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Sorry, but The Ultimate HTC One X Accessory Pack has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

The Ultimate HTC One X Accessory Pack

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The ultimate HTC One X accessory pack contains must have items for your One X. Designed to protect and store your HTC One X at home, in the office and in the car.

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8th April 2013

Ottimo tutto intatto e funzionante.
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Alin O.
30th December 2012

A bit disappointing
Even though the price is quite small, the quality of the accessories seems a bit cheap. I am not saying that are useless, only that if you want premium quality, buy something else. I can do my job with them, but personally, I prefer something that looks more durable. The materials of the car holder, car charger and the desktop holder are cheap and look like toys. Having in mind that you own a premium smartphone, you should have premium accessories for it. The screen protector looks like a cheap toy, too. if you have a HTC One X, and if you want a screen protector for your phone, you should consider buying a premium product even if you need more money. Same story for the desk stand and for the FlexiShield Skin, but I find them very useful and were the reason I bought this product. This is not my first time when I order something from mobilefun and I am not very glad that I wrote this review. But I think people must know my opinion before they order this product. I am not sad that I bought this Pack, only a bit disappointed. Maybe next time I will chose wisely.
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1st November 2012

Good Value
I only wanted the car dock, but the extras are useful: Screen protectors don't go around the sides so not much use, but better than nothing. The desk stand is fantastic. Not the little rubber thing that sticks on the back, that's almost pointless. The phone case is standard but fits & does it's job. The car charger has to be fiddled with (twisted or pushed down) to work so nothing but a pain really. Overall good value.
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4th September 2012

HTC One x
I wouldn't use the word 'ultimate'
The case that comes with the pack is below average at best. I will be ordering a new case. Certainly not 'ultimate'.
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21st August 2012

More product for little price
Cover great ,desk stand seems weak but is sturdy ,all in all very good set for only £19.99 excellant for when you first purchase phone 5*
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jason brazier
pembroke dock
15th August 2012

htc one x
excellent pack
This is a excellent accessories pack for any htc one x owner. the incar holder is really good sticks to screen with ease. gel case is slick and feels good on phone not adding much bulk at all. the desk mount is snazzy and looks slick.
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Barrie Richards
20th July 2012

Kit that works at a price that won't hurt.
The Ultimate HTC One X Accessory pack, dash mount that stays in place, desk phone holder, with this you never lose your phone under all that paper work, incar charger so you rnever on low power, and a screen hard that keeps the screen looking youthful. Great value at £19.99 Will always look at the Mobile fun site first now.
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4th July 2012

Disappointed - but you might not be...
There's no doubt that the many items in this kit don't add to much money, and maybe I should have been more aware that you get what you pay for. I've had a few problems with some of this kit, whereas other parts have proven to be quite useful. - The gel case is functional, but the side charging cut out is inaccurate, meaning that some of the non-HTC chargers I have just can't get past it. The native HTC charger does fit. Unfortunately, it does make my beautiful, expensive phone look cheap! - The gel desk stand is a great idea, with one big flaw - it attracts dust, so after a while, it's no longer sticky and looks awful. Is there a way to clean this? It's not very stable. - The screen protectors have a picture of an iPhone on the front cover, nevertheless, they are the size of the HTC ONE X screen. Unfortunately, they don't take into account the curvature of the screen edging and so leave you with an air bubble line all the way around the edges. There are five, which is generous, and they would probably work fine if trimmed. NOTE: these protectors do not take account of the proximity sensor to the left of the HTC sign, which will inhibit its functionality. - The rubber plunger desk stand works for a minute or two then disconnects and the phone slumps off it. + The charging wire is small and neat and very useful for my car. + Speed of delivery was excellent. I haven't used the car carry cradle - it has no instructions, and it looks like I've got to permanently attach a sticky pad to my dashboard, which I'm not willing to do as I've seen these things permanently damage my previous cars. The holder is good quality and versatile, but I'd prefer one with a windscreen suction cup, or one that attaches to a vent. Overall - you can cannibalise this cheap kit and take from it what you need. Even if I don't use half this stuff, for £19.95, there are items that can be altered to make this good value for money. Compared with the HTC branded products, these items come at a fraction of their prices.
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17th June 2012

Good but does not meet all criteria
The pack was great other than the car attachment - I could not work out how to use it as there are no instructions on the box. However phoned up custoemr serivce and they explained. Unfortunately the dashboard on my car will not allow the car hodler stick as you need a shiney flat surface and did not want to glue it on using the adhesive. other than this the product is good
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Chris Comley
3rd June 2012

Good - except the protectors
Only wanted screen protectors but bought this kit on impulse. Like the rest of the kit - the proectors are very poor however. The One-X screen has curved edges, and if the protectors arn't shaped to fit, they don't stick down at the edges. These don't. Average.
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23rd May 2012

Not as good as I'd hoped
I decided to go for this pack as it seemed good value, but on reflection I wish I hadn't purchased it, as the screen protectors are impossible (the edges do not adhere well to the phone at all), the rubber nobbin thing is useless (it doesn't stick to the phone well) and the rubber case is bulky and I don't like using it. The windscreen holder is fine, as is the desk stand, and these two are the reason I didn't return it. Nothing to write home about I'm afraid.
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22nd May 2012

