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SD TabletWear SmartCase for Google Nexus 7 - Black

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Keep your Google Nexus 7 tablet protected from damage with the SD TabletWear SmartCase with integrated viewing stand.

  • "Very unctional case - spot on value value for money"
  • "Great case, great service"

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Bharath Shetty
Mangalore, Karnataka, India
23rd April 2013

Great Tab cover
Great tab cover and suits perfectly on Nexus 7. It took exactly 12 days from date of dispatch, to get the item considering my location and through regular post.
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Jiji VS
Bangalore, India
26th March 2013

Great product
Great product, perfect fit for Nexus 7, solid, durable, multiple positioning, auto wake-up. The delivery was a slow. I received after 12 days...
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6th January 2013

Nexus 7
Very unctional case - spot on value value for money
HAving looked at a number of cases for the Nexus 7, including the official branded product, I ordered this one and have been absolutely chuffed with it so far. The tablet is easily secured within the case (and also very quickly removed. The case quality is good - no loose stitching, soft material which is quite realistic for faux leather. The tablet is well protected in the case, with a useful function being that when the lid is opened the tablet 'awakens'. The different options for propping the tablet up are useful and when the lid is fully folded back, provides a useful grip for reading, etc, with one hand. Overall, I would recommend this product - buy it!
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Macomb, Michigan
15th December 2012

Nice quality case
Case is high quality and looks nice. I think it will be practical to use with my tablet.
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Budapest, Hungary
29th November 2012

Nexus 7
Great case, great service
The case is great. Fits perfectly and looks good. Highly recommended. The magnetic wake feature is superb. Shipping was fast. Would definitely purchase from MobileFun again.
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23rd November 2012

Nexus 7
A must have for every Nexus 7 owner
I got this case a few months ago when I preordered my Nexus 7, and it arrived super fast, considering I'm in Canada. This case is AMAZING, superbly well made and sturdy, and I haven't taken it off since I put it on my Nexus 7. The magnetic flap is great, and can be folded in different angles to set the tablet on the table. I've had it for a few months now and it still looks like new. GET THIS CASE! You'll love it.
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Robert McKie
Belmont, Massachusetts
9th October 2012

Wonderful Product
The Mobile Fun case I purchased for my Google Nexus is beautifully crafted, and is head and shoulders above all the alternatives that I was able to find locally. It is attractive, protective, and allows access to all the Nexus controls/ports/camera. I don't believe I could suggest any way to improve the product.
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Mansi Goenka
Calcutta, India
3rd October 2012

Good buy!
Been a couple of days since I'm using the cover and I'm to find serious fault with it. Difficult to swipe down the main notification panel but other that this is a beauty. Sturdy, easy typing mode, fingers don't keep constantly touching the side buttons, adjusting volume or putting the nexus to sleep. No great difference in sound and all ports easily accessible. Sleep function works. No space for a stylus! in case u are wondering... and still haven't been able to figure out a viewing mode.
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13th September 2012

Nexus 7
Excellent item
This was exactly what I needed, protects the tablet and looks amazing!.
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29th August 2012

Google Nexus 7
Just what i needed.....!
Perfect leather smart case which wakes and shuts down my Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Perfect fit and well made,highly recommended. Bought due to the inability of Google and Asus to manufacture cases for product launch... !!!
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28th August 2012

Nexus 7
A good, hardy tablet case that does a good job of protecting the device. While some reviewers say the buttons for volume and sleep are hard to reach, I would say that they're as accessible as they need to be - you rarely need the sleep button since the device wakes and sleeps using the magnetic sensor with the magnet in the cover, and volume is something you'll probably use only once per session (many media players allow volume changes using their own interface, giving you extra options on this for when watching films on flights and stuff). The case feels solid overall, and doesn't add too much bulk to the device. Functions as a landscape only stand, but the shape allows either a ~30 or ~60 degree slant (the latter is really good for on trains and planes since you can rest it against the seat in front to stop it moving at all. The former is excellent for typing on your lap or tables). The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is that the magnets seem to lose a little strength over the first month, meaning that very occasionally it won't put the device to sleep, and it won't keep the cover pinned to the back of the case when in use. I certainly recommend the case, though.
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Mike Zambetti
Jacksonville, FL
25th August 2012

Functional Cover for Nexus 7
Read Matt Miller's review on ZDNET and decided to give this cover a try. It is definitely made to fit the Nexus 7. The mag switch cover works as expected, and it clearly provides some protection for the N7. The negatives are it adds a bit of bulk to a tablet that feels great in your hands naked in portrait mode typing and reading email. Modest cost, good protection, and nice mag/auto off feature. Worth it.
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United Kingdom
8th August 2012

Google Nexus 7
Solid, Reliable, Protects. Exactly what you want out of a case.
I purchased this case because I wanted a case which would cover front and back of the device, and surround the edges to protect the corners from light knocks and scrapes - I commute to work on a motorcycle, and those are features you want in a case to protect it during transit in most bags! The leather case is well built, no stitching issues, and the enclosure design to keep the device inside it's sleeve is well thought out and a major improvement over other slip cases I've seen in the past (no slipping, specifically). The magnet of the cover works perfectly for activating the sleep function of the device, but here is where the case unfortunately drops a star...and these issues are minor and easy to live with too. First, the magnet is a little too strong - it activates the sleep function when closed, but if you flip the cover all the way around the back of the device, it will occasionally activate the sleep function from behind too. I've not found any consistency to when it'll do this, beyond "when you least want it to". Secondly, when folding the cover into "stand" mode, which locks down onto the back of the case beautifully and reliably, the soft part of the side fold of the cover is just floppy enough that you have to fiddle with the magnet positioning on the back to get the device to stand flat with the fold at the bottom (there's no issue if you place it at the less extreme angle, where the fold is at the top of the case). As stated, these are both minor issues, easy to live with and rarely affecting me, but if you want a freestanding device case for your Nexus 7, or like to flip the cover all the way back and can't live it with hanging to the side instead, these may be more important issues for you!
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Eric Silvera
Ocala, FL
7th August 2012

Nexus 7 case
Fits perfectly, smart switch turns on unit when lid is raised and turns off when closed. My only fault it that volume and power switch is hard to reach, blocked by case
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Upstate NY
7th August 2012

The nearly perfect case
Well made and nicely finished. Roughly doubles the total thickness of the tablet, a reasonable trade-off for the amount of protection. The magnetic studs along the edge work well for putting the tablet in and out of sleep mode when closing and opening the cover, but they will sometimes activate if the cover is pressed flat across the back of the tablet. In every day use this has not really been an issue. I feel fortunate that Google was back ordered on their own shell cases when I purchased the Nexus 7, since that led me to search and find this one. It's clearly a superior product and I would not hesitate to buy it again.
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