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iGrip T5-3764 Universal Tablet Car Holder

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Product Reference: 36071

Adhering to flat surfaces such as a car windscreen, the iGrip T5-3764 holder is a strong and fully adjustable mounting solution for a variety of different tablets.

  • "Firm holder for my note 4"
  • "Great product"

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Dave Clemo
16th August 2016

Firm holder for my note 4
I bought this to either hold my tablet or my note 4 to use the sygic satnav I had bought as well. I decided the tablet was too big to have on the windscreen as it took too much vision away so I decided to then use my note 4 and it was perfect.
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Richard L
3rd February 2016

Hudl 2
Does its job well.
Holds Hudl 2 firmly. Easy to fix and stays stuck on windscreen all day. Plenty of adjustment for different angles.
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28th December 2015

Excellent product.
A great holder for my Samsung tablet .
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25th October 2015

Fine piece of kit does the job very well. Your service was as promised with next day delivery thank you.
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7th September 2015

nexus 7 2013
Centaines kilomètres parcourus, accroche superbe au pare brise ! mais je conseille de mettre la nexus dans une coque de protection pour bien maintenir la tablette, sinon elle se ballade un peu entre les supports.

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Roman B Bobek
26th August 2015

Asus Fonepad
Excellent kit
received as gift,easy to install & set,good quality
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La Rochelle
20th July 2015

iPad Air
Produit conforme à mes attentes
Un peu technique à régler mais bien étudié. Je suis satisfait de l'acquisition !

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on the road...
28th December 2014

Acer Iconia tablet
Great tablet holder
I use my 7" tablet as a satnav in a truck as well as a general purpose device, so a secure holder is essential. This is the first one I've found that is secure and stable. It comes with a sticky disc so that it can be secured to the dash, but I use it suckered to the windescreen, so I can't comment on how secure that might be, but I have no reason to suspect it would not work as described. THe clamp itself is robust, holding the device securely. The holding clamp is a simple spring loaded slide, but quite secure, and the upper holding tabs are laterally adjustable so it can be arranged so as not to foul the side buttons. The bracket is quite substantial and is adjustable on a ratchet slide enabling the device to be positioned inthe most convenient attitude. Construction is quite solid, making me optimistic for the long-term, unlike an earlier (different) mount which broke after a week. The mount is quite rigid, too, meaning that the device does not wobble with road vibration. So far it has proven to beas good as I'd hoped and I have no reason to believe it won't give me long service. Recommended.
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Mr Hulot
14th November 2014

Lenovo A8 tablet
iGrip gets a grip
I needed a way of holding my tablet in the car to use as a gps device. When travelling or abroad I didn't want to take lots of different devices and my phone is too small. So using the Google or Navfree app I can get up to date maps on a device I can use for other things. Looking around I found the iGrip. This contraption adheres to the window well and holds the tablet firmly in portrait or landscape while at the same time allows the device to be removed easily. So far its worked well and very pleased with it.
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2nd May 2014

asus fpad7
cradle autohouder asus fpad7
Precies het product wat ik wilde. Past perfect en is zeer makkelijk te bevestigen aan de voorruit. Dezen houder is van zeer goede kwaliteit,de telefoon blijft dan ook perfect zitten. Kortom bevalt gewoon goed!. Peter

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Salinas, CA.
28th April 2014

its just ok
It works as it says it does, but it also blocks the other cup holder meaning you can't use either one. It does hold my iPad Air well.
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5th March 2014

On ne peut plus pratique
Ce support est très pratique, il semble robuste, seul point négatif, j'ai mis du temps à comprendre comment orienter le bras car la notice est peu claire.

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14th January 2014

Nexus 7 2013
iGrip autohouder
Zeer degelijke kwaliteit,houder zuigt zich echt vast aan de autoruit.Had echter gehoopt de tablet ook in landscape te kunnen gebruiken.Daar is de tablet spijtig genoeg te klein voor.Beperkte trillingen tijdens rijden.

