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Sorry, but eKit 4-in-1 Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tab 1/2 and Note 10.1 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

eKit 4-in-1 Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tab 1/2 and Note 10.1

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Seamlessly connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 1/2 or Note 10.1 to various digital devices using the eKit 4 in 1 Connection Kit which allows the connection of your tablet to standard USB, micro USB, SD & Micro SD cards. The eKit allows for data sync and table

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Geoff Button
2nd March 2016

Samsung Note 10.1
Excellent Service
The product was delivered on time but unfortunately there was a manufacturers fault, in no way could Mobilefun have known about the fault. I returned the item and a new one was delivered at no cost to me using next day delivery. This item worked as it should. Throughout the whole process Mobilefun staff kept in contact with me and I knew exactly what was happening. I will recommend this store in the future.
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David Beech
2nd December 2015

t 4-in-1 Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tab 1/2 and Note 10.1
Excellent & fit for purpose
I already own an adapter and use it frequently when accessing films photos music etc on a memory stick or card I have bought another one as a present for my partner as I know she will get as much use out of it as I have It is reliable easy to use and compact I would recommend it to anyone who uses a tablet and who doesn't want to fiddle about with micro SD cards In the tablet micro SD slot Memory sticks I think are more robust than SD cards and when used in conjunction with the adapter make it a must for users to access portable media storage
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Stuart Sutherland
Nottingham, UK
29th April 2015

eKit 4-in-1 Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Works Flawlessly straight out of the box
This device works as described and opens connectivity to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It enabled me to do exactly what I bought it for.
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Chennai, India
23rd December 2014

Nifty sidekick for your Galaxy Tab
My dad uses a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. This eKit 4-in-1 plug brings them all into a single homogenous connectivity platform, and allows him to mix and match multiple data & power sources in one go! Any standard USB-to-USB cable and USB-complaint power plug now allows him to charge the Tab with this eKit. Easy to swapp in/out the assorted USB flash drives and memory cards gathered over the years. He's doubly delighted, as eKit's SDHC card slot is perfect for the memory card that uses with his point-and-shoot camera, though he's also successfully used a microSD-to-SDHC card adapter in the same slot. Charging works via the micro USB port. Suggestions: 1. For the current price, I would have preferred to get a free OTG extension cable and a microSD-to-SD card adapter. 2. MicroSD slot instead of SD slot might be good option for future versions of this device, as we can just leave a tiny microSD card in the eKit's card slot, and turn this eKit into a portable flash drive. To connect the Samsung Tab to PC, please use "Samsung Kies" software on Windows, and "USB Mass Storage Watcher OTG" app by skidmrk (on Google's Android App Store).
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Ian Coppock
27th November 2014

It works so I am quite satisfied !
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3rd August 2014

Excellent and very flexible
Excellent and very flexible. Simple, just plug in and away you go.
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14th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
A good little bit of kit
I am completely satisfied with this device which worked perfectly well first time and every time since. It is certainly much better than a simple USB adaptor.
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London UK
21st January 2014

Samsung Tab 2 10.1
eKit 4 in 1
Well it arrived in a very quick time from my ordering. What a great product all the connection in one very smart device. no loading of software just plug and play. Just a thought the device may benefit from an extension cable so that you can work with the device on you lap or from a table, just a suggestion. Apart from that a great useful product.
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mark chamberlain
15th January 2014

samsung galaxy tab 2
lock and load
This is a very handy bit of kit. No need to bung your device up with loads of data. Just plug in your data and enjoy. Makes life a lot easier.laptop no longer needed to transfer files.. would recomend thi inexpensive invaluable device. 5 stars. Thank you.
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Gerry Horner
17th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Something to make my life a lot easier
Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was a challenge for me seeing as I have short stubby fingers. It was awkward for me to scroll up and down without enlarging everything. Since I purchased the e-Kit, I can now attach a mouse which makes scrolling much easier, so making my life easier.
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wilfred oakes
winsford cheshire
17th October 2013

samsung tab 2
samsung accessories are often difficult to buy
I was very pleased to buy a card reader for my tablet, and samsung recommended mobilefun
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Bernard Darling
Pensacola FL
8th October 2013

Galaxy Tab connect Kit
This is a good buy for any type tablet made by Samsung. Having a USB hook up for the 10.1 Tablet and having the extra 32GB card, I can do almost anything with it. Excellent buy and very good price.
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25th August 2013

great sale
Great sale . Will Deff use mobile fun again . Thanks
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24th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tablet
most useful accessory
This is the most useful accessory I have ever purchased, making use of my tablet and USB devices simple. makes my tablet useful for work, not just recreation
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Andy K
15th August 2013

