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Dash Crab FX Case Compatible Universal Car Holder

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Universally compatible, the Dash Crab FX in car holder features adjustable jaws that can accommodate phones with or without cases up to 11.5cm in width.

  • "sticks to almost anything."
  • "Fits the Galaxy Note 2"

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22nd March 2017

Ok so far.
I wanted a secure iPhone holder for my car. Very helpful review including video on the website. Although it is supposed to stick to a textured dash, mine fell off, partly due to the weight of the phone. This may have been down to dust on the dash and the slight curvature of the surface. I stuck it on the windscreen where it remained secure. I'll try again on the dash after cleaning it. No regrets buying it though as it is so easy to use and holds the phone securely.
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J5 User
14th September 2016

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
Good product
Holds really firmly to the dashboard and the spring loaded jaws hold your phone/device tightly but I've found that motorway driving or taking a corner sometimes causes the angle of the phone to drop as the ball moves out of position by itself.
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21st May 2016

Nexus 6p
Good but not really good!
It sticks really well to dash, I have a civic and it's stuck rock solid and easy to remove when needed too. With my phone it presses the power or volume keys unless I move the phone further down which then makes it a bit less stable and more prone to vibration of the car. Nice to have and be able to hold a can etc thou!
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29th February 2016

Nexus 6P
Great buying experience
When buying this product i was slightly worried that it would not fit my phone as the Nexus 6P is a rather large phone. When receiving this within the promised delivery time i found it was a great fit and would do even larger phones than the nexus 6P. I feel the rotating ball it sits on to get the perfect angle is great althou a slight bit loose so moves with the weight of the phone now and again. All in all this is a good product and i am happy with the product and customer service. Cheers
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Diane DuBoulay
26th August 2015

Nice product
Nice product and good customer service and support.
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Kjetil Furuberg
26th August 2015

Samsung Galaxy 5 S
Everything as expected.
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14th March 2015

Very pleased with the Dash Crab
I am very pleased with the Dash Crab. It is easy to attach to the dashboard which needs to be a flat section and it is simple to insert the phone between the two arms. It accommodates the Iphone 6 (in a case) and holds the phone firmly in place. The phone is now positioned in an ideal place in the car for using the phone as a Satnav or for seeing any notifications which come up on the phone screen.
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Peter Barsby
13th March 2015

Dash Crab
iPhone Holder in Car
Bought this because I needed to replace an older style holder for a'phone case with a clip on it. Absolutely ideal device - holds the 'phone on part of the sloping dashboard where it can easily be seen in my open 2 seater where I don't use a bluetooth because of wind noise but can pull over if I see I have had a call and ring back. Great fitting and versatile, so now buying one for my better half!
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Adam Godbeer
7th January 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Works really well
My previous car holder was specific for my device, which is good because it means you know it won't fall out. However, it meant I had to take the case off every time I used my phone in my car. With a universal holder you don't need to do that, and this one seems very stable so it was worth a punt and I'm pleased with it. The only downside is that it isn't possible to insert a Galaxy S5 into it one-handed because it's too wide. This would be possible with a smaller device.
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15th December 2014

iPhone 4
Experiment with it before you give up!
If you're looking for a non-sticky plunger type dashboard phone holder: I've been looking for a plunger type dash holder for ages, but one where I don't have to stick a sticky pad on in order to hold the phone holder (as taking a sticky pad off later for whatever reason may ruin the dashboard). I've ordered and returned stuff before but this seems to be the best bet. I was a bit apprehensive before ordering because I have read a lot of reviews on here saying it won't stick to the dash but I really think you have to play around with it before giving up so easily. I have a BMW 1 Series with a rough surface dashboard. Tried plunger-ing the Dash Crab middle centre, right at the front of the dash but it refused to plunge there. I moved it right to the back in the middle (closest to the windscreen) and it plunged there on the dash fine, no problem. That said, it's not the most convenient place if you need to hit/see something on the phone if you're using Waze or a GPS navigation app, so then I tried it right at the front of the dashboard closest to the steering wheel (to the left of the steering wheel) and it didn't stick. This is because of the curvature of the dash which may not be noticeable to the eye, BUT then I moved it ever so slightly back in that same position towards the windscreen and hey presto, it stuck and plungers perfectly well as the curvature of the dashboard is probably flatter there. It never falls off and is within easy reach should I need to see/touch the phone for GPS navigation purposes. Once you've found the sweet spot to plunger your Dash Crab to, I found the best way of sticking it down is by pushing it down in the middle with a bit of force but at the same time, slightly turning it clockwise and anti-clockwise as you're pushing it down so that the non-sticky rubber pad gets a good grip of your dash board. Been using it for a couple of weeks now and have even took it off when having the car cleaned and it's gone back on with no problems at all. Like I said, I was looking for a non-sticky/non-stick pad phone holder I could use on the dash board and this has done the trick.
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Ramunas Sadas
13th December 2014

