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Andida Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh

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Product Reference: 30659

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S2 going for longer with an Andida 2000mAh extended battery.

  • "Andida Batterys"
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Michael Eardley
Gretna, Scotland.
2nd March 2015

Samsung Galaxy S2
Andida Batterys
I found out by trying different suppliers of phone batteries, which ones where good and which where not.I can honestly say that these phone batteries from Mobilefun,are the best I have ever used.They are exactly as described and do what they say they can do.They last longer than normal Samsung batteries,which has to be a plus in my book.
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Michael Eardley
24th February 2015

samsung galaxy s-2 phone
longlife phone battery.
Have already purchased one before for a Samsung wave phone,it does last a lot longer than a normal Samsung battery.More than happy to get a replacement battery,for my Samsung s-2,as it's my favourite phone.
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Andrew Forrester
West Sussex
18th December 2014

Samsung Galaxy II
New Life In My Aging Phone
Having been worried that my phone needed charging more than once a day, I was looking for a larger capacity battery. Although this is not a vastly larger nominal capacity, the new battery lasts over twice as long as the old one. My only problem was getting the battery to work until I spotted the protective tape over the terminals (Doh!) Ordering was easy, price was reasonable, service was brilliant.
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Steve Keningley
14th December 2014

Samsung S2
Andida Battery
Replaced the Battery with this "high Capacity" battery - did not see the improvement I anticipated but is a good replacement for a tired "standard" battery
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2nd November 2013

Does the job .The s2 battery clapped out .Would not hold a charge this battery 2 days handy .
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29th January 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
The battery that Samsung should have shipped with the handset
After a very annoying spell of poor battery life and unpredictable crashes with the worn off original battery this battery fits the original case and gives a significant entension of battery life. The recharge time seems to have extended slightly but is a very acceptable trade off for the longer battery life, Would buy again. Prompt next working day delivery
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6th November 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2
Great piece of kit
This is to my mind the battery that Samsung should have fitted as standard. It has the life length I need for a full working day.It is teh same size as teh standard battery so you still have that good slim light feel to your phone
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michael shorey
29th November 2011

this is not a positive review!!!
unfortunately this battery seems to last not even as long as the standard samsung battery. i fully charged it with the phone off when purchased but after testing it next to the standard battery it doesnt last aslong, let alone longer! i think its cheap for a reason!
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17th November 2011

Stick to the original
Having had this battery in my phone for over a week, making sure I run complete full to flat cycles. It fails to come anywhere close to the original default battery. My guess is 70% of the standard charge. Waste of money
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31st October 2011

it does what it says on the tin
It's a battery and it does do what it says it will do.
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Colin G
East Anglia
24th October 2011

Very disappointing
I have had the battery for a week and have 5 full charge and discharge cycles. I thought I must have been going mad as it seemed to have less capacity than the original Samsung battery so I put the original back in and my memory was correct, the lower capacity original battery lasts longer than this replacement. Cheap, but not worth it!
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13th October 2011

First use was great, then after a few cycles the battery capacity didnt even reach standard battery (1650mah) capacity. Worthless utterly rubbish quality not worth spending your dime on. Today I got 8 hrs of battery usage, were I did 30 min of wifi surfing, 20 min sudoku, and for the rest of the time the screen was shut off. I have a low battery brightness (5-10%) in order save battery. I dont even use my phone for music, just to save battery. Surf, some background data usage (normal), would say I check my phone once every 15-30 minutes, some periods more freq others less. In other words I am a "normal" user.
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16th September 2011

Waste of money
After several charges it's still lasting as the original battery, if not even less! You can keep it just as a spare battery, nothing more.
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Edenbridge, Kent
15th September 2011

So far not so good
I would agree with the negative comments. After a couple of weeks of full charge/discharge cycles it still does not outlast the standard battery. I leave for work about 8am with the S2 fully charged and usually by 7pm the battery is out, it gets 2 stars because its useful to have the second battery that seems roughly about the same strength, which helps if I'm going out for the evening. I use a separate charging unit so rarely charge the batteries in the phone and always its full discharge/charge.
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Dave Robinson
Middleton on Sea
13th September 2011

Extended Ride time
I ride some long distances and needed a battery that could last at least 5 hours using GPS and the media player on my SGS2. Well I definitely got it with this battery. It lasted 6 hour and 2o minutes. The OEM Samsung battery gives out at 4 hours with the same usage. Initially you might be disappointed with the battery, mine lasted 2 hours on first charge. You do need to charge it fully 4 times before getting the full charge. Normal use gets you 2 days, before you should have gotten about a day and half. Until someone comes up with a bike battery charger this is the next best thing.
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12th September 2011

Not 2000Mah more like 1200Mah
Very disappointing product. Its not at all 2000Mah, more like 1200mAH. It weighs less and is smaller than the original stock battery. Battery life is about 80% of the stock battery too. Waste of time this battery
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Finland, Parkano
6th September 2011

Just the help for the need
A short battery life on our great smart phones is a pain. This thing also keeps your phone sleek and thin, and also increases your battery life! Fits perfectly.
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Brian Pundyke
5th September 2011

Less power than the standard Samsung battery
This product was really disappointing. After going through several charging cycles to make sure the battery was properly conditioned I can say that it's charge capacity is less than Samsung's standard 1650 mAh battery by a long way. I've stopped using out. Waste of money!
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prajawal limbu
11th August 2011

waste of money
Although it claims it has more mah the battery doesn't last as long as the original s2 battery. I have been really disappointed with this product and switched back to the original battery which lasts longer.
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10th August 2011

Works perfectly
This 2000mAh battery is significantly more powerful than the standard and I find it offers more "use-time" - especially when playing with all the non-phone functions. Great in use or as a back-up and very keenly priced.
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