...look good for tablet
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15th February 2013

iPhone and a sat nav
Exactly what I hoped for
Prompt and efficient service particularly regarding a query regarding a freebee which I forgot to claim. Thank you again. The two identical devices are in use.
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11th February 2013

Mini. iPad
Very useful for cockpit and car
Very well designed and exactly what I wanted. However it is extremely difficult to rotate even when the knurled nobs are slackened off. I don't want to return it but wonder if you have any suggestions as to how to ease it. I am very impressed by the efficiency of your service and on the basis of this product the quality of your products. I look forward to seeing what else may be of interest to me.
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Greg Cooper
United Kingdom
4th February 2013

Nexus 7
Excellent tablet cradle
I bought this to use with my Nexus 7 in my van. I was a bit sceptical about having a 7 inch table hanging from the windscreen but this worked very well. The short arm means that it doesn't flex all that much so is very sturdy. The arms are all full adjustable and it can be rotated to any orientation. I can also just about fit my Nexus 4 in it too.
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19th December 2012

iPad mini
Great product
Very good quality material, suction pad very powerful, stands up to the tough test of bouncing around in a London Taxi for 14 hours a day! Don't hesitate to buy this if you want a great holder for your tablet.
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jose Donoghue
22nd October 2012

ipad for car
very good material and product
Mobilfun you have vaey good quality and very good. Products. I will recomend you to futcher clients and I will be perchesing more products again . Happy with your service and with your custemer service.
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