Dash Crab FX Case Compatible Universal Car Holder
This is good mobile holder! Just has one minus, when driving on motorway phone shakes a little bit, so when I was using sat/nav, it was a bit annoying.
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6th November 2014

È il prodotto che cercavo. Nell'inserzione è presentato molto bene, pratico utile e anche carino da vedere. Supporta facilmente il telefono e all'occorrenza anche il Tom Tom è facile da montare. Ottimo.
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scott pheby
30th October 2014

galaxy note 2
car holder, very good
This car holder is excellent, it's very strong with wide jaws for the larger mobile devices on the market these days. The one handed operation when mounting your mobile phone is not as easy as it is made to look. The sticky based suction pad did permanently mark the dashboard of my 308 Peugeot, so I would recommend you mount this product on your windscreen. I would recommend this product.
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Robert Bell
8th August 2014

iPhone 5 and a Nokia Lumia 1520
not quite perfect
A great device with a very strong suction cup, however if you are wanting to get shake free video footage from within a car you will need to look for something more rigid. As a speedy to use clamp for sat nav applications then this is a superb buy.
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7th July 2014

Dash Crab Fx
Prodotto valido, fa quello che promette. Su vetro non si stacca mai, vibra pochissimo anche con macchine ad assetto rigido come la Smart. Su altre superfici dopo poco cede, anche bagnando la ventosa. La pinza afferra bene lo smartphone e non lo molla mai. Lo consiglio rispetto ai bracci lunghi a ventosa in quanto essendo corto non fa vibrare il cellulare.
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7th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5
Little bit wiggle
The bottom is sticking perfectly to a window of my car and the holder it self holds the phone perfectly. The only small problem is, that the peg, that is holding the phone is attached on one of the sides and thus does wiggle, if the road is bumpy.
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marian burgui
United Kingdom
24th October 2013

pretty good
is pretty good but not perfect for nokia lumia 920 .
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19th September 2013

accessori S4
Molto utile e versatile
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4th September 2013

iPhone 4S
Does exactly what I wanted it too.
I wanted a holder for my iphone that I could stick to the dash/windscreen and use the satnav app. This holder works well. I have it stuck to the front of my Passat dash below the air vents. It sticks well even on uneven surfaces and when I have removed it it has left no marks. The phone is held securely and you don't feel like its going to fall out at the first bump. One small negative is there is some vibration if the going gets a bit bumpy, but its something you can live with. Overall a good purchase. Recommended.
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Emsworth, Hampshire
26th August 2013

iPhone 5
Simple device that works well & is easy to use
I've been looking for a holder that would be easy to install and work well on my van dashboard. The sticky pad which is easily removed works very well and is best used with the suction cup. My phone is very sturdy in the device jaws and is easily removed which I do on a very regular basis. The phone does shake a little when in the holder, but I get over this problem by allowing the base of the phone to rest on the dash, sorted. The arm is very articulate and easily allows the phone to be held at any angle.
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C Lindsay
1st August 2013

Not suitable for Audi A3 dashboard
Had hoped this would cope with the textured surface and the very slight curve in the dashboard of my A3, but sadly no. It failed to stick even after cleaning the dash with alcohol. Shame I had to return it as it seemed like a great holder otherwise.
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18th June 2013

molto buono
Assolve al compito affidatogli con piena soddisfazione
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28th April 2013

