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Olixar Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand

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Secure, robust and portable, this portable, multi-angle Smartphone stand holds all smartphones in either portrait or landscape orientations.

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madison, al
16th September 2016

hauwei vision 3 lte
great product
very usefull any where. easy to use. recommend highly
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Auckland, New Zealand
14th September 2016

Simple but effective
Nicely designed and does make a nice stand - perfect for viewing the time on our bedside table.
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2nd September 2016

Hauwei vision 3
This is a very versitile item. You can carry anywhere. I bought two more to keep in the car.
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Gold Coast
27th August 2016

Great Little Stand,Perfect For My Phone
The Stand Does Exactly What Is Shown In Its Description .It Is A Great Little Stand For My Phone
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26th August 2016

cell phone stand
great item. highly recommend
worth the wait very useful product
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14th April 2016

olixar stand
Ingenious. Well done
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3rd April 2016

olixar portable multi-angle smartphone desk stand
excellent product. well done
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New York
8th October 2015

Best thing I bought all year
With my smartphone desk stand I can read news and books watch videos and movies and no longer have to prop my iPhone up against a coffee cup or salt shaker. I also use it as a place to keep my phone when Im not using it at home. I no longer have to search about my apartment wondering where I left my phone. I plan to buy several of them soon and give them out as Christmas gifts.
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Jane Bennett
1st April 2015

Just what I was looking for
This stand fits both my Samsung and my partner's iPhone 6. It is neat and sturdy and can be adjusted to the angle required and I am very happy with it.
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2nd June 2014

Great product
It does the job! You can't see in the picture but it has nice soft black rubbers under the phone and under the stand itself so it doesn't slide around on your desk. Definitely recommend it.
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Pompano Beach, Florida
10th May 2014

Review of iphone stand
Love it......light weight, stable, and adjustable. Perfect for my use. * ordered 4/27 and it didn't arrive until 5/10....took longer than expected.
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21st April 2014

Very good
Better than what i expected
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Linda Evans
23rd March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Good things/small packages
I'd been looking for a dock or stand but most of those that I found seemed to be going for the Minimalist look, which struck me as putting unnecessary stress on the usb socket. I liked that the Funlounger works fine in both orientations so took a punt. It's. Tiny. As in "fit in the palm of my hand" tiny.The Note 2 is not the smallest of phones so it was with caution I set it up. Really needn't have worried, the non-slip pads both on and under the stand grip like crazy and the shelf is wide enough to accommodate my case without being big enough to impinge upon the screen. The whole thing is far more solid that you'd think and the viewing angle is easily changed with a handy little tag on the mechanism. It's at the upper end of what I would pay for a simple stand but it does the job very well indeed.
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20th February 2014

iPhone 4S,5S, Samsung Galaxy S3,S4
Just what I needed
Just what I needed as you only need one plug. very good when you go on holidays
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Catherine Handley
29th January 2014

sony xperia sp, ipod
I use this everyday.
This compact, light stand is brilliant. I use it everyday & is especially good when using the speaker when playing music or using metronome app. It keeps my phone or ipod safe & visable.
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Miad Hossain
20th January 2014

Sony Xperia Z
Its fantastic, when I am at work on my break time I watch movies on my Sony Xperia Z and I use the mobile stand because I hate to Hold my phone. While I am enjoying my food. Fantastic product.
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27th December 2013

Great little gadget
I ordered this smartphone stand for my wife. She wanted to be able to follow recipes on her smartphone in the kitchen. The stand is very easy to use, both portrait and landscape and she is very please with it. Good value for money and as ever, it arrived very promptly.
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2nd December 2013

Arrived safely and it is a good little unit which works well with my phone, it's light for travel and seems sturdy enough for long-term use. cheers
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John Welsby
1st December 2013

Galaxy note 3
Excellent product
I have found this device excellent even for my galaxy note 3 which is not a small device it is very pocket able to when folded up I particularly like the multi angle facility, the item was delivered very quickly from Mobile Fun very pleased with the purchase
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Eric Jackson
United Kingdom
16th November 2013

