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Google Nexus 7 Case-Compatible Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle

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Part No: LCC-GNE7

Product Reference: 35866

Keep your Google Nexus 7 secure on a desk at an ideal viewing angle with this case compatible USB desktop cradle.

  • "So much easier"
  • "Nexus 7 Compatible Desktop Sync & Charge Cradle"

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15th June 2014

Nexus 2012 Tablet
So much easier
Makes charging so much easier than trying to connect the cable to the tablet. Used to take me ages trying to figure out the right way up. Now I can just put my tablet into the cradle and switch the power on the wall...perfect!
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Tony Ganble
22nd January 2014

Nexus 7 Desktop Charger and Stand
Does the job perfectly
Many other websites fail to clarify the difference between the 2012 and 2013 versions of the Nexus 7. It is important to get the right charger and stand. This one works fine on the 2012. It is not identical to the picture as the delivered item has a white logo. This does not bother me but it could annoy some people. Our Nexus has no case and the stand is an easy fit.
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8th September 2013

Nexus 7" tablet
Just what I needed
Great little charger and stand. Just right for sitting on my desk next to my PC! Although had to wait a week or so for stock to arrive, Mobile Fun were very good at keeping in touch about delivery.
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United Kingdom
26th January 2013

Nexus 7
Great dock, but beware if you own a case.
This is an excellent dock for the Nexus 7. The device fits nice and snug and offers excellent support without adding too much strain to the USB port. One thing you need to be aware of is if you own a case. I do, an official rubber type case from ASUS. The dock provides a section that you can remove which allows the case to be used while in the dock. However, there is a problem. The case I have includes a front cover and the hinge on this cover makes it impossible to get the device into the dock. I solved this by carefully removing about an inch of the hinge with a sharp knife. Now it fits really well and I am very happy with my purchase.
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Louisville, KY
23rd January 2013

Great Product
While the product took a while to get to me (2 weeks, because I live in the U.S.) I love the product now that I have it. It works great, looks great, and is everything that I wanted. The only thing I dislike is that it has a brand name on the front and in the picture on the site it doesn't. Regardless I love it. I am just going to use black Sharpie over the white logo to make it blend in.
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8th December 2012

Nexus 7
The cradle itself seems to work fine - it charges my Nexus 7 and keeps it upright whilst doing so... the basic requirements of a cradle, really. Some bits I'm not so pleased with, however: 1) The pictures on MobileFun.co.uk for this product suggests that there's no branding on it. This is what a I wanted - a cradle without some name I've never heard of plastered over it. What I received looks physically identical to the item in the pictures, except it's got Kidigi written right across the front of it. I'd already seen the Kidigi cradle elsewhere but I chose to buy from MobileFun because I specifically didn't want some unheard of brand name splashed across the item - sadly, that's what I got anyway. 2) The detachable collar (that you remove and is meant to allow you to dock the Nexus 7 with a case on it) doesn't really function too well. With the collar out, my Nexus in it's Poetic Slimline case doesn't fit in the cradle. I can't complain too much - nobody said it'd fit with this particular case, but it isn't as if it's a massive case so it seems it'd really only work with a very, very thin case. So I've had to remove the Poetic case and put the collar back in the cradle, which takes me to the next problem. 3) With the collar in, it's a snug fit to slip the Nexus in and out of the cradle. Not a problem if you don't have a screen protector, but I've got a Zagg InvisibleShield and after only docking/undocking a couple of times, it started to wrinkle the screen protector because the fit is so tight. Luckily, I'm quite handy with a dremel, so I cut the offending sections out of the collar without affecting the functionality, and now it's much better. Given it doesn't affect the functionality at all, it just seems like poorly thought-out design - if I can do it, the manufacturer should certainly be able to. 4) The cradle isn't weighted at all so you have to hold it down with one hand and lift the tablet out of the cradle with the other. Again, poorly thought-out design - how difficult would it have been to have put weights in it? I've got around it by using double-sided sticky foam pads to hold it onto my desk so I can dock/undock single handed now. In summary (and to date, Dec 2012) I've not seen any other dock for a Nexus 7 that I'd prefer more than this one, but you should be aware of the niggles I've highlighted above before making your decision.
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Melbourne, Australia
4th December 2012

High quality
A high quality product that has a simple and clean design. Great value for money.
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18th October 2012

Google Nexus 7
Whats up dock? (Sorry!)
I chose this dock over the other options available because it looked the most robust and I wasn't disappointed. Unlike others I have seen which only support the tablet from the rear this one also has support on the front edge and as a result holds the tablet securely enough to be able to use when docked. 5 star service from mobilefun too, very happy with my purchase.
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Mike Becker
New York
18th October 2012

Surprisingly good!
For a no-name brand this charging cradle is actually quite excellent. It comes in a small brown box with a supplied usb to microusb cable. The fit of the nexus in this product is what really surprised me. It isn't too tight and hard to push in, nor is it too loose where you worry about it jiggling around. For the price, this is a very nice product. Would recommend.
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Mike Paterson
14th October 2012

Nexus 7
Nexus 7 Compatible Desktop Sync & Charge Cradle
Whenever possible I always look out to purchase several suitable accessories for all my equipment and a cradle is no exception to this rule. When I first heard MobileFun would be selling a Compatible Desktop Sync & Charge Cradle when it next came back into stock I placed my name with MobileFun to notify me the soonest the Cradle was available. True to MobileFun's word within a few days I received said email whereupon an order was immediately placed. That day I later received a text message from MobileFun informing me the cradle was now on it's way directly to me. The following day the package arrived and as always it was great to once again find all packaging was thorough. As always MobileFun you provide an excellent service throughout. So, moving on to the review of the cradle..... The cradle was packaged in a very strong and I do mean strong plain brown box (so strong it was that when standing on the empty box to place in my recycle bin I could not initially flatten it). Removing the cradle from the box the only other item were the supplied USB to Micro USB cable to be used to connect at the rear of the cradle. Placing the cradle on a surface it is comforting to know that on the underside of the cradle there are four conveniently placed rubber inserts which hold the cradle firmly to whatever surface you apply the cradle. Within a matter of a minute I had the cradle connected to the USB cable and it in turn to the mains plug (mains plug not supplied) that came with the Nexus 7. Prior to placing the Nexus 7 in the cradle a neat feature is the docking port which has an insert that can be removed should you use a case to protect your Nexus 7. This insert is very easy to remove should you need to do so. In my case I was not using any case so I left the insert in the docking port and placed the Nexus 7 in it's housing. Now this cradle may be a no-name compatible but what I can tell you is the Nexus 7 slides both in and out of the docking port with extreme ease, yet it fits so absolutely perfectly. When in the cradle the Nexus 7 is held firmly but gently. Both charging and syncing are effortless. There is absolutely nothing negative with this cradle. The cradle is truly worth every penny of it's costs.
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