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Sorry, but Retro Phone Hands-free Kit - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Retro Phone Hands-free Kit - Black

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Product Reference: 33374

Turn your mobile phone into a traditional handset with the Retro Phone Hands-free Kit in black.

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7th August 2014

SonyXperia P
Fun fun fun
My phone: SONY Xperia P (LT22i) System: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Stock phone, not unlocked, not flashed. As handsfree (more like both hands full:)) it works perfect. Good size, good grip. Pick up button (hang up) works perfect too. However, volume button does not work under any android i tested. No chance. Red light (led) does not work either. Anyway, it's very cool device, loud, signal is very clear and crisp. No cracking/rattling noise. If you install app like Degauss or Klick you can customize pick up button for any action like start of player or start of weather app. I would recommend it as very funny indeed, everyone will noticed. If phone is connected to 3,5mm jack - phone is ringing as normal (through phone speaker as normally) so you don't need to be afraid of missed call. Plastic looks solid without any sharp edges or visible flaws. Surface is matted not glossy and cord is long enough slightly tinier than normal one. This device is practical and often more comfortable when siting behind your desk than holding flat smart phone. Also works perfect on notepad (chinesse cheap device). Except volume button and red light it's superb.
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26th March 2014

I'm very happy to see that kind of product!
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23rd February 2014

smart phone
retro telephone
I saw this and just bought it, what fun. I asked my son to ring me to check my mobile was working and when it rang I reached inside my jacket pocket and answered the call with my retro phone, the pub was in upraw. I also use it in the car, again it gets laughs from people passing by. The fact that it really works is a bonus, I wish I could get a phone cradle for it. The best laugh in ages. Thanks.
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Boston, Massachusetts
9th December 2013

Long conference calls are much easier
The cord length is perfect so my cell phone can slip into my pocket. Suddenly, hour-long conference calls are no longer a problem and my hands are free. The phone cradle tucks between my ear and my shoulder. People can see that I'm on the phone. Colleagues and family members who initially mocked me have borrowed this and are instantly won over. This is an easy decision for Christmas gifts. The one slight improvement I would make is to change the black material slightly so it is just a little less slippery.
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Dale Simpson
Matlock, Victoria
14th September 2013

Retro Phone Handset Kit
This handset has a volume control which works on IPhone's but does nothing on the three android phones that I have tried it on. The voice quality at the other end is not as good as the phone without the handset. Although is works up to a point, I think you should mention it's only fully functional when used with an IPhone. At no time did I see the red light come on?
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13th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
An office companion
Just the perfect hands free when I am at home or better, at my office. Even better than any of the Bluetooth devices...!
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19th February 2013

pessimo acquisto
La qualità della voce percepita dall'altro interlocutore è pessima, piena di rumori di sottofondo!
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13th January 2013

BB 9780
Bought it as a joke
But now use it all the time I am in the office, makes me smile everytime I use it!
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12th January 2013

Samsung Xcover
Good Old Days
This was an impulse buy. I still hanker after real car telephones - you know, the ones with an aerial and a real handset with a curly wire - and lead acid batteries that weighed a ton.This is the nearest you can get and its brilliant. Seriously, I never like having a mobile phone near my head and this turns my smartphone thingy into a decent TELEPHONE as well as getting everyone who sees it to crack up. Its also much nicer to use a real handset. You can leave the phone in its holder where it gets signal or for a real impact, leave the phone in your pocket and use the handset - that turns a few heads :-)
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4th August 2012

Much more than a gimmick
I find it funny this gets ranked as a gimmick. In any environment with a bit of background noise (e.g. office) it makes it a lot easier to hear the caller and to be heard. The ergonomics of the handset for any length of call are much better and you despite it being a bit bulky you look less of a muppet than with earpieces where you're shouting into a 'microphone' half way down the cable to the phone. Another big benefit is that you can actually see the screen of your phone while you're having a conversation.... making it possible to still 'use' it (reading phone numbers or something back to a caller for instance). Could only be bettered by a headset with boom mic (but that would look even more nuts in a cafe :-) )
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2nd February 2012

Great bit of kit
Its supprising to find out how much you miss a conventional hand set, you don't know it until you get hold of one again. Great to use in the office and car (when stationary). I can thoroughly recommend it
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31st January 2012

Retro handset
I bought the retro handset for a friend who is visually impaired, she has a Nokia E7 which has Talks software on it to read messages etc. (Nokia being about the only phone that allows this - I wouldn't buy a Nokia myself). The website states that it is compatable with the E7 but I am having trouble getting the phone to see it as a headset and not the default headphone, that might just be the rubbish Symbian software on the phone; It works without having to do anything on my Samsung Wave 723. The handset itself is good quality. Mobile Fun delivered the order promptly and sent me a text to say it had been despatched.
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4th January 2012