What I expected
I didn't expect much with such a cheap price & it does show. Two best bits are the charger & case protector. Desktop stand in just a rectangular bit of plastic with a decent bit of anti-slip pad attached to the front (about the size of a nokia x6). Phone doesn't feel very stable when sat on it. Car holder is just a cheap & cheerful Universal one. Again though, all does what it says on the tin so no complaints. Rated 3/5 as this is just an Average package with nothing that really stands outs.
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19th May 2012

A useful all-in-one set
This set is on the whole a good buy. The chargers, desk stands and screen protectors are perfectly functional and good value. There are a few problems with the windscreen mount and the plastic shell case. The windscreen mount feels cheaply made and makes you worry that with the weight of the handset, it will detach from the screen. The plastic shell is so thick that the end of the charger won't fit through it and this means you have to take the phone out of the case to charge it.
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Mark Richardson
17th May 2012

Reasonably good all in one kit.
I was quite pleased with the kit particularly the phone case and the car holder. Overall the value for money is pretty good. The only negative is that the screen protectors are slightly too large for the screen but only because the screen edges lower as they approach the ends and side of the phone leaving you the edges of the protector with nothing to stick to.
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Zsolt Egerszegi
15th May 2012

Full accessory pack
great, and I use everything, what i got.
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13th May 2012

One X accessory pack
Upgrading from a Desire HD to a One X, I went for a similar accessory pack. However I found that the protectie case has more cut-outs (eg. for volume & power so doesnt provide the same type of full body protection. Also the car kit is a generic holder and not specifically made for the one X. It does what it says on the tin, but I'd pay more for a specific One X kit
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13th May 2012

htc 1x accessory pack
great value
Everything you need, in one pack for a great price. Brilliant value, thanks again Mobile Fun. BUY IT!
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Ali Chapman
11th May 2012

HTC One X Accessory Pack
Bit of a curate's egg...good in parts
So, the good bits first. A really great cradle for in-car. Attatches very firmly to the dashboard or windscreen, and flexible mount so phone is equally firmly in place whether portrait or landscape. The main desk cradle is also well designed, supports the handset by suction, stays in place for as long as required. Handset cover and screen film covers also great. Not so good, although not terrible, are the mini support and in-car charger. The mini support doesn't stick well to the back of the phone, which tends to topple over after a minute or so. The in-car charger lead isn't long enough unless your charger/cigarette lighter is right underneath the cradle. It's also not particularly robust and tends to come out of the charge socket in the phone itself. All in all though, a useful pack.
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North Wales
6th May 2012

Got this pack for my new HTC phone, after my current car holder wasn't big enough. A well known high street seller of carphone accessories wanted £30 for a holder on its own and £15 for screen protectors. I saw this and ordered it. You get 5 screen protectors, a mobile desk holder(yet to use) and a normal desk holder as well as a gel case and car charger! Absolutely packed full of stuff that would have cost over £70 elsewhere. Everything works fine, screen protectors have air pockets, but when the screen is lit, you cannot tell, and I'd personally rather have that than a scratched screen! Excellent next day service from mobile fun too. Many thanks.
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1st January 1970

one x
......I dont love it!
using the word ULTIMATE is nearly allways a set up.for dissapointment, and in this case a MASSIVE ONE. The case is thin, poorly made and ill fitting providing if dropped. The screen protectors do not fit or stick properly (i suspect they are not actually for x) Allowing dirt to.get in all the way around the entire edge The car mount is cheap.and to flimsy to hold the phone in the position you choose it just flops to its lowest position with in moments of driving off. This pack is anything BUT ultimate, avoid. Jon
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Paul Bishop
United Kingdom
1st January 1970

Nearly, but not quite.
For the price a pretty impressive piece of kit, laden with must have accessories which are oh so close to being spot on. On the surface they looked very impressive. The car cradle is very neat but only a great advantage when windscreen mounted, keeps slipping of dash in both Transit and Mondeo. Case and Screen protectors are functional without being flash - perfect for work - and a much better fit than some I have tried. Charger, well it's a charger and it works. Stands are a bit of an issue though. Concept for both is brilliant. Magic sticky rubber - the stuff that blows your mind co it's so clever - for the main stand which, incidentally can be landscape or portrait mounted, and a neat little stick on wobble ball for the 'go anywhere' portable stand. Unfortunately both are a tad too small, even though the kit is advertised as the Ultimate for HTC One X. Not much of an issue for the desk stand as the magic stuff will hold the phone wherever you place it but the portable is totally unreliable in anything but landscape mode as the phone is to big to balance on such a small ball. Pity cos it is useful but fear of dropping the phone prevents me from actually using it. All in all a good 3 stars which just manages to squeeze 4 with the price.
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1st January 1970

Not impressed
Desk stand missing when pack arrived this morning,rest of the kit seems ok for the price,just a shame i didnt get the whole pack i paid for!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Andy, we apologise for this mistake. A member of our customer services department will be in contact shortly to arrange the delivery of your missing item. We hope this does not deter you from shopping with us in the future.
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Dave Henderson
1st January 1970

A useful kit for HTC One X users
All the parts of the kit are essential accessories for using your HTC. The portable desk stand makes working anywhere with your phone easy. One slight criticism would be that the desk stand needs to be position well if you are looking to charge you phone resting it on the stand.
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