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Sorry, but The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Black

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The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 accessory pack contains must have items for your S3. Designed to protect and store your Galaxy S3 at home, in the office and in the car.

  • "In car charger kit"
  • "Only need a wooden samsung case now ;-)"

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8th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Reasonably good value
The holders, the charger and the screen protectors all work well. However, the case has no holes over the buttons, which means it's difficult to only press one of the volume buttons at once. In the end I resorted to cutting out the holes myself.
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Dublin, Ireland
6th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good Product and Good Value
This pack is great value and really has a lot for the price. The product has everything you really need. My only complaint would be the strength of dashboard/windscreen mobile phone holder. Angle it certain ways and it doesn't seem strong enough to hold the weight of the phone and drops down so could be a little more rigid.
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20th July 2013

Sono contenta ho ricevuto il pacchetto ed era congruo con il sito online direi ottimo. Consiglio
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7th June 2013

Più che buono
Il pack in questione è di ottima fattura. Molto cool il supporto da tavolo, discreta la cover si adatta bene al cellulare anche se avrei preferito un millimetro in più di spazio per i tasti laterali, che seppur scoperti sono proprio al limite. Supporto per auto ottimo, tiene molto saldo il device, forse un pò troppo (quando lo si toglie dal supporto si fa fatica con una mano sola), c'è dentro un accessorio che non capisco dove si applica, non ci sono istruzioni aggiuntive.Carica batterie da auto discreto. Ventosa da viaggio molto comoda ed universale. Per le pellicole c'è di meglio, ma comunque buone. Se scegliete la spedizione economica vale molto la pena comprare il kit per il prezzo, con spedizione rapida andiamo fuori mercato.
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28th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
The stands are extremely helpful and elegantly made.Also the charger of course is useful in the car.The plastic back case I did not use.
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2nd March 2013

samsung glaxy s2
Exactly what my daughter asked for - all in one order
Delivery was very quick. The contents of the deal were of a good standard and my daughter was so pleased. She has used all the accessories - I saved money by buying this deal. Thanks
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26th January 2013

un buon prodotto
dicevo, ma un buon prodotto, forse un po' caro visto che ho comprato tutto il cocuzzaro, perché non non l'ho trovato sciolto. Spedizione giunta nei tempi, ma anche con involucro lacerato/bagnato. ma il contenuto salvo ed intonso
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24th January 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good value
Screen protector was fiddly to fit, but otherwise good.
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Michael Nicell
10th January 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
So far so decent
It all seems fine so far: the larger stand does its job well although the smaller one is not that reliable. I wouldn't use it with a cover on the phone for example. I will update my review upwards or downwards when I've had a chance to test out the other items but I'm happy with this purchase at the moment
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8th December 2012

Purchased the Ultimate Pack for sat nav purpose and liked the bits and pieces, however, the mount for windscreen broke at the stem of the knuckle joint after second time of use. I am disappointed cause the suction is class and versatility pretty good, I've e-mailed customer care, let you know how I get on
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5th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Each item is useful, just not together
I purchased this as soon as I got my phone - I was suffering from clumsiness and so I felt I needed some protection for my new handset, and decided that this was a good package and had everything I wanted. The screen protectors are great - the usual fiddly and annoying application meant I had to throw the first away, but that was down to me and not the product (stupid dust!). They fit nicely and the instructions are clear and precise. The case itself is ok, a little harder than I was expecting and took more effort to force the phone into it, but it does contain all the right holes and doesn't move around. The dash mount is a universal type, so can be used for almost any phone - it is spring loaded to grip the handset, and can be swivelled and rotated to get the right orientation. I cannot comment on the ability to remain attached to the dash/windscreen as it is early days yet. The charger is also universal, and reads 'NOK 8600' so I am not sure whether this was meant for Nokia, but it is the standard fitting and charges the phone, so it doesn't matter. The stands - now this is where things fall down. Both stands as they are seem ok - the portable one is in essence just a rubber ball with a suction cap on it, which you can attach to the back of your phone to stand it up. This makes it a little wobbly, but you can probably get the hang of it. The main desktop stand is a simple design - a bare metal angled bracket that slots into a plastic rectangle with a friction pad. When you place the phone on the pad, it sticks to it. Both of these stands are satisfactory, unless you plan on using the case. The plastic case removes the friction for both the suction cap and the friction pad, meaning it either slides off of becomes unattached. Personally, I don't fancy removing the case every time I want to stand it upright on my desk, which makes both redundant. If you don't mind removing the phone from the case, then this package is fantastic. If, like me, you have to choose between the case and the stands, then the package is good. If the case had been a silicone one instead of a plastic one, this would be unbeatable value.
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21st September 2012

