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Sorry, but Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover - Marble White - EFC-1G6FWECSTD has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover - Marble White - EFC-1G6FWECSTD

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Protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen from harm without impacting it's super slim profile with the official marble white flip cover from Samsung.

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4th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy flip cover
Not what I expected.
The basic design is good with exception of the front cover which is a type of material and therefore will get dirty very quickly. I expected it to be the same as the back which would very easy to clean with a wipe.
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24th February 2013

Genuine GSIII flip cover
Sucks the vinyl comes apart around the edges and on the white the inner lining gets dirt stained quickly
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Diederic Meintsma
Park City, UT
16th February 2013

Samsung Galaxy III phone cover
I was interested in the original Samsung Galaxy III phone cover and paid more hoping it would work well. The edging on the case is some type of rubber or latex which is coming off in only a few days of using. I have since found another case which I find to be much better quality.
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Joe Sutton
United Kingdom
5th January 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Poor quality, does not last
I do love the slim design; I wanted a case that would protect the screen when not used, and maintain the slimline feel of the S3. I thought this case was great at first, but it quickly started coming apart (literally). The cover binding started peeling off, and now I have tape on it to keep it together until my alternative arrives. Also, two hairline cracks have appeared in the plastic back near the phone base. It's hard to recommend this case, given the high price and limited lifespan.
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19th December 2012

Galaxy S3
Poor quality
Very pleased when I received it. After approx two weeks the edges began to loosen up. Now after three weeks it looks like it has been run over by a truck. So, think twice before buying it. Shame on Samsung! Better quality expected!!
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United Kingdom
15th December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
An overpriced, un-durable cover. Paid almost thirty quid for this when it was still quite new and it started fraying within the first month and has degraded every day since. 6 months on now and it doesn't look like it's going to last 1 year. I am totally disappointed in Samsung with this product.
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20th October 2012

Same story as HH
Loved the cover when I first got it, very nice when attached to the phone and not adding very much bulk. After a few weeks gets very especially inside, it turns black and the edges start to peel off, im constantly trying to glue the sides down to stop it peeling completely off and in the end the cover just ends up looking a mess.
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geraldine molney
27th September 2012

galaxy s3
I have this case 3 weeks now and mine is also gone tatty there should be a guarantee with this I would send it back right away but to who.
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22nd September 2012

samsung s3
great item
I have as already wrote a review but needed to add this. As said in previous reviews this item gets tatty round the edges I have only had this couple of weeks and today it has just started too come apart for the money and it being an official Samsung product this is poor very disappointed :(
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4th September 2012

Ok but overpriced for what it is
I'm quite disspointed with this product. It's made by the same manufacturer as the phone however has a few flaws and the quality is poor. I've been using this with my phone for 3 weeks now and already it's very dirty looking and splitting at the corners. It's also quite a bad design. The case itself frequently touches the side volume button which can get knocked in your pocket and turn it up very loud when you think you have it on silent. Also, it's really annoying when you try to take a portrait style picture as it's flapping around the place, as you can't fold it over or it covers the lense. I prefer a cover that can be removed rather than being part of the phone casing.
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29th August 2012

Not Good
Have had this cover for only six weeks and the edging has started to fray. For an expensive item it's not good. It is also awkward to use the phone's camera with this cover.
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7th August 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Poorly made
I bought this case at the same time as I got my Samsung Galaxy S3, I have bought stuff from before and they impressed me once again with their incredibly fast shipping! The colour and texture of the case is perfectly matched to compliment those of your phone. When it's closed it's so thin you can't even feel the difference in your pocket. Now for the bad sides, when the case is open, unless you leave the flap dangling beside the phone, you can't take photos or use the flash(torch) when it's folded behind the handset. I have had this case for not even two months now and the rubber effect coating is peeling off in all directions leaving the phone looking tatty. Considering that this is a 'premium' product, I am very disappointed in it. My contract is 24 months and from the looks of things this case isn't even going to make a quarter of that. Before you ask, I treat all my gadgets with great care, I certainly don't rough any of them about. There really is no reason for this manufacturing defect. Do not be fooled, this case looks good at first but is anything but "durable construction"
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Anthony M
Newcastle upon Tyne
7th August 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Not as good as it should be
I was quite exited at the sound of this however it is quite disappointing, when holding it with one hand the cover has to be flipped around the back making it uncomfortable, after two weeks the edges of the hinge have started to fray when making a call you can cover the screen however this can lead to you pressing things as it still allows you sometimes to touch. Alot more technology could have gone into this for example making it like the iPad smart cover which locks and unlocks the screen when opening and closing.
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23rd July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Liked it first but.
After using just 2 weeks the edges has started to peel off. First from the part where it folds, and I was thinking that maybe that part could easily get some peeling. But yesterday noticed that also from the corner pealing some pieces off and today also from the side. Considering this is official Samsung product I am not so happy that this gets torn apart so easily. I used my Galaxy S 3 without any protection for 3 weeks (1 week longer than with the cover) and it is still in perfect condition. So I would say that this product isn't very robust.
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