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Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black

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Product Reference: 33584

The Veho M3 combines an ultra-portable, slim build with a punchy, powerful 2W speaker and wireless Bluetooth technology to create the ultimate sound system for those on the move. Perfect for holidays, parties or just relaxing at home.

  • "Small speaker big sound"
  • ""To Good to think of a great Title""

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23rd February 2017

exactly what i wanted
small size, small price but good sound.
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Tony Croft
8th February 2017

VEHO M3 speaker
Small speaker big sound
Simply charged up connected to Bluetooth and away we went. Much better than phones speaker great value.
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zoe ungermand
18th December 2016

Samsung j3
great value for money
My son wanted a speaker for his phone so I looked up one and found this one great value for money loud which he loves an alround winner
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Malc Potter
10th November 2016

Veho M3. Sound blaster
Disco on the bus is imminent!
I bought this little speaker to use with my i phone to get a better sound. It is really good value and I can't wait to take it on the football bus to away games so that we can all hear the music that is being requested. Disco on the bus is imminent!
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Taunya Smith
3rd September 2016

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker
Excellent Speaker
This is an excellent little device, the sound it produces is superb. Easy to use and connect either via Bluetooth/USB. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, especially at the price!!
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28th June 2016

Very cool
Awesome little speaker
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26th February 2016

1st one received didn't work it was replaced immediately upon advising of problem! Works beautifully, great volume and sound!
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Rachy a
West Mids
5th July 2014

Veho speaker
Great little device
All good things come in small sizes and this is no different Ideal, light and sounds great. Will be my new handbag accessory.
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1st December 2013

galaxy s3 mini
exactly what I needed
Connected via bluetooth. Mates were impressed that such a great sound could come out of such a small box. They are getting one too. Connects easily sounds great. Cant fault it.
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New Delhi INDIA
15th October 2013

Pocket Size Atom bomb
I was skeptical in buying the speaker even after reading the reviews. The questions that I had in mind were revolving around the sound output and quality and delivery especially because the product was coming from Birmingham, UK. But I still gave it a chance and wasn't disappointed at all. The sound output is pretty decent and the clarity is exceptional even on full volume. The Bluetooth range is not very promising. The connection breaks within 2-3 meters. Beware of keeping the speakers on a glazed surface as the speakers move because of vibration. I kept it on top of a lamp table 4 feet in height and it fell down with the speaker grill getting separated. Fortunately I managed to fix it and it works fine now. The delivery was great with the product getting delivered within 5 days of order. Go for it...you won't regret.
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21st May 2013

Nokia Lumia 920
Veho Soundblaster portable speaker
Great little item, not a bass bin but worked no issues.
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10th November 2012

Google Nexus 7
Good sound quality
It's tiny but, for its size, it produces a very good sound quality. Ideal for travelling. I've been listening to jazz and it's quite good. I've been using it with the cable connection rather than bluetooth so I can't comment on the wireless pairing. You get a cable but not a charger but it seems to charge through any handy USB charger - in my case Kindle and Garmin sat nav.
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Alan Burston
1st October 2012

Perfect little speaker
Bought this for use on holiday Turkey, does exactly what it claims, several people have asked for information about purchasing the same for themselves
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nick preston
30th August 2012

galaxy s2
cheeky little number!
Very impressed with this bit of kit as were my mates. Its tiny yet stylish and i couldn't believe the sound quality. Plenty loud enough....does exactly as advertised basically.
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21st August 2012

iPhone 4
Really useful little gadget
I have an iPhone 4 & use it in my car with a sat nav app. Although I have bluetooth hands free built into the car, the iPhone cannot be paired to play music or sat nav and the speakers on the iPhone are not really loud enough to hear the sat nav instructions clearly. This speaker is ideal as the bluetooth pairs with the iPhone and the sat nav instructions can be heard loud & clear through the speaker. It also works with a speed camera app, 5 out of 5.
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30th July 2012