pacchetto 35147 x s3
l'ho trovato discreto, la particolarità, le istruzioni??? il supporto x auto è buono, ma c'è un accessorio in + non si capisce dove va messo...e il funzionamento aggiuntivo. il resto qualità-prezzo ok, consegna velocissima 3 giorni. bravi
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6th September 2012

samsung galaxy s 3
not bad
Only purchased to get a new holder for the car as old one didn't fit phone. The stand is great and swivels in all directions only problem is its a bit too far away to stick on windscreen so stuck on the dash board. This makes the phone a bit wobbly when driving and the sticky pad is not strong enough to take the weight of the phone. Just need to figure out where to stick on the window. The case is great don't even know it is on the phone unless I want to plug in head phones. It makes the phone less slippery in the hand. Not used the other bits and bobs yet.
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Mitch Warner
High Wycombe
23rd July 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Good, apart from the car dock
Generally i've been really happy with this pack. For the price, you get a really good set of accessories. I particularly love the desk stand - ok, so it's just a rubber pad on a stick, but it's still a great idea! Two issues I did have. Firstly, when the pack was first dispatched, there was no car charger included. However, one quick email to MobileFun support and a replacement was sent out within a couple of days. My main problem though is with the car dock. It's complete rubbish. You have to pull apart the 'pincers' each time you want to insert the phone - not something that can easily be done one-handed. But worse, the phone bounces around when in motion, which is a real pain. I've had to order a different one as this one is unuseable. Apart from this though, for the price you can't go too far wrong.
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17th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good value for money with one caveat
As always with Mobilefun, this item is good value for money and the case for the phone is quite sturdy and unobtrusive. The other items work as they are described, there is only one potential issue (for me anyway) - every so often (every 1/2 days) the phone will drop the network signal and say sim not detected - it is brand new, so I have tried it without the case and it doesnt seem to do it - has anyone else had the same problem, it would be a real shame if that was the case (pardon the pun).
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10th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
The (almost) Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack
Although the use of "ultimate" may be a slight exaggeration, this product is (on the whole) pretty good value for money and contains some useful gizmos. My only criticism of the pack is that the car charger didn't actually work. This may be due to the fact that it comes with a sticker saying "Motorola" which is definitely not "Samsung" - whichever way you look at it. However, the suckery-ball-thing, windscreen-grippy-thing, screen covers and desk stand perform their roles perfectly.
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5th July 2012

Great Pack
Had a question which took a long time to verify so decided to use the online chat instead. They answered my question straight away. Just checking the car holder was a suction cup not just adhesive, which it was. Desk stand is brilliant as is the car holder. Overall really impressed with speed of delivery and effectiveness of the product for the price.
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Roy Longmuir
22nd June 2012

samsung Galaxy S3
An excellent product
This is a package of goodies for the Samsung S3 which I found to be a bit like the curate's egg - good in parts! The silicone cover is excellent - fits perfectly The windscreen mount to hold the phone is excellent overall the mechanism for activating the suction cup is btilliant - easy to use and holds fast every time with minimal effort. The spring loaded arm which moves to clamp the phone in place is a bit awkward to use but does hold the phone very firmly in place. The screen protection film was easy to stick in place and was bubble free. There were some other items in the package which to be honest completely baffled me as to their purpose.
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21st June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Mostly what I needed
If you want a reasonably priced starter kit for your phone this is good value. I always like a minimal case with screen protector as I find getting exactly the right case is not easy and they can be pricey. The car charger is great, I have had others with a micro USB which are rubbish, this one is just right and stays connected very well. Not too sure about the windscreen mount will not be putting it in my car just yet. The metal desk holder is fab but the rubber ball is a waste of time. All in all a very good value kit
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21st June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Excellent Collection of Useful Items
The i9300 pack contains everything one needs to get to grips with the new S3. The table stand is extremely effective and the small rubber stick on stand is a nice feature. The case fits wondefully and the screen cover (plus many spares) hugs the screen tightly so that you barely know it is there. The car accessories are also very good, my only gripe being that the car charger cable is very short, resulting in it being very taut when connected to the phone. Overall a great package and great value.
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Joseph latus
13th June 2012

Samsung galaxy S3
Just what I wanted
products are good but i paid for the accessory package in white, i got the clear case which fits like a glove, the desk stand, screen protectors but i recd a black car charger, a black rubber sticky thing for the back of my phone and i wanted white. I have no quams with the quality of the goods they are top notch.
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