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Sorry, but Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad

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The Cellular Line Grip attaches to the dashboard of your car and firmly holds your phone, keys and more without any adhesives or residue.

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14th February 2016

One plus
Great purchase
Very happy with this product. I've always had problems with phone holders that clip onto the fan or that stick to the windscreen by suction. I am amazed at how well this product holds the phone. There are some conditions it cannot cope with, such as very steep hills and the potholes I have to contend with on my way to work every morning, but these are extremes so I so wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Very easy to use.
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liza knibbs
east sussex
10th November 2015

pleased with item not a sticky as thought would be
I got this item as my car does not have a dashboard so this sticky pad is great as I can put on the door, not as sticky as hoped as my phone does fall of some times but then I do have a galaxy note so heavy phone.
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Bob Kilsby
21st September 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Quite good, it does the job
I bought this item wondering if it was as good as it said in the advert. At first I could not use it because it did not stick too well to the textured and polished dash of my car, it stuck TOO well to the phone, but now I have let a bit of dust settle on it I can lift my phone off the mat easily. It has never let my phone fall of even though I have driven over some pretty rough services, it seems stable when cornering as well. It is money well spent.
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Ali Lamb
29th June 2015

Samsung S5 and an S3 mini
It works but phone heats up on it
It works as advertised. It sticks to most areas around the dash. It can be peeled off easily by accident when trying to adjust the phone.the phone obviously just points flat out from the surface so not so good if your car doesn't have a flat area in reading distance from the phone heats up a lot when on it.probably going for a clamp instead.
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Jane Scarfe
19th February 2015

Cellular Line GRIP anti-slip pad
Sticky site
My new Galaxy Note 4 was too big for the ledge under the dashboard of my VW Up and there was nowhere to fix a conventional stand. This ultra-sticky pad attaches to the curved painted surface like glue but peels off equally easily without damaging the phone case or the dashboard. Cheap as chips and does the job. What's not to like? And Mobile Fun are so reliable and efficient. Pleasure to do business with them.
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8th May 2014

Worth the price
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west midlands
30th January 2014

samsung galaxy s4
does what it says on the tin
I used the anti slip pad on my car dash to hold my phone to use for a sat nav. It does the job well.When it loses its sticky touch just wash with warm water.
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Melbourne, Australia
12th October 2013

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
One of those products that really does what it claims. Still not sure how to use it to its potential. Currently holding swipe cards/receipts/coins on my dashboard. But I feel it has an even better purpose, regardless very satisfied with product. Survives our hot summers here without damage to soft touch dash.
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27th April 2013

Just what I needed
Does exactly what it says!
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21st January 2013

Xperia Smart Phone
Now that's what I call non slip
+ Sticks anywhere + Leaves no residue + looks reasonably smart - easy clean under tap + works with most handheld devices + moulds to any surface + works at least up to 45 degrees with smart phone - is there such a thing as too sticky - takes a bit of a pull to get device off it when new. - does have a slightly mouldy smell but appears to reduce over time
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21st January 2013

iPhone 5 with plastic case
Very sticky sticky pad
When I first tried to use this sticky pad, it was so sticky that it stuck to my iPhone 5 (without its case) rather more than my metallic dashboard. So every time I picked up the phone it peeled off too. It took a week or more before I realised that the iPhone was less sticky in its plastic case and the sticky pad worked better on the black trim of my dash. So now I have somewhere to pop the phone out of the way. Not safe to touch the screen while driving though: you still need to answer calls via bluetooth.
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3rd November 2012

iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Works a treat
For those wanting a simple and easy way to use your phone to navigate you to your destination but don't want the hassle of a fiddly phone holder this just works. And is cheap. Granted it's not perfect - if you don't have a handy area in your car to stick it then it's positively useless. Also sometimes you can end up in a comedy situation when the pad peels off with your phone. But all in all, it's like magic and works for big heavy phones too.
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22nd September 2012

iPhone 4
Sticky sticky
This is a really good product, works like it says it will. although I had to take my phone from it's case to make it stick properly. Biggest problem is finding a suitable flat surface in our mk4 Mondeo to stick it - there is just enough space on the radio console. When it gets 'unsticky' a quick wash with the pots and pans has it all sticky again - much like those octopi we threw at walls in the 80's. 4 stars just because it's not quite as 'magic' as it first appears.
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21st September 2012

it works
to put it simply the product works, it does what it says it will do. in fact its almost too sticky and difficult to get your phone off it.
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20th September 2012

iPhone 4
Anti Slip Pad
Had others before this one and all were only marginally able to do the job. This device from Mobilefun sticks anything to anything. Amazing just like their delivery service. They put the rest of their industry to shame when it comes to customer service.
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11th August 2012

Huawei Ascend G300
Great but need to keep it clean!
I didn't have a flat space - at any angle less than 90 degrees where I could put this but thought I'd get it and give it a go anyway. It is brilliant in it's sticking power to the car even though it is over the hazard button which protrudes, and overlaps a little of a a vent either side of it. However, if the pad isn't clean then the phone doesn't stick well to it at all - I find I have to give it a wipe and let it dry every other time I use it (easy enough with wipes in the car but if you're using it all the time it might be a pain; I only need it occasionally. My phone does have a plastic case, though.) If it's clean, the phone sticks really well. Although I've not ever had another car phone holder, one definite disadvantage is that it can't be angled to make it easier to see/to avoid sunlight, but if you can position it closer to you this might not be a disadvantage for you. 4 stars rather than 3 as it doesn't say you can angle it so I can't penalize it for that, but not 5 as it has to be kept very clean to work.
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21st June 2012

Very handy
I got this for my HTC One X. I couldn't find an in-car holder that sounded any good so I went for this. Works excellent in my Alfa Mito, I didn't think there was a suitable place to put it at first but then I tried it on the right hand side of the radio, it covers a few buttons but only ones I don't use. My friend tried it in her seat ibiza and unfortunatly it wouldn't stick to the textured dash. It works best on smooth plastic!
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Adam Moody
11th May 2012

Iphone 4s
Great product
Works really well even at very steep angles
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7th March 2012

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
Still on Trial
I purchased 2 and attached 1 to my Landrover Freelander sloping dash. Stuck instantly, I then attached my mobile to it in its case, plastic window side down. I then attempted to remove the case with the phone in it, the device was attached so well that I pulled-off the phone and mat together! I separated the phone from the mat with some difficulty and refitted the mat on the plastic car dashboard- only an impression but mat may not be sticking so well as when it was first attached. I will check it out and remove and wash it if necessary, would this reinstate the 'sticking' process? Rating 4/5 pending further trial.
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18th November 2011

It works!
I was a bit dubious about this really as I couldn't see it sticking but it does!
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