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Sorry, but Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLUGSTD has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLUGSTD

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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is always fully charged.

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  • "Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLEGSTD"

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Ian Black
Auckland NZ
23rd June 2015

Hi .Although the first delivery went astray, you Email followups were prompt and helpful. I did note in a previous Email that the dimension of the replacement battery is slightly different from the original. Slightly fatter but works well.
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bert brown
South wst
13th October 2014

samsung gallery s3 extra battery kit
battery kit
It was what it said on the packing
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21st July 2014

samsung galaxy s3
Brilliant to use against and alternate between batteries. Whilst one is on charge you won't have to wait for your phone to change as the spare can go in charge in its own case. Battery life still not very long but maybe that is because of the amount of time spent using my phone and apps. Overall a great time saver and useful item :)
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Lydia G
3rd May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
I have had my S3 for less than a year and the battery was dying too quickly for convenience so I researched options. I took it to the Samsung store in Westfield and they said I needed a new battery as mine had "bulged" (not sure how or why). Despite a very large store they had none in stock. I thought about an extra large battery but apparently it would require an expanded back cover for the phone and none of these have the hard front cover that I currently have and like so I decided to get a standard battery instead, hoping that 2 batteries would ensure that I had enough charge while out and about. I purchased the new battery with the charger as it seemed to make sense to be able to charge the spare battery while the other was working in the phone. So far it just about does what I thought it ought to do with 2 frustrations: It doesn't come with a cable so you can't charge the extra battery and the one in your phone at the same time which is frustrating (and a big problem if you've lost/broken your charger) It comes with no instructions and seems to vary between a solid red light and a flashing orange light, and it sometimes (eventually) gets to green which I assume means fully charged. I emailed MobileFun for clarification and apparently both orange and red mean charging (why it needs 2 colours to say the same thing I don't know). It also seems to take forever to get to green and there's no way of telling how much longer is required to finally get there. So, all in all, it has ensured that my phone stays operational throughout a day with no further charge (if you change batteries part way through) but you do have to be organised enough to get both batteries charged before you head out.
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Elizabeth Ann Johnstone
3rd May 2013

No Power Adapter Cord!
Well, I received the Samsung Galaxy S3 charger, complete with a spare battery. All and good. Except that there was no POWER ADAPTER CORD! Couldn't believe it. Since when do you get a power-operated device with no power cord?? That was one of the main reasons I ordered this product as my Samsung GS3 loses charge so quickly I anticipated charging a spare battery and also charging the phone at the same time. Surely it is not normal for chargers to come without power cords?
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