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Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Case 2200 mAh - Black

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Never run out of battery when you really need it with the Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3. Giving you an extra 2200mAh.

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Abraar Ahmed Jakhura
2nd January 2015

Samsung Galaxy S3
Battery Case
I found the battery case really good to use I dont have to worry charging my phone everyday I charge my phone and then I charge my case and my case battery lasts me one full day and one half day
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29th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Love it!
I have been struggling with my battery life however with this case I don't have to charge my phone midday! Very easy to use and charge. never comes off! Make sure you don't charge the phone and the case togethere
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10th June 2014

servizio eccellente
è la prima volta che acquisto via MobileFun, ho "rischiato", ma adesso posso dire che è una garanzia! Servizio pratico, efficiente e impeccabile. - Pagamento on line via carta di credito andato a buon fine - feedback ricevuto all'istante - tempi di consegna via posta standard celerissimi (erano previsti da 4 a 10 giorni di consegna, ho ricevuto tutto in 5 giorni) - Il prodotto ricevuto è impeccabile!
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29th May 2014

Assolutamente soddisfatta.
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8th May 2014

Couldn't have beign any happier with this company First time I used them have and have recommended to all my friends
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16th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Great piece of kit
Fabulous phone the Galaxy S3 but the battery soon loses charge,I was fed up of charging it so I looked on MobileFun and found this Power Bank Case. Wow its brilliant my phone now lasts twice as long as it did. This piece of kit is easy to use and looks cool {love the blue lights}. Recommended if you play games and or watch films on the go.
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3rd April 2014

Perfect External Charger
I use this charger everyday. I play poker, while at the poker table, I either watch a movie or listen to music. I will use the phone battery until about 20%, then switch over to the Bytech charger. Not only does it recharge the phone battery, but adds hours to the use of the phone. LOVE IT!
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14th March 2014

Love it!
I just got my power bank charger case and i gotta say i LOVE it! It doesn't take too long for the phone to charge. Honestly, the greatest idea ever!
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Samuel Douglas
11th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
This gives you the extra juice to make it last!
So as many of you know, smartphones today don't even last longer than a full days use, if you use the phone constantly. I use my S3 for personal and work purposes (being a Social Media manager, I need constant notifications from those specific apps). I usually have my phone on charge at work on one of the docks I purchased, but when I need to see clients or generally go out after work, my phone dies around 9pm. I needed something that wasn't a dongle and had bits that I would no doubt lose. This device gives me approx 70% charge when the battery hits 10%, lasting a full day (meaning charging it over night and using the internal battery then switching to the back-up). It may look quite big and heavy when you first connect it, but you get use to it. I like the little kick-stand you get with it too, making it a littler more handsfree when watching videos on the train for example. It gives the phone some added weight, but doesn't stop you from easily navigating with your thumb still. All in all, well worth the money and the delivery was on time and well packaged. You couldn't ask for a better case giving your phone some extra juice!
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William Raymond Clarke
Wrexham North Wales
22nd December 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
External battery
An useful piece of kit. Neat, simple to fit and use.
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4th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
It's like having 2 batteries, awesome.
I love my smartphone but like most people am frustrated by the short battery life. This case solves that problem, battery life lasts nearly 2 days for me. Also it gives the phone a more solid and safer feel. Highly recommended!
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8th September 2013

a must have
great piece of kit money well spent
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1st August 2013

Samsung sIII
Samsung sIII power Bank
Power pack ! Ultimate accessorie to have for those of us on the move this very discreet and sleek designed case for the Samsung sIII is extremely useful as and when needed to restore your phones power with recharging facility to hand just hit the switch and you have that much needed rechargeable facility on the move great for those of us on the move with a busy schedule excellent value a real must have ! :)
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15th July 2013

prodotto come da descrizione. coverbattery s3 stupendo e funzionante.
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Sofia Bulgaria
26th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Incredible case and extra power for my phone! :)
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Rajiv Lutchumun
13th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Useful and just what i needed
This casing fits my SGS3 well, do add some extra weight as expected and do give my phone a nice look. The battery works well and i do use my phone for about one and a half day without any recharge. Customer service was very responsive and of a great help to my late delivery. I do appreciate it. Would definitely recommend to use this site ( trust worthy and satisfied with my product).
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1st April 2013

samsung galaxy s3
Safety and extra power
i am online all day from 7am to 1am and with this case i dont worry if the battery runs out.i dont have to change battery anymore. very useful real power bank.
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Quarto (NA)
28th March 2013

Prodotto Eccellente !
Ho trovato questo prodotto molto utile, si adatta perfettamente al cellulare, lo rende più piacevole al tatto e gli dona un aspetto secondo me migliore ! Sono contenta anche della spedizione, pur non abitando in una zona centrale,la cover mi è arrivata dopo esattamente 4 giorni lavorativi ! Complimenti !
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1st February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Perfect marriage
This was the best extra that you can have on my phone to keep it charge and on the move . It's not bulky , fits perfect , protects and adds that extra punch on the battery to don't worry about wirings or plugs
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12th December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Does the job
This case is almost perfect. Fits the phone like a glove, adds extra weight and makes the phone feel a look sturdier. The battery works very well and once plugged in automatically charges the cases battery, if the case is switched off it will charge the phone instead (I have experienced a few times where if you turn the case off it will still continue to charge the case and not the phone while plugged into the mains) You get approx 75% of power from the case to the phone. A great extension to the phones battery life. My only gripe with the case is that it does not go perfectly with the Genuine Samsung car dock as the micro usb slot is located on the bottom right hand side and not in the centre. The car dock is designed specifically for the micro usb slot to be in the centre. It still fits snuggly but at a slight angle. Great case, I fully recommend it to any Galaxy S3 user. There are a lot of cases available and this is the best I've tried.
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3rd December 2012

Best phone
I used SGS 2 and when I got SGS3 I wasn't suprise.It is the best phone I got.Display clear,quick and plenty aps.Good for photo,music and travel.
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27th October 2012

Brilliant I ordered on the Friday and it came at 10am on the Saturday. Brilliant service would definitely be using the site again :-), highly recommend this 6*
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24th October 2012

samsung galaxy s111
just the job
As always it does what its advertised by this very efficient company and i have no worries about running out of battery power during the day while im out and about .delivered the next day as usual .customer service second to none thank you mobilefun .
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Guilherme Hasimoto
Manaus/AM - Brazil
15th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III
Must have
Very useful device, really adds a LOT of battery charge! Since the arrive of the Power Bank, my s3 has never been out of charge again!
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I love Apple !!!
1st September 2012

Galaxy S3
Does what it says on the tin
Had the power bank case for 3 weeks now, and it has extended the time between charges and gives about a 75% boost, not as much as I expected but when you consider the battery is only 3.7vdc and has to output 5vdc. The Grip is not to soft and is sticky enough not to slip out of my hand, which is what I found happening to my S3, which was never mentioned in any review I had read. Also the kick out stand is handy but not sure if it will go the distance only time will tell. Overall the device is a snug fit and also adds some protection to the glass screen through its slightly raised rim.
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17th August 2012

ragazzi merita... protegge... ricarica la batteria... e con una skin protettiva è al sicuro anche lo schermo... non c'è il carica batterie e ma quello è il meno... very good! if you want a protection and you have a problem with battery it!!!! it is a good solution!!!!
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