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iMusic Pillow Speaker

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Product Reference: 33284

The iMusic Pillow speaker allows you to listen to your music from your smartphone or mp3 player in bed without disturbing those around you. Using adapted headphone technology, the sound transmits through the pillow at a comfortable listening level.

  • "A sure Christimas/Birthday Hit"

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Cleveland, Ohio
17th November 2015

wonderful product; works well!
I bought this product for my girlfriend. She has problems falling asleep, so I figured I'd give it a try. So far, so good! She hasn't had any complaints about it. I even tested it out myself. Wiring is sturdy enough, though I fear a good tug might dislodge it. Be gentle with it! The speaker is very good, as well. No static, clear sound when laying on it. When playing music, it works astoundingly well to produce adequate sound for the user while barely audible by any bedmates. She had her music playing several nights and it didn't disturb me once. Obviously, if you turn the volume up, that might be a problem, since you can still hear it through the stuffing, but it's definitely not necessary for hearing sound while using it. Medium volume is adequate. As for the pillow itself, it's surprisingly sturdy and comfortable! Not firm, I would say, but medium. The speaker can't be felt through the stuffing, either, while laying on it. Feels like a normal pillow. All in all, very wonderful product! I'm happy to have found it and so is my girl! :)
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18th June 2015

Christmas gift
When I received the package I open and tried the piillow, it has great sound but this is more of a Christmas gift so I won't be able to enjoy the pillow
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3rd March 2015

Great, until it broke
I was very excited to see a pillow with a built in speaker at a good price so I bought it. It took awhile to get to me but it was coming internationally so I can't really complain much. I was really happy when it finally got here. The first night I noticed that I still had to have my iPad on the bed because the cord wasn't long enough and I couldn't roll over because of the cord. Also I had to have my ear directly on the speaker in order to hear it but it wasn't that big of a problem. Overall I was happy with the product until I went to use it 5 days after I got it and it no longer worked. I was very disappointed with the fact that it broke less than a week after getting it. I'm hoping mobilefun will be able to help me to resolve the problem. Overall it was an alright product until it broke.
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6th January 2015

Great product for people who love listening to audiobooks in bed.
My husband and I love to listen to audiobooks in bed. The iMusic Pillow Speaker is great when you listen to different things or the other person likes to read a book instead. The sound is great and your partner doesn't get disturbed at all. The pillow itself could be of better quality though. As a side-sleeper I find it a bit uncomfortable after a while. Overall you get good value for what you've paid for.
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Stappaerts Bart
3rd January 2015

Super aankoop
Als je met muziek in slaap wilt geraken is dit een perfecte aankoop! Geen last van kabels,hoofdtelefoon of oortjes die pijn of last kunnen veroorzaken. De kwaliteit van het hoofdkussen is ook perfect wat voor mij heel belangrijk is met een gevoelige nek . Super idee om zo'n product op de markt te brengen ! Ik slaap sinds gebruik van het product stukken beter !

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29th December 2014

Had my pillow delivered before Xmas I love it very comfy to!
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8th December 2014

iMusic Pillow Speaker
A sure Christimas/Birthday Hit
I brought this for my Godson who has a birthday just before Christmas - which is always tricky. So I needed a present that was extra special. He went wild when he opened it and was extremely excited it was a real pleasure to witness. It worked brilliantly, easily and the sound quality was excellent. A sure fire hit every time!
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Richard Dupre
Jersey CI
7th December 2014

iMusic Pillow speaker
Good buy - good value
When I purchased this item I thought it was a speaker to go under the pillow However when it arrives it was actually a pillow with an integral speaker. I was pleasantly surprised - Works well - I did need to purchase an extension lead to connect it to my radio alarm, but was fine to connect directly to an iPhone etc.
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Pietro Amati
5th December 2014

Great product
The most incredible fact is that there is not sound dispersion to your partner sleeping near by
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Darren Lacy
5th December 2014

music pillow for teenagers
Thought this might be a great christmas present for our teenage lad.We are always telling him to turn his music down when he is in bed.Sure he will have a laugh about it.Tried the product ourself and you don't have to have the music loud to get a good sound perfect for our lad.Might even invest in one for myself and would definately recommend for anybody who like to go to sleep with music.
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Mrs J R Riley
5th December 2014

Looks good, feels good
I haven't yet tried this pillow, but did plug in my iphone to see what the sound level was like and it seems to be adequate. I look forward to trying it out properly when on holiday.
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Nick Paynter
North Yorkshire
4th December 2014

iMusic Pillow Speaker
Do you have Tinitus? Get a good night sleep!
I usually have to sleep with the bedroom TV on to mask the sound of my tinnitus whistling in my inner ear. I can now plug in my iPhone or iPad into the iMusic Pillow Speaker and lets me have a good nights sleep, whether it a talking book or music, both work just as well. I I can now take it with me when I'm visiting friends and, without making a fuss, I can set up the iMusic Pillow.
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2nd December 2014

Tolles Produkt
Ich bin total begeistert von dem Kissen. Es ist sehr bequem. Man spürt die Lautsprecher gar nicht. Der Klang der Musik ist klar und nicht zu laut, so dass man sie nur hört, wenn man auf dem Kissen liegt.

