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Sorry, but Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case - White

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Designed to provide superior protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3, this officially licensed leather flip case is the perfect blend of form and function. In white.

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14th February 2013

Galaxy S3
S3 Case
Nice feel to the case and fits well my only gripe is that you can't charge the phone unless the front is open as the hinge part covers the USB port
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Wetherby, UK
4th December 2012

Galaxy S3
Could do better...
Paranoid about breaking my new phone I bought this and the proper samsung docking station as they work together. The dock works just fine. Clings like a limpet and is very well made. The case however is much less so. Having had it just over 4 months I now need to replace it as teh plastic piece the phone clips into has split leaving the phone slightly loose. When I first got it I was very impressed with the precision of its manufacture. The holes lined up to within fractions of a mm. Awesome. To be honest I've never got used to how you have to open it. To me its the wrong way round and even five minutes ago I opened it upside down yet again. Its totally counter intuitive. When docking the phone you have to tuck the flap behind it to get it out of the way. The leather on its little clip came off within a week or so and that annoyed me but I got over it. The phone has never been dropped and has only been out of its case twice when I had to take the battery out and the second time it came out I noticed the split. Not good I have to say. In conclusion, I feel the fundamental design is flawed. It should be hinged at the top and access should be provided so you can charge when its covered. I'll not buy another as I don't feel I got anywhere enough life from it for the price paid. IMHO do not purchase.
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17th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
The case looks nice and you get used to it very quickly. Unfortunately it does not protect your phone very well. My S3 fell from like 40 cm on the ground. There is a light scratch on the side of my S3 and the upper left corner of the case cracked (you can see visually that the phone isn't fitting 100% inside the case any more). The corners should be made from a softer plastic (so they wouldn't crack) and the leather cover should be wider than the width of the phone, so it would protect it's side (or the phone holding's inner side of the case (which should be from rubber) should be on the entire length of the outside borders of the phone). This would make it perfect.
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2nd October 2012

perfect but let down by durability
Very good case, has protected phone from one fall already! For the price I would expect leather effect material around clasp not to peel after 15 days.
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John M
South coast
5th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case
Fiddly, annoying, but better value than many others
I bought this because the tan leather case / wallet wasn't released and my S3 was arriving next day. Fits perfectly but doesn't protect the full width of the phone front. The fiddly little clip is a nuisance when trying to open the case quickly. Not sure how much use the fake leather "hinge" area will stand before it wears at the edges. Using the camera / video with the case open can be a pain. The flap hangs down when using the phone - and looks odd. Otherwise it's quite good value compared with other cases available to protect this expensive computer that doubles as a phone. Delivery was next day although that is not firmly guaranteed unless you pay a lot extra. Thank you MobileFun.
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27th June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case - Nearly but not quite...
Very nice case which is quite slim and therfore does not add very much bulk to the phone. The case holds the phone pretty well and does a good job of protecting it. When closed the headphone port is accessible. Unfortunately the charging port is not, so the phone has to be left open to the elements when charging which I am not too happy about. Also, when using the phone, the front of the case has either to be left flapping down or folded and held in place at the back of the phone while you make your call...Not ideal. All in all a good quality case let down by a few design faults.
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John Tomlinson
26th June 2012

amsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case
Target missed
A good smart protective case which doesn't have a port which would allow for the phone to be charged with the case closed, I'm sure others do.
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22nd June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good Fit But
There is no way to lock the case open, I found when holding the phone the front flip part flopped around and did not feel safe in my hand. I will continue to use it, as it is better than nothing till a balistic case is available,
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