Galaxy 10.1
Good kit
Great kit if your a data hoarder I use my tablet onthe go and space was an issue even with the 32 gig SD card so moving files back and forth was a pain and I need to power up the laptop now I just connect to my media drive and transfer file to and from my tablet Easy peasy
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Steve Leason
stoke on trent
28th July 2013

just what was needed
Perfect for transferring pictures from my Digital camera to my tablet Orderd 5.30 in the afternoon, delivered the next day Very easy to use and well worth the money
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Mark D
London UK
11th June 2013

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Quite simply BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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2nd May 2013

I have Samsung galaxy note 10.1 & this works perfectly. It charges with the cable provided attached to my charger, reads SD cards & USB sticks just like it says. The quality is great, well built & compact. A recommendation
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Chris Bartey
West Yorkshire
22nd April 2013

Galaxy Tablet 10.1
Did what it said on the tin.....
Basically wanted this device for transferring photo's but discovered I could connect a mouse and other peripherals.....really useful bit of kit and cheap enough to buy as a "just in case" bit of kit.
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Roger Brown
30th March 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Great Piece of Kit
This is great you can read an Sd card, transfer photos easily from camera, or transfer files using supplied usb cable. You can eaven recharge tablet if you connect a Charger.
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Mark Moment
29th December 2012

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Essential kit
I bought the ekit 4 in 1 to connect devices to my galaxy tab. It is easy to connect a memory stick via the ekit & upload movies, photos, etc but I tried to connect a portable hard drive via the USB connector & it would not work saying too powerfull. This was overcome by transfering items to my pc then onto the memory stick. It has every connection type you would need & I can also transfer direct from my camera.With the tab having no USB connection points this kit really is essential & it feels a quality item. I would definately recommend it.
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Brian Allison
Bromley, Kent
28th December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Great Accessory For Note 10.1
Very pleased with this item. fits nicely in the Note and does exactly what I had hoped for. Accepts my thumb drives in the usb socket with no problems then allows you to charge the Note 10.1 through the micro sd socket. You can use a powered external drive but not a usb powered one. i tried powering the note through this device then attaching a usb powered drive, alas this made no difference however I would still recommend.
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24th December 2012

Fairly poor product overall
Flimsy. The instruction book is written by someone who has barely any english. Here's a quote from the product overview...."..With the feature Slim, fashion, multi-functional design, it can be the best Samsung Galaxy Tab Partner."...would be comical if it wasn't such a waste of money. Micro USB to USB connectivity to PC does not function despite its fashionable slim design!!!!!! Crap. Tablet already has its own micro sd card slot and you can use the power cord/ubs cord to sync and transfer stuff from PC if needed along with all the cloud storage (lots free), you can probably do without this. Think before you buy....lesson learner!
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L. J.Barrett
23rd December 2012

Galaxy Note 10.1
Perfect Solution
This does exactly what it says on the tin, and at a far cheaper price than Samsung's own single function adaptors. Connecting a USB storage device instantly has the Note 10.1 display the standard file structure with no 'syn software' required. The same for SD and micro SD cards. The mini USB port can be used to charge the Note 10.1 from a laptop or desktop computer in an emergency too. I'm very pleased with this kit.
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George Findlater
Arbroath Scotland
13th November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Ideal Piece Of Kit
This eKit 4 in 1 Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tabs work very well
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1st November 2012

Working fine. Just so you know it's good to underline that Android doesn't support ntfs drives otherwise some people will thing that it's a adapter fault. Thank u.
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16th October 2012

Galaxy tab 2 10.0
Just the job
Does exactly what it said it would. Compact, tidy and simple to use. Moved all my photos and videos from my camera SD card quickly and easily onto my Galaxy Tab.
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3rd October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Excellent product
Found this after trying a similar product from Amazon which stopped working after 2 days. Received this within 24 hrs of ordering and have found it to be of excellent quality and simple to use
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Cork, Ireland.
4th September 2012

eKit 4 in 1 Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tabs
Great service from mobile fun. Product does not work with GTP100 Tab 7" except that it does charge the tablet. I'll keep it as a spare charger.
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21st July 2012

samsung galaxy 10.1
No charge function
Allthough the device does what I want it will not show the tablet as charging, infact it shows a red cross on the battery. I have tried many leads but not one changes this.
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16th June 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Great Device
I wanted a way to copy data from the Tablet to USB memory sticks. I looked at Samsung's own offering but i only wanted one device to do everything & this does. I can charge the tablet using a micro USB cable supplied, it takes USB memory sticks & SD cards & Micro SD Cards. so it covers everythink i need in a small package. great device & the price was right.
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1st January 1970

More than advertised
This does what it is advertised as doing, enabling passive connections to the Galaxy (USB, micro USB, SD card & micro SD card), but it can also perform other active functions. So better than advertised, although it does draw power from the Galaxy.
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