This is one of best designed phone mounting kits for the car. Works with every type of phone no mater how large. This would definitely get 5 stars except, I have an older generation one with a metal claw (rather than a plastic one). The older version is better, but the one is still excellent.
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Richard Stretch
24th February 2013

iPhone 5 with Otterbox Defender case
Close but a little disappointing
I bought this item after watching a video of how easily it stuck to the dashboard. Unfortunately this does not work at all and so I have had to mount it on the windscreen. As a holder it is sturdy and holds the phone well with its Otterbox Defender Case.
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19th February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
very mobile mounting,,!
* it does all the things shown or explained in the ad * it does stick well to most surfaces and keeps the phone still * if it's awkward to release the phone just wiggle the holder about and there'll be way * get one and keep your phone steady..!
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Gordon Macean
18th January 2013

Acer Aspireone 753
Does stick very well on glass but not so good on dashboard which has nobbly plastic surface
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Andrew Fell-Gordon
Henlow, Bedfordshire
15th January 2013

Effective alternative to Tom-tom screen mounting
I got this device after getting frustrated with the screen mounting by my tom-tom One device. The jaws are just big and strong enough to hold the unit and the base sticks to the cover of the dashboard storage tray. You have to set the tom-tom off centre or else use it without the power cable (something I an loth to do on long journeys) but the car mount hold the unit well. It makes using the unit considerably easier to have it about 5cm nearer to me. The only slight reservation is that there is a bit of wobble when using the touch screen, so a light touch is advisable. Otherwise it does the job that I =bought it for and I am happy with it.
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14th January 2013

HTC Desire S
This product is well worth the cost it does what they say it sticks to anything brilliant well chuffed with it.
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9th January 2013

Not as shown in product videos
The product videos suggest this is the Exogear Exomount 2 but I received a Taylor Dash Crab 2. Admittedly they look remarkably similar but I'm concerned that the product supplied is a cheap copy. It seems to perform as described but time will tell.
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4th January 2013

iPhone 4
Good - needs ball joint needed tightening
I got one of these for Xmas, so I've not used it much yet. Also, as it's "Winter", it's not been used in warm/hot weather yet. For: + Suction cup is very strong (so far) on the windscreen. It has a stickiness to it as well as suction clamp. + I was worried about whether the spring clamp that holds the phone would be strong enough, but it seems to be, in both portrait and landscape positions. Against: - On my unit, the ball joint was not strong enough to hold the heavy iPhone 4 in a portrait position. On first use, just general vibration from the car caused the phone to quickly point downwards. I solved this by tightening the small screw next to the ball-joint, and then tightening the ball-joint "nut" as hard as I could. Seems to have worked for the moment.
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Rob Kitt
30th November 2012

HTC Desire HD
Mostly good
I have a BMW Mini with a slightly curved and dimpled dashboard and this holder would not stick to it. That said it holds on the windscreen really well and is great to use if you don't want to remove a protective cover from your phone. Easy to take your phone in and out of.
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20th November 2012

iPhone 5
Versatile Phone Holder
I was looking for a phone holder to allow me to use my iPhone 5 for Sat Nav purposes in the car. Having looked at a few options, which are currently limited for the new iPhone, i opted for this grip. It mounts easily to the windscreen or any flat surface and hasn't fallen off yet. It securely holds the iPhone with or without case. The fact that this is a multi-phone grip mechanism has been very handy as it can also hold anyone's phone no matter what the make. Very clever and versatile grip to hold your phone. Worth the money.
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Tom L
4th November 2012

iPhone 5
Good product, slow delivery
The produce fits securely to the windscreen by use of a suction cup with an strong adhesive feel to it. It holds the iPhone well with strong spring arms, although the position of the phone does occasionally slowly droop - usually fixed by tightening at the back. 4/5 for the product. Delivery, however, was unsatisfactory. After ten days I phoned to check on progress and was told that there was no record of my order. My details were taken for further investigation and I was informed that I would 'probably get an email' to keep me updated. Finally I was asked how I would like to pay for my order, despite payment having already been taken a day or two after ordering (which I had explained). 1/5 for MobileFun being on the ball!
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30th October 2012

iPhone 5
Does the job
Bought this holder based on the good reviews. It grips my textured dash great, it cannot be budged. The only problem is that although i tightened it into position as tight as possible, my phone moved everytime i hit a bump. Maybe a one off i dont know, solved it by wrapping the ball joint with paper, shouldn't have to do this but needs must. Great holder otherwise. 5* (with paper!!)
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26th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
Pretty Good
Pro's: The suction cup sticks like glue to pretty much anything, including my car's dashboard, which is a lot better than other holders I have tested Holds the phone fairly steady which is great for using my phone as a sat nav in the car Con's: Bit fiddly to clip the phone in and out. Galaxy S3 is a fairly large heavy phone and I found the mount can move fairly easily be knocked out of position slightly when tapping the screen. Overall, very happy with the purchase
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Peter Johnson
Newcastle upon Tyne
23rd August 2012