Iphone ipad3
A great little gadget. Love the fact it can be used without wires using Bluetooth. Sounds good too!
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Drumbo, Northern Ireland
9th May 2012

VEHO 360
"To Good to think of a great Title"
I love love love this product!!! For something soooooo small the sounds is amazing!! I have now bought probably 10 of these because as soon as any of my friends come to my house and see it they want one, lol. Would always highly recommend all your products and your website, fab quick service, the best out there for customer service!!
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24th March 2012

Veho 360 Soundblaster Speaker
Much better than expected
An amazing little speaker. A 'must have' for portable Bluetooth sound devices, in my case iPhone. The quality is excellent for such a small speaker. Volume is small-room filling. Super value.
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David Cook
8th January 2012

Veho Soundblaster
This small speaker is a superb enhancer for my iPod and iPhone. Bluetooth functions very well and gives great sound for such a small product. Highly recommended.
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South Yorkshire
7th January 2012

Fantastic little device
Pretty much as everyone else has said; Unexpectedly great performance from such a dinky little package.A few may pass this by believing that it can't possibly be that good--but it is. Sure, it's not Albert Hall accoustically, but it sure as hell beats hooking up to huge add on speakers, and I've heard far worse sound quality in bigger speakers.
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7th January 2012

Amazing product....does not dissapoint
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Laurie Reynolds
7th January 2012

Stunning little product
I installed the tune-in app on my iphone, paired it with the veho and the sound is amazing, absolutely delighted with it.
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3rd January 2012

Great little speaker.
This pocketable little speaker feels very well made and in use gives a rich warm sound for its size.
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30th December 2011

Powerful little speaker!
I bought this after reading the previous reviews of how good it is, and I was not disappointed. This is indeed a very powerful little speaker. Effortlessly connected to my Samsung mobile, and my friend's HTC. Excellent sound and yet small enough to take along wherever you may be going. I would definately recommend this speaker.
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Noe Inigo
29th December 2011

Can't fault it
What an awesome piece of kit! Very simple yet very powerful. Sound is amazing for the size! Sounds like you're listening to two speakers. Bass response is very decent! Also recently found out its pretty solid, dropped it bounced off a table and into a puddle of water and still works perfect!! I guess if I have to say something negative....its easy to loose, its small enough for that to happen. Also battery life can vary, would have been nice to have the option of changing the battery.
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Michael McCracken
29th December 2011

Superb little speaker
What more can I say - amazing sound from such a tiny cylinder! Great little piece of kit. Buy it!
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29th December 2011

Throw your music around!!
Great piece of kit does axactly what it says on the tin. An egg-size blue-toothed speaker with eggcellent sound repro for its size. Connect to your phone/iPod etc then throw to your mates to amaze the pants of them - or, hide it and at an (in?) appropriate moment start up the music and SCARE the pants off them. Makes a great prezzie too!!
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29th December 2011

highly recommend this portable wireless speaker.
Excellent bluetooth speaker. This speaker is compact yet produces great sound. Charging off the usb lead and pairing to iphone and blackberry phones is simple. Bought 3 of these for xmas presents. Highly recommend this portable wireless speaker.
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Wilson Ozuem
28th December 2011

Veho soundblaster
When I first saw the "little" speaker advertised, I wrote it off pronto, owing to it's measurement and size. But out of curiousity and streak to try out anything, I ordered it. I tell you what - it is one of the best decisions ever! The speaker can only be described as an IMPOSSIBLE WONDER! If it is hidden you 'd swear the source of the sound is from a 5.1 mini-home theater appliance. It has an incredible balance of clarity and bass coupled with loudness...it would satisfy the music listening pleasure of a cacophonic party in that its sound is sure to drown their noise! I can go on and on, but as they say, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Rather than bother yourself with cumbersome load of carrying speakers around to your picnic or such other places, just pick up this almost invisible device and you 'd be amazed. It has a two-way connection to music-playing devices and the battery - which is chargeable, lasts to surprise you! There is no negative side to this little wonder of a speaker device! Try it and it would turn out to be one of your greatest possessions!
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27th December 2011