Nexus 5
Perfect for the job
Chose this little folding stand after looking at many others. It's great as it is very stable, the phone feels safe and solid and doesn't move. The main selling point for me was the variable angles available which means you can sit closer or further away from the screen when viewing. It also has non slip pads for feet so does not slip around on the table.
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Sandeep Suresh
29th October 2013

Funlounger Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand
Excellent product and very satisfied with overall experience
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L Martin
14th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Funlounger is... FUNtastic!
I have purchased last week a Funlounger Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand from MobileFun. It has been dispatched and delivered sooner than the expected delivery days. The product came with the original box in pristine condition and it is a very light, highly portable, ergonomic and well designed throughout stand. I wanted something that would allow me to watch videos, films etc. with the mobile in 'landscape' position so that I get a full screen picture. Not only the stand does this, but it allows you to set the preferred angle. It is foldable and it basically fits in the pocket of a child's clothes. I am happy with the custom offered by MobileFun (this has been the first time I used them) and I will definitely use them again at the earliest need and opportunity. Thank you. You do make the Mobiles... Fun! Regards, L Martin
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12th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Handy little gadget.
This stand is perfect - allows me to get more out of my phone. Having the use of only one arm/hand & dexterity problems with the other, this little gadget is a blessing. Even for two handed people it has its uses. Free up one or, both hands! No need to pick the phone up to see notifications. The stand will hold the phone completely upright to take photos (by voice command). Also useful for Skype sessions, watching tv or films/playing games/sudoku/chess. Charge on stand too as phone can be positioned portrait or landscape. It's not flimsy, it's strong and stable with 5 positions. Folds completely flat to take it with you! A very handy gadget indeed ;-)
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Pete Miller
Trains, hotels, pubs, almost anywhere
5th August 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 & Alcatel One Touch Evo 7 tablet
Pocket sized performer
This is a great device that fits easily into a pocket or my case and can be used virtually anywhere there is a flat surface. As someone who travels extensively around the UK this has become an invaluable piece of Kit Full marks!!!
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United States
23rd July 2013

Samsung Galaxy 3
Simple and perfect
I had looked everywhere for a small portable stand for my phone with no luck till I stumbled upon the Mobile Fun website. I was a little nervous to order outside of the U.S but am so glad that I did! The stand was exactly what I wanted - small, folds up easily, sturdy and holds my phone perfectly both horizontally and vertically. It was shipped very quickly and I couldn't be more pleased!
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Derek Gurney
21st July 2013

iPhone 5
Gadget Man is Here
The title of the review discribes me very well, as my wife calls me. I found that the products I have ordered recently are of excellent quality. Also I have found the customer service is excellent as well, plus it's quick, and even if the product is unavailable at the time you do your upmost to get the product to the customer A S A P. keep up the good work guys.
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Hazel Carey
18th July 2013

Brilliant item
Really handy for the desk ,beside the bed When you travel
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Keith Wellington
15th July 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 and iPhone 4S
Delighted with my Funloungers
This is a great little gadget that provides a secure cradle my phone and tablet and then folds flat for convenient packing - the BOGOF deal meant the other half got one as well for her iPhone
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Rita bishop
15th July 2013

iPhone 5
iPhone phone stand
Very good stand, ideal for what i want it for....would recommend. Plus the service from Mobile Fun is second to non...thank you very much
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4th June 2013

Great piece of kit . . .
This is invaluable for anyone wanting to "prop up" a phone. My Galaxy S2 fits even though it is in a case. Small enough to carry around easily too. Going to be very useful. . .
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Pete Wilson
23rd May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
I originally bought this product to use with my S2 but following an upgrade to my S4 I have found this to be equally suitable and am extremely satified with my purchase.
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United Kingdom
20th May 2013

Nexus 4
Good compact holder for Nexus 4
Does just what I needed i.e. hold the mobile in position for use with wireless keyboard.
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Mrs Jones
Stirlingshire, Scotland
12th May 2013

iPhone 5
I bought this for my husband as he is always looking at video clips on his iPhone 5. It is just perfect, you can adjust the angle easy, it has rubber feet to prevent the stand from sliding & also has rubber grips where the phone sits to prevent movement too. You can sit your phone portrait or landscape. It folds away flat & it's small enough to fit in your pocket.
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8th May 2013