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Oli Tomlinson
United Kingdom
14th January 2014

iPad Mini
Quite Good
The padding is well made and well fitted. My iPad fits perfectly. The only bad thing is that it is hard to adjust so be careful when making adjustments to the holder.
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21st December 2013

nexus 7 2012
Fixation ventouse fiable
Objet d'apparence solide, réglages multiples permettant de s'adapter à toutes les utilisations. Fixation ventouse fiable. Bref, excellent produit.
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14th December 2013

Nexus 7
Very Flexible but will not hold Google Nexus 7 on its side
It a great windscreen mount, well engineered and plenty of adjustment with rugged controls. I bought it to use with Google Nexus 7 which I need to use mounted sidewise when running SatNav. The spring loaded-grips will not close enough to hold the nexus. There is a gap of 2 - 3 mm and the Nexus rattles around. I am looking for an alternative. I want to buy the new Nexus but it is a slightly less wide
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24th November 2013

Brantz (digital odometer device)
Robust, adaptable holder
Well made, strong, adjustable holder which we have used to attach a substantial measuring device to the windcreen to save damaging the dashboard of leased vehicles.
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kisumu, Kenya
22nd November 2013

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1
perfect for my tablet
Received the car holder today. Putting it together is easy thanks to the included instructions. My Galaxy note 10.1 fits perfectly and I did not have to remove the belk cover as there is ample space. very well constructed and strong. I am completely satisfied.
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7th November 2013

Nexus 7
Quality Item but.........
A good solid well made holder but unless you have a case on your nexus 7 it won't fit properly. The case I have is one of those that swivel 360 degree's and I've managed to get it to work for me but it's not ideal. Ideally, it would be better with some thick foam on the back panel so you could put the nexus in it without the case. The arms need to be able to be adjusted depth wise as well as length wise, then it would probably work. You need a case without a front cover on it really. No complaints about the quality just not ideal for a 7 inch tablet.
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Patrick Zimmermann
20th September 2013

schnell und zuverlässig
Die ware war sehr schnell da, super service, mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen! danke! :)
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John R
17th September 2013

Nexus 7 2013
Not suitable for Nexus 7 2013
Unless you have your Nexus 7 2013 in a separate case that adds additional height in landscape mode this holder will not grip the uncased Nexus 7 securely. I also had a problem with the rake adjusters where you have a bolt either side into a common centre spindle and the centre spindle is not secured and just spins in the body. Very difficult to easily adjust the rake.
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16th September 2013

NEXUS 7 2013
Excellent car holder for Nexus 7 2nd Generation tablet.
I began by purchasing a cheap car tablet holder from ebay- mistake! I then purchased the igrip- This seems like it was made for the latest Nexus 7, with very versatile configurations. I did have to add a skin to the Nexus so that the igrip could get full grip whilst holding it the way I wanted, otherwise I think the tablet would off fallen out of the holder. Extremely well made compared to the cheap ebay one. I am a delivery driver and this has not failed me yet.
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23rd August 2013

Es lo que buscaba
La sujeción es muy buena y cumple perfectamente con su cometido. El embalaje llego en perfecto estado y rápido. Muy buena compra.

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23rd August 2013

Samsung Tablet 2 10.1
I bought this to mount my tab on my boat. I now have access to TV,Radio,and several different marine apps (navigation, GPS. Fish and wreck finding etc.) I have screwed the suction mounting pad to a bulkhead to ensure a stable platform for the tab. The igrip has not failed to keep a grip even in some hectic sea conditions (force 5-6). This bad boy holds on no matter what. Look no further if you are looking for a strong, stable and easily adjustable platform to mount your treasured piece of kit.
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29th July 2013

Soporte de coche Universal para tabletas iGrip T5-3764
El equipo cumple de manera perfecta con todas las opciones para las que está diseñado. Lo más reseñable es el gran poder de sujeción que tiene al cristal. Muy recomendable!
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15th July 2013

Très bon support semble solide et très pratique... Tient très bien ma tablette nexus 7, et géniale pour les enfants.

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Mike Hodkinson
11th July 2013

iPad c/w Retina Display
Excellent Service
Struggled to find a screen mount for the iPad4, eventually found Mobilefun and within 24-Hrs had exactly what I needed at a price I was more than happy with. Great work guys - keep up the good work - Thank You
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6th July 2013

Nexus 7
Early impressions
First of all, I ordered at 17:30 Friday and it arrived 10:00 Saturday morning - impressive. Box was a bit battered, but product fine. Easy to assemble and it comfortably holds my nexus 7 despite the nexus being in its own case (A Dodo case which I would also recommend). Will review again when used for a few more journeys, but so far so good.
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Martin Turnbull
27th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Nice one
Look nice but need strong cup to stick but can get other one and well secure to hold my tablet...look good for tablet
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Adrie Koolen
24th June 2013

