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Avantree High Power 2.1A Dual USB Universal In Car Charger

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Product Reference: 34613

Keep your tablet and phone charged at the same time when travelling with this 2.1 Amp fast high power dual USB in car charger by Avantree.

  • "Mates rates"
  • "Compact and exactly what I wanted"

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jon scarle
31st August 2015

Avantree dual usb charger
USB charger for the other car
Ideal charger for new phones that require usb connection. this one bought for my wife's car so whichever car we use we can charge both phones at the same time. very handy
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26th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Compact quality product, moderate charge rate
I bought this charger to use with my Galaxy Note 3 when driving with GPS navigation. The navigation app (Sygic) - plus 3G which I leave on - uses quite a lot of power and the phone gets noticeably warm. Previously, with an unbranded charger, the phone would only charge at about 8% per hour (eg. if 1 start with 50% battery charge, and drive with GPS+3G on for 1 hour, I would end with 58% charge). This is because most of the current is used to power the phone, and there is little left over to top up the battery. With the Avantree Dual USB 2.1A, the charging rate increased from 8% to 14% per hour (using the "Samsung Tab" USB port; it has a second USB port called "iPad"). An improvement, yes, but still short of what I wanted. Before buying this I considered the 3.1A model from the same manufacturer. I was scared off by reports that the 3.1A model causes radio interference (static), which is something I cannot live with. The 2.1A model on the other hand causes no radio interference at all, and remains cool. Overall, a compact and good quality product, but depending on the device and the apps you use while driving, it might not supply enough charge.
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Dave Porter
15th May 2014

Sony z2
just what I needed
It small not at all bulky perfect for charging two devices at the same time. Gives quick charging time. A great buy.
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21st February 2014

iphone, ipad air
Just what my wife needed
The positioning of the socket in my car it is ideal, items can be always on charged and paired with the blue tooth in the car, I know that children have toys to keep them amused on long journeys. I am sure that many men would agree that their other halves need to be amused as well.
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26th October 2013

First Class
So far I have only had the opportunity to make use of the charger a couple of times. However, it does appear to cope well when required to charge multiple devices. Will certainly recommend it to friends.
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John O'Brien
Leigh, Lancashire
5th August 2013

HTC One + phone and Asus Transformer Tablet
Two for the space of one. Two charging points for one socket
A car charger that can double up for both my tablet and my phone. One piece of kit to do the work of two saving me space and making it much more convenient. All at a very low cost.
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15th July 2013

Nexus 7
Effective charger
I have only used this charger to charge my Nexus 7 on its own so it gets the full 2.1 amps while running satnav.apps.which rapidly drain the battery because the screen is always on. It is up to the job, increasing the level of battery charge at the same time as supporting the screen in always on mode. It seems to run rather hot. I really wanted the 3.1 amp version but was unwilling to wait 3-4 weeks. I am unlikely to use this charger to charge my Nexus 7 and another device because I suspect the charge available to the Nexus 7 will be insufficient to prevent battery depletion while running satnav.apps.
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1st June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Both ports work perfectly when the correct cable is used
Just thought I'd share this information in case anybody else finds that the top port doesn't work with their phone. When using my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the bottom port marked as "Sam Tab/Others" works perfectly with a standard fully wired USB cable and charges in AC mode, but the top port marked as "iPad/Others" didn't work with a standard fully wired USB cable. For the top port to work with my S3 Mini, it needed a USB charger cable (the ones with the data wires shorted for pins 2 and 3 - green and white - these cables do not allow data transfer, only charging). Once one of these charger cables was used, my S3 Mini was able to charge in AC mode from the top connection
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10th July 2012

Not used this device in earnest yet. However, it certainly beats the previous charger. This outputs enough current for the more demanding devices. Using my old charger, using SatNav and Glympse at the same time drained the battery faster than it could charge. No such problems here - running intensive apps and still charging the device. Yet to try adding an Apple device in the mix but don't see why it'd be a problem.
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