Nexus 4, iPad 4
Best stand by far, for me at least
Light, small, adjustable
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27th April 2013

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4s
Great things come in small packages!
Sometimes the best things in life are free...well not quite but this unbeatable offer of buy one get one free is as good as it gets! I'd have happily paid the price for one but getting two is a bonus. This isn't something expensive or even fancy. It's just a simple stand for your iPhone - I use it most on the train to watch sky go downloaded programs. It's very compact - simple to use and robust. It does what is says on the box - if you need a simple portable stand this is definitely it.
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David Culton
26th April 2013

Samson Galaxy S3
The Great and the Bad
This little fellow doese all it says it can do vary well!!! I placed an order against an offer of buy one get one free but my order was for two and I only got two but paid for both My complaint by normal chanells has not had a reply
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Crister Karlsson
Köping, Sweden
24th April 2013

The Items I purchased was perfect,good stuff
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Bob Carpenter
20th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy 3
Stand and Deliver
Liked the look of this stand on the website.For its size very stable and can hold my phone landscape or portrait.Good for watching movies and I use it when charging the phone.Angle adjusts on stand to suit use. Delivery was excellent as it has been with all my purchases.
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6th March 2013

samsung galaxy s3
does just what it is intended to do
there is not a lot to this stand, so maybe a touch expensive, but it works really well as described, and was delivered the day after ordering, so no complaints!
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Pittsburgh, PA
27th January 2013

Simple Design, Works Well!
Simple design and works very well for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Nice Job!
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21st January 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The product doesn't look much but my phone fits it nicely! It's also perfect for my cramped up desk. I wanted to buy the one with the spider legs but I figured that my phone would just fall because of the small space left on my desk. This one does the job perfectly! Plus I can use it as a phone holder while I'm recording stuff with my phone
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dale harvey
east lothian, macmerry
8th January 2013

samsung galaxy ace
a great all rounder,
this is great for charging and using while watching videos or pictures, great for sharing, another great but simple mobile fun release, cheers dale
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31st December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3
Handy standy!
Got this on the BOGOF offer for another xmas pressie for my wife and the free one for me. I have used docking stations and desktop cradles in the past with the same result - the USB connector bending then breaking. This stand allows your device (not just phones) to be rested portrait without the charger connected or landscape with the charger. Either way you can use your device handsfree if you will for your media needs. I normally use it for my phone to be a night clock but have used it watch movies on the train as it is small and extremely portable. Excellent gizmo and a great price.
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25th November 2012

Sony Xperia U
Totally useful device
This is a brilliant yet so simple invention :) It has an adjustable angle to either aid your aim on Angry Birds :-O or so you can see the screen while sat at your desk. It's also useful for old Dell laptops that overheat on the bottom, for just raising it up enough to let the thing cool down before it shuts down!!
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6th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Design and perfection !!!
Yess ! THIS IS IT ! The perfect desk stand i needed for my smart phone. I searched all over the inernet and that one has no comparison to any other similar products. Its advantages are 1)It only weights a few grams. 2)It is extremely small so as a result, it becomes a very easy portable product. And its biggest advantage ... is that it has 4 differnet ways to lay your phone, in any angle that's applicable to you. Congradulations dear mobilefun !!! You' re the best !!!
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1st October 2012

galaxy s2
just what i needed
Literally just what I needed as well as practical a nd inexpensive. Ideal for watching video/movie files or Skygo when away from home. Saves getting cramp in your hand if holding your phone for long periods of time, or having to prop the phone against a book.
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6th August 2012

HTC Desire
Just what I needed and I didn't know it
Fast delivery. The stand is very useful. I used to have to continually search my desk, before I found my phone, usually buried under a pile of papers. Simple solution - my phone is now always sitting upright in its little stand.
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north tyneside
25th July 2012

galaxy note
simple but effective
portable, sturdy and effective. It holds my galaxy note which has a case on it so it should hold anything! Slightly expensive for what it is but i'm happy.
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25th July 2012