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26th November 2014

iMusic pillow speaker
Well the write up is exciting, the packaging suggests amazing - however, what you have here is an average polyester filled pillow with a small speaker flopping around inside it. to make matters worse the cable length is quite short, if you pull it (thinking you will gain more) all that happens is that the speaker ends up in the corner of the pillow. I have managed to re-position the speaker, but the lead is relatively short. Sound "quality" is OK as is the efficiency of the speaker - but don't expect to be amazed or benefit from an amazing sonic range - think more like a 60's transistor radio in a bean can and you will be chuffed!
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chennai, india
29th September 2014

the shipping was fast, the product is reliable and worth buying
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Namita verma
New Delhi,India
12th April 2014

Extremely useful
My husband needed music to sleep but I needed complete silence while sleeping. Thanks to IMUSIC PILLOW. It solved my problem. Now he gets to sleep with music without disturbing me..
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4th February 2014

Excellent !
C'est un excellent produit que j'utilise tous les soirs maintenant. Original et efficace. J'ai effectué un test complet : http://lemagtechno.com/test-oreiller-musical-imusic
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29th January 2014

Music Pillow great
Am very happy with pillow, was very surprised at clarity of sound and how does not interupt sleep of partner. Pillow is a little thin, but OK. Great idea.
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Robin Ball
26th December 2013

Nokia 808
Ideal way to listen at night
Ideal way to listen at night without disturbing your partner and comfortable to sleep on - you don't feel the speaker within the pillow. Only criticism is the lead is short so if you don't have a 3.5 mm audio extension cable you may want to try and find one - Mobilefun don't seem to stock a suitable one at present.
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Joan Simmons
21st December 2013

My bed
Solved my problem
Thought this a bit of a laugh but was I wrong, this solved my big sleep problem and all my family like to come round just to feel the item and to listen as they don't believe me when I tell them how it works. Remarkable product and company . Thank you very much.
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Maurice George
10th December 2013

iPhone 5S
Music from my pillow, what more could I want.
I love this pillow, now I can sleep to the soothing sound of my music coming out of my pillow. The pillow is also really comfortable.
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14th December 2011

Watch what you connect to ....
Great item and does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. A little small though; about 75% the size of a regular pillow. Watch what you connect up to though. The pillow is designed for use with a radio/mp3 player etc. with a 'stereo' output. I bought the pillow for my wife who likes listening to Radio 5Live on a small portable AM/FM radio with only a 'mono' output. Regular stereo headphones work OK but the pillow doesn't. However, I bought a mono-to-stereo converter jack plug, for about £2.50 from Amazon, to use between the radio output and jack plug from the pillow and all now works OK.
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11th December 2011

iMusic Pillow Speaker
Bought this as I found my in ear headphones could be uncomforable sometimes. What a fantastic product the pillow is very comfortable and the sound quality is great. Going to order 2 more as Christmas presents!
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D Kirton
10th December 2011

Sooth away the stresses of your day with ultra comfortable memory foam speaker pillow. Drown out the your daily frustrations and allow yourself to drift off to your peaceful place. Fantastic for shift workers or for you just can't switch off. Amazing for audit book listening or even new language learner. Simply amazing both in design and comfort and not forgetting a brilliant price. ENJOY :)
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peter farmer
10th December 2011

iMusic Pillow Speaker
Very good and works well I would tell my friends about it.
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Lorraine DAISLEY
9th December 2011

The pillow was comfortable but it smells disgusting, I washed the cover and sprayed the actual pillow with Fabreze but the pillow stills smells terrible !!
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7th December 2011

Was having trouble getting off to sleep. Being able to listen to music or podcasts without disturbing my partner is great. Took me a couple of nights to get used to the pillow, but now I wouldn't be without it. It really does mould to you, and therefore is really comfy. It's definately coming with me when I next have a weekend away.
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William Bennett
6th December 2011

iMusic pillow
I suffer from hearing problems and tinitus,getting to sleep can be hard with ringing in my ears.This pillow is great,i now go to sleep listening to my radio without keeping the rest of the house awake from my radio volume.
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10th November 2011

Really good little product, I've been looking for something like this for ages - I've tried using speakers and headphones whilst in bed but it just doesn't cut it, it wakes me up more than helping me relax! This pillow is so comfy and the music plays so subtly that I can easily get to sleep and my girlfriend can't even hear it lieing next to me!
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Trevor Hughes
St Ives.
7th November 2011

Great Prezzie
Bought this for my nan as she had troubel sleeping. She plugged in her old cd player and now she can kip to her favourite all time greats. Would reccomend.
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Vicky Connor
21st October 2011

Helps Me With Sundays
I could never sleep on a Sunday before going back to work due to stress of my job. Now I can get a good few hours in and if I do wake up I can just play my ipod till I nod off again. My husband doesn't notice the noise and I can drown out his snoring too! 5 Stars.
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The Last Munchkin
11th October 2011

Works Really Well - Too Well Really!
Dropped off straight away - and really wanted to listed to all of my Metallica Black album. Sandman came and had me proper.
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Lee Dong Nyung
7th October 2011

Amazing for hard workers who want to relax
I have busy days with both work and school, so when I get to bed I really want to relax. The pillow is incredibly comfortable, and I can get to sleep really quickly while listening to my music.
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Johan Lucchesi
15th September 2011

very good deal, soft pillow
Good pillows are normally quite expensive, so getting one with a speaker inside as well for under £20 is crazy. Its comfortable and way better than sleeping on top of your phone!
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19th August 2011

very impressed
I love falling to sleep with music playing and I kept waking up with my headphones wrapped around my head when I saw this on mobile fun. It arrived the next morning and I must say it's perfect. Sound quality is excellent considering it's a pillow and it's very nice and comfortable to sleep on. You might have another order as my best mate has been eyeing it up since i bought it and i'm not letting this one go
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8th July 2011

Comfy and soothing
This pillow is really comfy and even if it didn't have a speaker inside it would be my favourite.
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