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a-Jays One+ Earphones - Black

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a-JAYS One+ comes loaded with a 8.6mm dynamic speaker engineered by JAYS. It is the perfect partner for on-the-go music enjoyment as it efficiently blocks out ambient noise.

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Andy Burt
17th September 2015

Motorola Moto G
I was looking for a set of headphones with Microphone that would work with my Moto G and these definitely do the trick. I am not a big headphone user but I do need something that will work well as a handsfree mobile, but when I do want to listen to music I want something that sounds good. These work well as handsfree, with good microphone response (a number of other headsets that I have had don't) and the audio response for calls and music is fantastic. Easily far better than anything I have had in recent years. Highly recommended. I only dropped one star in my rating because the cables do make a lot of noise in your ears if you move about with the headset on.
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21st November 2014

Can't go wrong
Great set of headphones for a great price. Love the flat cable to avoid messy tangles, quality sound and good hands free mic. Will stick with Jays for my next pair!
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28th August 2014

Oneplus one killer!!! Phone
By luck i found the one!!
Googling for an earphone for my new oneplus i found this great description for a jays one. Now on using the product i have to say. Great sound experience, much of personalyzation if you use the a jays app. But the most important 2 things for me ... A jays is extremely stylish and even more important u dont have to solve the gordian knot all the time like the common earphones.
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United Kingdom
4th August 2014

Sony Xperia Z1
a-Jays One+ Earphones
Veru pleased with these `and they work very well. Having a few problems with the auto stop and start button but I amsure that will be resolved shortly. Sound is very good and having a flat cable is much neater and stronger.
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24th March 2014

Samasung Galaxy S2
Now one earphone is not working
Unfortunately after two weeks of NORMAL use, one earphone has started not to work all the time. I had to shake the cable to have sound again, so I send it back for refund....
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17th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Excellent quality and design
My Samsung S4 didn`t come with Ear phones, which I don't think it needed to, leaving me free to choose, and I selected these. Excellent quality, great design, great Bass. I like the flat all in one lead, the only thing missing was a Cable Lapel Clip which I purchased off Ebay.
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4th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy SII
Sound is great. Works fine with Samsung Galaxy SII Volume up-down does not work, but it was stated in the product page. Jays application in the mobile, lets you make detailed configuration on what the button will do, related to phone calls or music.
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24th February 2014

Jays one + earphone Review
Ordered the same set of earphones like my old ones because after a few years of wear and tear, they wouldn't work properly. They have such amazing sound quality with a really good price point. I found what I was looking for and they came within their target business day range. I am really satisfied with their products and ETD. Cheers :)
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Gerard Gregg-Smith
United Kingdom
12th February 2014

Nexus 4
A second pair of headphones for use at my desk, not outside
I wanted the non-tangle leads but the drawback is that being flat the leads tend to bend and make the earpieces fall out of my ears. So I just use them at my desk rather than out and about.
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Luigi Pennacchia
Melbourne, Australia
21st November 2013

Great "Bang for buck" ear buds
The earbuds finally arrived (ordered from the UK - arrived in Australia via standard mail, not super fast) and the quality of sound is great. Fantastic at low volumes, and great at higher volume ranges - I am very impressed. They also feel very sturdy, and I like the design of the plug - which also appears "heavy duty".
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21st October 2013

a-jays +
Good service
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28th August 2013

these are just great,and so is the service and delivary
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6th May 2013

Awesome !!!
For someone who spends 4-5 hours wearing the headset, it is a delight. Good clarity. Customizable headset. Somewhat overboard packing, but hey that's their marketing. All in all 8.5/10.
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3rd April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
God product, over-designed useless packaging
Great product, I especially like that the back of the ear buds are flat making them easier to insert into my ears. The flat cord is "different" and seems to do the job, in terms of not getting tangled up. That was the positive aspect of my review, now to the negative aspect; the packaging. The packaging is horrendous; completely over-designed, too large and unnecessary. It looks cool but once you've mastered how to open the box (which is a real pain to do) and retrieved the headphones you'll either put the box away in a drawer to be forgotten about or will through it away. It being all plastic it does nothing for the greener environment that we need. It also means I now have new headphones with nothing to carry them in so I'll need to separately buy a carrying pouch.
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Sydney, Australia
20th March 2013

Fantastic Product and Customer Service
This product was exactly what I was looking for. I had bought a cheaper pair to begin with but when I received a phone call the could not hear me yet I could hear them. I then emailed Mobile Fun and had a response and refund immediately. I also asked for advice on what products they sold that would match what I was looking for and they steered me to this product. I am extremely happy with the quality of these earphones and the Customer Service I received. I would definitely recommend this company.
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8th February 2013

Not compatible with HTC one X
Not compatible with HTC one X, even after following the software recommendation of deleting other apps that may interfere with the jays controls. The button controls still never worked
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20th October 2012

Samsung S3
one of the best earphones I've used
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United Kingdom
5th September 2012

HTC sensation
Great functionality, sound is average.
In short, it's the only product available that you can control music and calls from a remote button (thats not bluetooth). It works fine however the sound quality isnt the best. I used to use bose in ear headphones which were far better. However the jays headset has better functionality.
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30th August 2012

Xperia Ray
I liked it so much I'm buying another.
I bought this headset by accident thinking I was replacing the manufacturer's headset for my Xperia Ray. Unfortunately the remote control didn't work and I get the message "device not supported" even after installing the android app for the headset. So, this headset just isn't compatible with my phone and originally I was disappointed. However the Xperia Ray isn't on the compatibility list - so my bad for not spotting this. But none of this matters because I now use it with my iPod and wow, it is the best sound I ever heard, the most comfortable experience - even hours at a time - and the cable is robust enough not to break quickly like my usual flimsy in-ear headsets. I do recommend this headset, wish it had a clip to attach it to clothing but that's the only criticism really. The packaging is laughably over the top which I do resent when paying for postage, but it reflects the quality of the product.
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24th May 2012

HTC Sensation
Great for the price
As other reviews have noted, these earphones are excellent quality for the price. The Jays app for android is an added bonus. You won't be disappointed (and the packaging isn't that difficult to break into!)
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11th April 2012

HTC wildfire
Good sound
Purchased these and really pleased with the sound quality. Downloaded the app to take control of the clicks to pause, skip etc. didn't realise that the cord was as thick as it was and when I am running took a little while to get used to, would be useful to have a clip for the cord, but overall I am really pleased.
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United Kingdom
23rd March 2012

a-Jays One+ Earphones.
They finally came
Bought a-Jays One + Earphones two days ago - finally arrived today :-) There was a confusion when I received the delivery txt from mobilefun yesterday that my parcel has successfully shipped.. They shouldn't send the txt saying it successfully shipped when it wasn't.. Anyway, a-Jays One+ Earphones are awesome.. just what I needed - cheaper and durable. Just what I needed. Plus! You can download Jays App and you can customise clicks to suit your needs..
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