IPhone 4S
Good solution.
Nice and solid, and very sticky. Works with most cases too. Only issue is you can't put the iPhone in it one-handed
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8th August 2012

Practical and Quality
Okay, like most we all do our research very carefully and we like to choose - quality vs value and how practical our phone accessories will be in the realy world. Firslty, the SuperGrip Universal Case Compatible Car Mount comes well packaged and it took just two days to get mine delivered. Next, the quality of the SuperGrip Mount is very good and so far it seems to be worth the money. My iPhone4 fits well and the jaw clamps it strongly. I have taken it out on hot days and over speeds bumps and the SuperGrip Universal Case holds up to the job. Lastly, the functionality of the Mount is accurate from the descriptions and YouTube video. You can twist to your prefect viewing angle. Just a few very minor issues, the surface needs to be dust free and needs to flat. Most car mounts are slight rounded or dips in one place or the other. However, windows and sides are perfect for the sucker to stick and lock. Conclusion, given there is so many Car Mounts to choose from this one holds up well on my tests. The value for money is also acceptable
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1st August 2012

Great on your car window
I bought this to stick specifically to the dash of my Megane 3, i was left a bit deflated when i tried and it simply WILL NOT stick, so i ended up with it on the windscreen where it is solid. It loses a star in the review because of the dashboard issue.
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5th July 2012

Has quite a strong spring which snaps shut on you easily as you take you phone out. Won’t open to 5" but might hold a phone with a 5" screen sideways. Has a gel type sucker which seems very good so far (with spare pad). The centre of rotation has offset centre that might mage some big phones hit the dash if it is flat.
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United Kingdom
24th June 2012

Galaxy S3
Great, could have been perfect!
This is a great car phone holder, the sucker is fantastic and probably the best selling point on this item, it sticks to my dash when other holders have not. If you do have difficulties sticking it to your dash they include a sticky pad which the holder will suck on to. The only downside of this item is the arm adjuster and locking mechanism. It uses a ball and socket with a nut to tighten it up and lock it in place, how ever it doesn't always. 9 out of 10 it will hold it on the road but occasionally you will see it slowly move out of position. Also the locking nut is very difficult to get a good purchase on when the mount is stuck to the car so I end up having to keep removing it to tighten it up. If they could sort out the locking mechanism to make it tighter then nobody would ever buy another car mount!
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United Kingdom
19th June 2012

Iphone 4
Does the job
Good phone holder is secure when placed on a flat surface. Only niggle is that any dirt or dust sticks to the suction bit and is very hard to get off. Overall nice product.
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9th June 2012

Good tool
A good purchase
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21st April 2012

HTC Desire HD
Super fast delivery
Ordered yesterday, and arrived today. Good little device. So far so good, it is sat on my dash and so far has not fallen off! Seems to stick very well. My only concern is that once the swivel grip has been tightened, you can still swivel it around. I dare not tighten anymore in case it snaps! What I will do once the movement increases in time, which I am sure it will. Nevertheless, a good product stemming from a good idea. I will keep you updated once I have had it for a week or so. So far, a great buy and has replaced my Desire HD Specific cradle which was showing it's age!
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Birmingham UK
22nd March 2012

Sony Xperia Ray
Exomount is Xcellent
This mount is great. It holds my phone at either a vertical or horizontal angle in a number of locations in my car depending on if I have a [assenger or am just using it for calls or as a music player It holds my GPS and other family members phones who travel with me.
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29th February 2012

Best car mount I've found
Bought the Exogear universal car mount from Mobile fun. Sucker sticks to almost any surface, mine is on the dash which is not smooth.The spring loaded grips hold any device up to 5inch screen,securly & mounts in seconds even in a case. Recomended.
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3rd January 2012