Hoge kwaliteit voor een lage prijs.
De iGrip T5-3764 blijkt een degelijke houder. Ik heb het met de zuignap aan de voorruit gehangen en mijn Nexus 7 er in geklemd. Het bleef goed zitten, hoewel de houder wel wat trilt als is rij. Ik vond het lastig uit te vinden hoe ik de houder in moest stellen. Staat niet in de handleiding waar je aan moet draaien en hoe de lengte ingesteld kan worden.
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R. van der Meer
2nd June 2013

De aangeschafte iGrip T5-3764 Universele Tablet Autohouder doet wat hij doen moet, mijn Nexus 7 aan de voorruit bevestigen. Het is is nog even afwachten tot komende zomervakantie hoe de stabiliteit van de houder in mijn 20 jaar oude camper zal zijn waar aanmerkelijk minder vering inzit dan in mijn Opel Astra. Maar de eerste indruk is positief. Overigens een snelle levering in een wat matige verpakking. De noppenfolie envelop met daarin de doos met de beugel had de reis niet helemaal ongeschonden overleefd. Gelukkig was het produkt zelf onbeschadigd.

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alfredo diez oribe
1st April 2013

soporte universal coche
muy apropiado
el articulo es justo lo que estaba buscando. Parece que tiene una calidad muy buena

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15th February 2013

iPhone and a sat nav
Exactly what I hoped for
Prompt and efficient service particularly regarding a query regarding a freebee which I forgot to claim. Thank you again. The two identical devices are in use.
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14th February 2013

iGrip T5-3764 iPad autohouder
Very good product
Very good quality, and very good price. Easy to attach to glass, first try kept it 2 days on glass without falling out. Easy to put and take away my iPad even with a case. The holder can easily be turned to the direction I want. Very much worth of the price! Fair shipment duration (within one week) from UK.

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11th February 2013

Mini. iPad
Very useful for cockpit and car
Very well designed and exactly what I wanted. However it is extremely difficult to rotate even when the knurled nobs are slackened off. I don't want to return it but wonder if you have any suggestions as to how to ease it. I am very impressed by the efficiency of your service and on the basis of this product the quality of your products. I look forward to seeing what else may be of interest to me.
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6th February 2013

Nexus 7
Très bon produit
Les plastiques sont de très bonne finition, ce qui assure une esthétique de qualité. Le système de ventouse est performant, il est facile à installer et tient extrêmement bien en place. La tablette s'insère facilement et rapidement sur le support. Seul bémol, il faut que la tablette soit dans son étui type portefeuille (protection marque Asus) pour qu'il n'y ait pas de jeu.
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Greg Cooper
United Kingdom
4th February 2013

Nexus 7
Excellent tablet cradle
I bought this to use with my Nexus 7 in my van. I was a bit sceptical about having a 7 inch table hanging from the windscreen but this worked very well. The short arm means that it doesn't flex all that much so is very sturdy. The arms are all full adjustable and it can be rotated to any orientation. I can also just about fit my Nexus 4 in it too.
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27th December 2012

Nexus 7
Je ne l'ai pas utilisé encore en voiture, mais le grip qui est censé accepter une tablette entre 7 et 10'' ne maintient presque pas la nexus 7 nue en position horizontale. Heureusement, j'ai une protection qui agrandit légèrement ses dimensions, et qui est difficile à enlever (dodo case), ce qui permettra de mieux la coincer pour le roulage. Le reste de l'appareil n'appelle pas de critique. l'engin semble robuste.
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19th December 2012

iPad mini
Great product
Very good quality material, suction pad very powerful, stands up to the tough test of bouncing around in a London Taxi for 14 hours a day! Don't hesitate to buy this if you want a great holder for your tablet.
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Maria Alejandra Salama
30th November 2012

Soporte de coche Universal para tabletas iGrip T5-3764 .
llego en perfecto estado y en tiempo esperado. Con respecto al dispositivo aun no lo he probado , estoy a la espera de recibir la tableta para hacerlo.
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luc de schaepmeester
5th November 2012

iGrip T5-3764 Universeel Tablet Autohouder
knap toestelletje
Deze houder is echt veelzijdig, zuignap werkt goed, alles is net stevig genoeg en biedt ruim voldoende flexibiliteit. Het is zijn prijs waard!
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jose Donoghue
22nd October 2012

ipad for car
very good material and product
Mobilfun you have vaey good quality and very good. Products. I will recomend you to futcher clients and I will be perchesing more products again . Happy with your service and with your custemer service.
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