SD Portable Multi Angle Smartphone Desk Stand.
Ideal piece of kit
I had old style phone stands that were ideal, but were only suitable for old stylie phones.I am really delighted with this product and recommend it to anyone that wants a phone stand,super product.
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Norman Richardson
25th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2
Neat and very handy!
A handy little stand which works very well. It's light and very portable, but also feels very secure whether the phone is in portrait or landscape orientation. I got it on a two-for-one offer, but the offer code didn't work in my initial order, so only one arrived at first. I raised this with Mobile Fun and they quickly apologised and sent an additional stand. Very good service!
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Miss Isobel M Doig
24th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy
Useful Device
Very interesting product. Now that my Mobile is "upright", it would seem to require less charging!
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24th July 2012

Ideal for my phone
I was very pleased with this product holds the phone when not in use and make sure I know where I left it. Prompt service from mobile fun arrived the next day as promised.
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12th July 2012

Samsung galaxy note
good for the price
Happy with item it is small and portable,has 4 different settings/angles for propping up device. Rubberised feet help keep it sturdy. Perfect for smartphones,would need something more substantial for use with tablet given its small size
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11th July 2012

Nokia E6
Just right
I was looking for a sturdy but small and portable stand -- this fitted the bill just right.
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Stockton on Tees
11th July 2012

Samsun Galaxy S2
Smartphone Desk Stand
I find this a really useful device. It is simple to use, well made and practical. I got the buy one get one free offer which made it even better value - I have one at work and one at home. I have recommended this product to all my friends. MobilFun have a habit of coming up with slightly quirky mobile phone stuff which is fun, useful and very good value for money.
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11th July 2012

Does the job
This stand is just what I was looking for. I have been searching for a stand like this to sit my iPod Touch on when in a Skype chat with my daughter in Australia. The stand is perfect for the job and good value. Would also suit people that use their phone as an alarm clock beside their bed.
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Colin Little
10th July 2012

sd portable multi angle smartphone desk stand
Simplicity and versatility, it does exactly what you expect it to. It fits all phones so when you upgrade to a new phone your deskstand still works for you. It is simple to use but works very effectively giving secure multi angle viewing and it folds flat when not in use so it just slips into your pocket or bag taking up no space at all great for holidays or trips. It works any where and is a great viewing or charging stand. It does all it should and does it well a great buy especially on a bogof which gives you a spare or works with your second phone.
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Phil Smith
East Yorkshire
10th July 2012

Galaxy Note/Galaxy Tab
Great little item. Got two and I use it for watching movies on my Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab. Lots of viewing angles and very well made too. Go buy one.
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United Kingdom
10th July 2012

SD Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand
A Great Idea
I have been looking for something like this for a while. I travel a lot and use my phone as a alarm clock (this way I don't have to remember to pack one). Plus it's great for putting on my desc when working. The BOGOF offer was great as I could get one for my girlfriend.
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Peter Reckit
5th July 2012

I purchased this stand as an impulse buy when I was browsing around the Mobile Fun website and I am very pleased with this purchase. I recently got the Samsung S3 and I needed something simple and easy to use as a stand when I am watching videos. You can place the device on the stand as vertical and horizontal and there are several viewing positions which makes this stand perfect for media use. My phone is also used an alarm clock so I put the phone on the stand at night so I can see the time on the screen which is great. The compact design of the stand is also great which allows me to carry it around very easily. Actually I will buy another 2 to keep them handy as this is a great product.
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Andrew Sanders
27th June 2012

SD Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand
Ideal mobile accessory
Handy little device for holding your moby phone,...perfect.
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Ilse Of Wight
22nd June 2012

Already bought one of these, so bought another with this offer and now have 3. 1 for work, one for home and one for my girlfriend. I use one of them mainly for putting on my bedside cabinet for using the alarm on my phone. Very happy.
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