Holds a phone sturdy.
Very easy to use, holds my SII firm even in its case. Sticks well to flat surfaces, especially the car windscreen but won't stick to all surfaces particularly if not flat and or smooth but you'll be pushed to find a holder that will. Well made and offers lots of angles for the phone.
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5th September 2011

good product
If you're looking for a product that will stick anywhere in your car, this is it. My dashboard is not smooth and it had no problem with it whatsoever. Would have been better if the grip was a little bit stronger and the joint a little bit tighter, so it's a bit more secure when you are using it. But still, it does the job very well.
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Tony Wheeler
Swindon area
31st August 2011

Wobbles a little but OK
Not the most stable holder as the phone (mine is an HTC Sensation) slighly 'wobbles' over bumpy roads when mounted in this - by comparison my previous HTC Desire HD was very firm in the special HTC car mount. The handset is held firmly though and although it is not the slickest looking holder it does the job and of course, by design, can obvioulsy hold a wide range of phones so when I next upgrade at least I will have a car holder that will work once again. I have found that some mounting angles will not allow you to set exactly the phone tilt and angle wanted but some slight adjustments to screen or dashboard (yes it sticks) position overcome this. I recommend this as an adaptable, stick to anything, mount for just about any handset.
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31st August 2011

Made for the SGSII
This is an excellent bit of kit. Sticks to anything, (see the video but be patient as the interesting bits are near the end). The wide jaws will easily take the SGSII and even a thick gel case, and holds them firmly, like a shark. It swivels around easily so that you can achieve the best, and safest, viewing position of your phone. It's quite large, so don't put it where it obstructs safe viewing of the road ahead. (It does stick to the side pillars, as shown in the video). Great delivery service from Mobilefun to.
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30th August 2011

Is your case permanent? If so read on.
My Galaxy S2 lives in a Case-Mate tough case, which is tough as hell (probably the best) but it makes the phone bigger and is slow to remove. For that specific reason I chose this mount. In Horizontal mode this mount works OK, in vertical mode it tends to slide out. The suction base REALLY stays put, even on surfaces where normal bases are useless. If you can't take your case off, this solution may be your best option. Horizontal only.
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Dave ;-)
25th August 2011

Not bad at all.
Best holder i'v had for my desire hd. Sticks to bumpy surface of my dash no problem thanks to the sticky gell on suction cup (wont stick if dash surface is curved). The clip holds the phone in place with no slip. My only problem is that vibration makes the screen hard 2 focus on, but even then the phone is still secure and wont fall off. Not bad at all!
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Evagoras Mandrides
18th August 2011

Great but not rigid enough!
This is a great product but it has 1 flaw.. its not rigid enough to keep it from moving around when switching an iPhone on by the home button. it stick to your window fantastically and grips my iPhone4 even with a Mophie charger attached no problem. its compact and easy to install mount & unmount.. 4/5
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Berry Lansen
12th August 2011

Exogear Exomount U.C.C.Car Mount
After some mail problems, I have the product. Good service of Mobile Fun Installed the product in 1 minute on my dashboard. The suction is one of a kind, wonderful. The car mount is light and still rugged. My e72 Nokia in the special snap. When driving, very light trembling. Yep worth the money. So hope this review helps to make up your mind.
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8th August 2011

Clever idea....
Clever idea and works well...btw before purchase i couldn't find an image or a write up telling me if i could mount the phone can!! The suction mount has the gel type stuff on it so it will mount just about anywhere. Got a feeling the plastic or the spring might be the first thing to break though as when you take the device out it 'claps' shut! Overall very good piece of kit!!
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26th July 2011

Good but pricey!
The claims of stick to any surface are a bit past the mark. The suction cup also has a sticky texture although I'm sure it is not adhesive based and will stick to smooth surfaces like glass all day long, but it only lasted 10 minutes on my dashboard with has a slighlty bumpy feel. My windsceen is also steeply raked so it was hard to get a good angle to view the screen. Had the sucker stayed attached to my dashboard then this would not have been a problem. The clamp itself is very strong and I think it would cope with most smart phones and cases easily. I have a Desire S with a Barely There case. Also, if you intend to use this clamp for some dashboard video recording, be warned that there is a bit of vibration as you go along all but the smoothest roads. All in all, this is a very good universal clamp, which will probably see me through a number of phone changes, but with the one or two issues, it is overpriced @ £19.99
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