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Sorry, but The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Black

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The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 accessory pack contains must have items for your S3. Designed to protect and store your Galaxy S3 at home, in the office and in the car.

  • "In car charger kit"
  • "Only need a wooden samsung case now ;-)"

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19th January 2013

Car holder is disappointing. Tried mounting it on the car dash (horizontal surface) and the disc stayed stuck for about 10 mins. Then tried mounting it on the window with more success. The grip is incredibly stiff, so trying to remove or put in the phone (galaxy sIII) means that you end up moving it out of from the position, and it definitely takes 2 hands to do, so not ideal for car. The charger works, which is about all you can say. I was sent screen protectors for an iPhone so can't review them. The skin is really poor, when its on the volume rocker is not usable, or worse it turns the volume up or down all the way when you hold or pick up the phone. Desk mount, both the sticky pad and the suction ball, are by far the best. They work very well, so overall just enough to give it 2 out of 5.
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25th September 2012

galaxy s3
phone pack
product was good just one problem was the colour i ask for white. the only thing that was white was the suction ball everything else was black,car charger, windscreen mount,phone stand, thats how it comes, i was told. misleading add, white is white not black. i was offered full refund. to much hassle to send back
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26th August 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
It should be a lot cheaper for this quality.
Desktop Holder: pros - very good adhesive, it really sticks and comes off easily. Well finished metallic holder. Cons - unstable, it doesn't allow user actions on the phone on portrait or landscape mode. It should use a rubber base, not textile. Car holder: one of the biggest deceptions in the package. Pros: on the windscreen it really doesn't fall off, even with hard bumps, very good adherence. The rotating bracket is very good, very sturdy, and don't fall apart once set up in one position. Cons: the 'gently cushion' on the add is misleading. It's needed a lot of strength to actually insert the cell phone. To pick it up, it's hard, and one can cut the fingers on the sharp, cheap plastic edges. It hasn't broke yet, but it will, as the opening mechanism is too hard. Worths 1/3 of the price, tops. FlesiShield skin: transparent black colour? What is this? It is not transparent, it is as solid black as black can be. 'Without adding any additional weight or bulk to the phone' is fallacious, as it -is- heavy, and it sure adds a lot of bulk to the phone. You really can't compare before/after putting the phone in the case, it really looks chubby. Pros: it adds very good protection, as it wraps around all the phone. The contours are harmonic with the phone, and the final look is not great, but good. Camera, flash, speaker and all other functions still work ok, because of the well positioned holes. Cons: you'll loose the buttons touch precision, as the rubber is too thick in those areas. It -is- heavy. Mini portable desk stand. The jewel of the crown. Pros: creates a positive atmosphere at work, as every pall will (believe me) -will- laugh at you if you use this stand. Cons: it doesn't fix on any test surface, glass included. So, if you're really up to stick it to the back of your cell phone, be aware that it doesn't stick very well there either. Car charger: cheap, ugly chinese looking charger. Mine is somewhat a bit better than the ad, with a small metal plate at the end. It needs to be plugged only after you start the engine, as it doesn't sustain the charging when the ignition draws the start current from the car battery. The cable is similar to the old table phones (curly) which is a real pain in the neck. The cable is too short too. Pros: good electric contact in both ends (cigarete and cell phone). Cons: all the abovementioned. MFX screen protector: not tested. Bottom line: when someone buys from a site like mobilefun, expects a good quality and finishing product. This is all chinese, and for that quality, they're easilly found at ebay, for 1/3 of the price. For 20pounds, plus S/H, it just doesn't worth.
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7th August 2012

samsung galaxy 3
Accessory Pack White?
Allthough this pack comes with a lot of useful kit if you really want white then this is not for you as all the parts are black. I have a white S3 and was dissapointed that the protective case in the pack turns your lovely shiny white phone into a black phone. For this reason I only give 2 stars
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John C
3rd July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Poor Quality
The package is sold a an ultimate accessory pack for the S3. Once the clear phone skin is put on the, er, car holder isn't big enough. The desk stand is pointless. And could someone possibly explain what the white think with a sucker and ball is for???
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