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Sorry, but Andida Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Ace - 1800mAh has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Andida Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Ace - 1800mAh

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Product Reference: 30519

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Ace going for longer with an Andida 1800mAh extended battery.

  • "This battery works wonders"
  • "Boost for Samsung Ace"

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Leamington Spa
23rd April 2015

Samsung Galaxy ace
This battery works wonders
My original batter lasted for 2/3hours before it needed to be charged now I can go for days before I need to recharge it
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Alan Bushell
Royal Leamington Spa
12th April 2015

Fantastic service
I ordered my battery and within a very short time it arrived on my doorstep I found this site by browsing when looking for a replacement battery, and I am glad I did. I was also looking for a electric charger found one on another site ordered on 20th march still waiting I am told it should arrive by 27th April. all my on line request I can get from mobile fun I will order as required
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Omar D
14th October 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Massive improvement on the original battery
The battery was bought as a replacement for a previously bought battery that also promised more power and longer lasting. However, unlike the previous purchase, this does exactly what it says on the battery. It fits nicely into the phone and has a larger charge than the original battery. Packaging was also very good. Would recommend for those using the Galaxy Ace to buy as your next battery replacement. One last tip, as long as you charge your phone between 10-20% and not above 90%, you should expect your battery to last a lot longer - useful for those long calls and viewing media.
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9th October 2014

samsung galaxy ace
good buy
Works and hold charge well
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Thomas Armour
Northern Ireland
25th August 2014

Samsung phones two phones.
Poor performance
Have a number of items from Mobile Fun all excellent but sorry to say not this one. Battery does not last longer than original Samsung indeed the time is less not more and battery is very unreliable,pity. Have tried all of the tricks I know how to treat this type of battery none do anything to improve performance,trouble I have taken a couple of months to run these tests on two separate phones and am now stuck with an almost useless item.
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24th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Problem sorted
My Galaxy Ace had started switching itself off after very short periods of use, and recharging didn't help. Googling the problem suggested various software fixes but it seemed more logical to start by replacing the 18 month old battery. I chose this one because I'd seen bad reviews of really cheap extended life batteries but this seemed well reviewed. It arrived next day, I charged it up and the phone now lasts 24 hours plus before a recharge and has stopped shutting down randomly. Thanks.
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12th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Reliable service
Bought this product after having a lot of problems with the original battery. I received the battery much quicker than anticipated and it has made a real performance increase to my phone. Not to mention my phone now holds power for a decent length of time. After this purchasing experience, I have NO reasons not to buy this product or buy from this company again.
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18th March 2014

Batteria potenziata Andida per Samsung Galaxy Ace - 1.800mAh
Buon rapporto qualità/prezzo. Nonostante un utilizzo intensivo della rete, la batteria ha una buona durata ed è superiore a quella standard precedentemente utilizzata.
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27th January 2014

Samson galaxy Ace
Andida extended life battery
Since my original Samsung galaxy Ace gave up the ghost I have tried two other cheap Batteries from China but they were rubbish. this battery is great. I have let it run out and recharged it three times and it has lasted almost double the time of the Cheepos. A very good buy. Thank you.
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6th January 2014

Samsung Ace
Does it says
We were disappointed by the battery life of Samsung Ace but this product saved us. Thank you.
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23rd December 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Just The Job
Got this battery and re charging isn't an every day chore anymore. Well worth the money and would recommend to anyone
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18th December 2013

Come rianimare un Samsung Ace
Ho acquistato un'Andida per Samsung Galaxy Ace - 1.800mAh e ho visto il mio cellulare rianimarsi. Ora posso tenere accesa anche la connessione Internet e non preoccuparmi di dover portare il filo per la ricarica con me. Il servizio é stato efficiente e il prodotto era come pubblicizzato.
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3rd December 2013

batteria samsung ace
Prodotto conforme e ottimo. Servizio ottimo.
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12th October 2013

Ottimo prodotto,batteria sopra le attese,dura una giornata intera con utilizzo continuativo di internet.Complimenti.
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6th October 2013

Recensione Batteria Galaxy Ace
La batteria funziona bene, però la durata è pressoché uguale a quella dell'originale pur essendo potenziata.
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1st October 2013