Retro Handset
Awesome gadget at an unbelievable price. My daughter wishes her handbag was bigger!
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2nd January 2012

Fun, functional & just like olden times!
Hey kids, relive your dad's 1992 mobile/carphone! Simply attach this, and a brick, to your iphone, then talk for ten minutes and charge for five hours! Seriously, this is a great product particularly if you actually like using the (very) old style of telephone, and the clarity and functionality is excellent. I'd recommend for the reasons in the title.
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Audrey Greenwood
30th December 2011

Perfect Gift
Bought for my 28 year old son he loved it ended up with smashed glasses christmas day because he was so obsessed with it christmas dinner became a disaster area while he played and cooked. would definitely recommend it
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19th December 2011

Best laugh this Xmas
Got a old blackberry phone that is really fussy with Bluetooth headsets. Got this to use as a genuine connection to my phone. But talking on a retro phone handset with the coiled lead leading to your pocket was a scream at the Xmas party. Everybody had to try it. On the practical side it's clear voice and ideal if you use your phone a lot while sitting. Would not work on my Sony Expedia though. I realy like it.
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14th December 2011

Gimmick - yes, useless no!
Many may laugh about actually using this, but it really is a good value for money purchase and has a hidden benefit - it protects from mobile phone radiation. Whilst corded headsets and blue tooth types are touted as being a good way of reducing radiation exposure to the head, they both nevertheless can expose the user to controversial low level radio waves which can cause health problems, via the cord and the radio waves produced direct into the ear by Bluetooth. These levels are very low, but there is still the risk for long term and ehavy users. The Retro Phone Handsfree Kit ofcourse does not, as the source of the radiation, the mobile phone, is well away from the head of the user, and the cable is enclosed in a thick ear piece and is therefore several inches from the head. Ideal for long calls, which increases radiation exposure when using the mobile phone in traditional way; this handset provides comfort as well as protection. Whilst I have seen someone in town walking along whilst talking using on of these Retro Phone Handsfree handsets, I wouldn't particularly use it for this. I bought this for my wife so she can call her family members on mobiles and speak for normal periods without discomfort and my worrying about radiation exposure. Excellent, yet quirky, and even hillarious; this is at least a talking point amongst friends. (No pun intended!)
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13th December 2011

Was bought as a Secret Santa and was fantastic, think I may have increased sales by 1000% everyone wants one, best present ever
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13th December 2011

Wacky but Fun
This was bought for my son-in-law who is a gadget geek and he loves it. Answering the phone in retro style suits his sense of fun and makes everyone in the office smile
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ballycastle BT54 6BH
12th December 2011

It looks cool it is fun smart new up to the minite. Very useful professional people are so interested in it that I make new friends asking me about it. So happy it is like christmas come early.
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anthony w
29th November 2011

great christmas stocking filler
I would advise everyone to buy this product as a stocking filler at this great price it will bring a smile to everyone who will see you using it and people will ask where can they get one dont forget to tell them to order from mobilefun first class service.
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29th November 2011

Yes can be used with my computer sorry there is not an adapter so I could use it with my nokia 2330 classic phone.
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Cliff Purvis
United Kingdom
29th November 2011

Retro Phone Handset
Great handset get all the looks at me when I pull it out of my pocket to answer a call,great fun. Don't know how you can say it is a handsfree kit as you have to hold it to talk into. But still exceiient fun and works really well
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B Tremayne
24th November 2011

Great Fun
Bought this for as a prezzie for me as a novelty - actually works really well. Bit strange considering all the bluetooth stuff around that this kit is preferable under my chin! Takes me back to the 80s - They'll bring back smoking in the office next!
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Dmitry Kostin
24th November 2011

Hilarious Gift
My friend got me this for birthday - so clever a present! people love when my phone rings and I pull this out of my jeans. Very good sound quality and looks right.
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24th November 2011

My BF will love it
Bought this for my bf for xmas, he is going to love it. So cool and retro.
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21st November 2011

Awesome For Skype
This handset is awesome for skype calls. Headsets give me a headache so this is ideal as its like a normal phone handset. Calls are loud and clear. Would recommend.
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11th November 2011

Yep Funny
Made me laugh, and my kids laugh, and a stranger on the train laugh. My wife doesn't laugh. We still loved it.
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West Mids
7th November 2011

Love it
I love this - funny, cool, retro and it actually works! I use it for Skyping people
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Debbie G.
16th October 2011

Funny Product
I was bought this by my son because I'm rubbish with working mobile phones. It was a good laugh and although I wouldn't use it with my mobile phone I have been shown how to use it with skype which is useful for me.
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Paige Matthews
11th October 2011

Quality Phone Kit
If only I could replace my desk phone reciever with this kit it would make my job so much better as im constantly using my desk phone. Makes mobile use easier as I have to look up stuff while I chat to customers in my job. Used to divert my mobile calls to my desk phone, not any more! well worth £15.
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