Quality stuff
I received the speaker unit on time. This unit is amazing for its size and using Blueray it frees you from cables
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Judith Rigg
Lytham St Annes
27th December 2011

Perfect fro travelling
This speaker is just the thing for packing to go on a trip. Fits into a tiny space and produces great sound. Easy to charge - just what I wanted!
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27th December 2011

Did not expect much from this when I ordered it, a small speaker like this will just be only average in sound, but when I turned it on and played my music via my iphone & ipod it was incredible, no distortion and my family and friends are just amazed, I would recommend it to anyone.
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Debbie Wright
26th December 2011

Excellent product
I purchased the cylinder speaker to be used with iPod touch. Received on time. Excellent sound would definitely recommend.
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paul oliver
26th December 2011

Great sound
This is a great portable speaker good sound quality very easy to set up the bluetooth if you are looking for a portable speaker you won't go wrong with this
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Alan Beal
22nd December 2011

Great Product/Petite & Practical
An amazing little speaker with fantastic portable sound from your Bluetooth product. I use it with the iPhone4 for listening to my MP3s, Radio & audible books. Locks on up to 15 meteres from source. You won't be dissappointed.
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15th December 2011

Veho SoundBaster Portable Speaker
Amazing sound from such a small device - worked straight out of the box and I spent a couple of hours listening to tracks on my iphone. Great for when I have to work away. So pleased that i purchased another as a Christmas present!
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15th December 2011

Excellent Product
There were a lot of good reviews for this product but I was still confused as to whether I had to get it. Then I finally got it as the price was quite good and was hard to resist and now I feel I have made a very good decision. This is an awesome product. Bluetooth works quite well. The sound quality is quite good for a product of this size. The only thing was that it didnt quite work with my IPOD's bluetooth but it may be due to some connectivity problem at that time. But this product is highly recommende.
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St Albans
8th December 2011

Quality Sound
Brought this not expecting much but am so impressed. Quality sound and load. No distortion or tinniness. Use it all the time
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2nd December 2011

Small Speaker, BIG SOUND
Had other 'travel' speakers before but they all sounded well tinny. This speaker is the best of the lot. Good sound reproduction from my galaxy s2 and iPod. Under £20 - can't go wrong. Will buy couple more for stocking fillers for me family etc. Quality.
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Choi SooYoung
17th November 2011

Beautiful Speaker!!
This speaker is great for listening to music on your iPhone. It connects without a cable and makes great sound. Thanks Mobile Fun!!
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Robert Marling
14th November 2011

This speaker is amazing, THE BEST ever. So small but SO LOUD. Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, what more could you want? Perfect for holidays and all occasions. GET ONE NOWWWWW
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Yeti Ed
The Wirral, Merseyside
3rd November 2011

Booming Bluetooth
love this speaker as you don't have to cable it up so you can keep your phone on you in case it rings. as you can keep the phone on you you can also change the tracks easier and you dont have to keep getting up and down. great speaker.
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Gary Walker
West Lothian
15th October 2011

Portable power!
This little speaker is amazing! you'd think something so small would only provide a small, tinny sound, but that couldn't be any further from the truth! sound is loud, clear, and full, and it's also so easy to use. I don't hesitate to recommend this product to everyone!.
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4th October 2011

Small size, massive sound
Really surprised with how loud this speaker actually is! it's great that it works both through bluetooth or through the included wire so I can use it with my gadgets that don't have bluetooth. It's cheap, small and really loud. Would definitely recommend.
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28th September 2011

It's amazingly loud for the size
When I saw this product and read the reivews I was a little doubtful but went for it anyway. It really is loud and clear. Excellent for when i'm alone at work and I need to boogie on down.
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