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Sorry, but Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad

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Product Reference: 32621

The Cellular Line Grip attaches to the dashboard of your car and firmly holds your phone, keys and more without any adhesives or residue.

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18th April 2016

Did not work in my car at all.
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13th January 2016

product is useless
product did not perform as advertised and therefore a waste of money
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5th August 2015

Messy and cheap
Messy and cheap. Gathers not only your mobile but every bit of dust and grit around. looks a right mess after a day in the car. Also very fidgety to use as you have to take the whole lot off the dash to remove your phone! waste of money.
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27th October 2013

I Phone 4S
Disappointed with product.
I was not very impressed with this product as it would not grip to my dash board as advertised,but would for some reason stick to metal or glass, the phone would however stick to the pad. So I have had to throw it away as it useless. A very disappointed customer
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Jamie Fekete
United Kingdom
12th May 2013

Poor product; buy an air-vent holder instead
This item is supposed to hold your phone securely to the dashboard by bonding stickily to it despite any bumps in the roads or sharp turns etc. However, the product simply doesn't work. It dropped my phone four times within the first hour of use, and no matter where I placed the pad on the dashboard or window, it still dropped the phone. Not very useful if you're trying to use your phone as a sat-nav. After an hour or so, the stickiness of the pad itself wore out and that flopped onto the floor too. I'm sending this product back today and getting an holder that will attach mechanically to an air-vent instead.
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18th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Waste of money
I had my doubts about this but because it was so cheap I thought I'd try it. Waste of time and money. It lasted about a week. It stuck so firmly to my phone (with a case on) that when I pulled the phone off the mat, the mat came off the dashboard with it.
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4th March 2013

blackberry 9800
It loses the required stickiness.
Very disappointed that this doesn't work as billed. It was ok on day 1 but on day 2 it wouldn't hold the phone which dropped off.
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C Dorrington
N Devon
9th January 2013

Iphone& iPod
Didn't work for me!
Bought this to use in L R Discovery. I couldn't find any area in which it would work. The grip was marginal at best.
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Roy Hampson
United Kingdom
7th April 2012

Cedllular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
Of little Use
I drive a New Yaris. There is no place I can use this item on the dash board or surround. I tried sticking it on the door sill but it dumped my iPhone in the dust at my feet a few minutes later when I was driving. My wife has found it useful for removing lint from pullovers!Only buy if you are certain you have a near horizontal space for it where you can still see your phone display
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Martin smith
15th November 2011

I bought the anti slip pad but very soon realised it was a pointless item, yes it was a very sticky pad but there were very few areas on the cars that myself and the wife have that you could actually use it with any great success. Ive tried giving it away to my daughter but she very soon returned it with the same conclusion. It now sits in a drawer in the kitchen ready to be discarded on the next clean out.
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8th November 2011

Not much use....
I have found the item to be completely useless, the pad doesn't stick well to the dash of my car. Should I be brave enough to entrust my iPhone to it while traveling there is no doubt it would soon part company.
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