Commento Batteria Potenziata Andida
Dopo averla provata per qualche giorno posso dire che la sua durata è effettivamente superiore alla batteria originale Samsung.
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20th September 2013

Imballo: perfetto Tempi di consegna: ordinato Lunedì pomeriggio, Giovedì mattina è stato consegnato (prima del previsto)ma quello che conta di più è che la batteria funziona. Bravi
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7th September 2013

acquisto batteria samsung
Sono contento di aver acquistato questo prodotto che risulta essere ottimo e di buona qualità x cui il mio commento e molto positivo e lo consiglio a chi ne ha di bisogno,le informazioni ricevuti prima dell'acquisto sono stati adeguati al prodotto
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30th August 2013

Ci ha messo una settimana per arrivare e per ora ancora la sto provando ma posso dirvi già da ora che dura il doppio di una normale e quindi è stata una spesa utilissima.
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25th July 2013

durata 3 giorni!!!
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18th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
A long wait for an average product
I needed a battery to last longer than the original and after reading many reviews I chose this one, after paying for it I waited 4 months for it to arrive from the UK. I was beginning to think it was a scam, that Mobile Fun had taken the money and were not going to send the product. Thankfully I did receive the battery, and have been using it, there are no faults except that the so called long life battery does not last any longer than the original. It should not be called long life as it is just an average battery and has an average battery life.
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22nd May 2013

Dopo 5 giorni d uso si sta rivelando un ottimo affare!
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21st April 2013

ottimo prodotto e spedizione celere
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washington uk
27th March 2013

samsung galaxy ace
it was perfect
i had just received a samsung galaxy ace, but the battery was very poor. after receiving the new battery, the battery is great now, and i would recommend the battery to anyone.
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27th March 2013

Andida Extended Battery
Battery in Use
At first disappointed with battery life, no better than original, but after following advice to run down battery completely several times, life now does seem to be extending.
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24th November 2012

Galaxy Ace
good for 6 months only
This battery was good deal for only 6 months. After six months I moved to my existing battery. I had to charge it daily.
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ralph booker
1st November 2012

samsung galaxy ace
Not what I expected
Well after waiting 2 months for these items (I ordered 2 One for me and my wife) I installed it in our phones, what a dissapointment, instead of having extended battery life its quite the opposite and I have to recharge my phone EVERY day. At least my old battery lasted for 2 days, but this one no, after 24 hours in stand-by mode it is dead. I let it completely discharge 3 times before re-charging because I know some batteries do not reach full capacity until they have been charged a few times, but they still did not retain there charge for long. I am not happy with this product.
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David Wood
26th March 2012

Andida 1800mAh battery for Galaxy Ace
Just the job!
The Samsung Galaxy Ace battery life is notoriously naff - but general advice is to completely discharge a battery 5 times before it reaches optimum performance, how many people do that? That said I needed a battery with more staying power than the supplied one. This is the highest spec I could find - and at a great price too. Does what is says on the tin! By the way, Android users, download the free app Easy battery saver which switches off unnecessary stuff like wifi, gps etc when not required. Just click on the app you need and voila it springs back into action. That plus this battery and you have it made!
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United Kingdom
15th March 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Just What I Needed.
When I bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace I soon realised the battery Life was not what was claimed in the brochure. Browsing the internet I came across the MobileFun Website and its wide range of mobile batteries. The Andida Battery has trebled my mobile phone's life and it only takes 2-3 hours to charge. I would highly recommend it.
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Rob Corlett
23rd November 2011

Boost for Samsung Ace
Having just bought a Samsung Ace mobile phone I was disappointed with battery life with supplied battery. I have used MobileFun before and searched their site for a replacement. Having found the Andida battery I placed an order. The battery was delivered within two days, it fitted the phone perfectly and works perfectly and has increased battery life by about 50%. Problem solved and one happy customer.
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Ian Betteridge
23rd November 2011

A Great Buy
I am very pleased indeed with this battery, it lasts much longer the the Samsung original snd would have no hesitation in reccomending it.
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3rd November 2011

longer lasting battery
I ordered 3 items 2 of which arrived very quickly,the battery was out of stock but promised to arrive within a few days of the other items.It arrived within 2 weeks,the battery itself lasts longer than the one provided by samsung, it was worth the wait and i do not know of anywhere else that would have been able to provide it at the price I got it for.
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