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Sorry, but Mugen Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery - 1700mAh has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Mugen Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery - 1700mAh

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Part No: HLI-SI9100SL

Product Reference: 30434

Extended battery for your Samsung Galaxy S2. Never run out of power again.

  • "Mugeb Battery Galaxy S2"
  • "just what I wanted"

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joseph pace
25th July 2013

samsung galaxy s2
just what I wanted
I couldn't have been served better
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17th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Brilliant purchase
This battery really is worth the money. It charges in about 4 hours and seems to take up to 48 to fully discharge. For me the increase in weight isn't a problem.
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2nd November 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2
The Mugen batter was well worth the wait.
The mugen battery has replaced the momax battery and the extra 200 MA lasts anothe couple of days. This battery does not suffer from the memory effect and so I hope will llast longer than the previous battery. It is a shame that there is no comparable case to protect it.
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peter frederiksen
22nd September 2012

samsung galaxy s2
love this battery!
Bought this battery cause i needed more power, i already had a 2000 mah original samsung battery but it wasnt enough as im a heavy user,i can higly recommend this battery,it a quality producy.it came with two backcovers,both fits like a hand in a glove and looks similar to the original covers from samsung, i use the one with a kickstand,very nice feature that lets me watch tv and videos,really useful feature:Its such a nice feeling to have 3200 mah of power
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Mr T
6th July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 2
Does exactly what you need!!
Like most people I found the that the standard "Factory" shipped by Samsung drained out pretty quickly and needed to find a battery that lasted in to day 2. Well this does the track perfectly and I can get plenty of Wi-Fi, Internet and calls and have even done Conference calls with 30% left and still have plenty of charge left to last me into day 3. Shame Samsung did not go the whole hog and produce a longer lasting battery. The person who comes up the battery that has 7 day talk time and a month standby-by wins the "Big Prize". Until then I cannot recommend the Mugen enough and it does not add any significant weight or discomfort to using the phone. Can anyone recommended a cover/case for this set up?
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3rd July 2012

samsung galaxy s2
I've recently bought a Mugen battery for my Galaxy S2 because the battery that came with it doesn't last long enough to log my ride on mapmyride app when I'm cycling I can now log my whole ride and still have battery life left at the end Thank you!
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24th April 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2
Mugen Battery & Back Cover
I have had problems for several months with the Galaxy S2 battery going flat in just a couple of hours. This 3200mAh battery did the trick. Phone lasts all day now with wiFi and GPS on. Brilliant. It even comes with a convenient back stand for viewing movies and TV. great value for money!
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8th February 2012

Gives me almost 80 hours with moderate use and 50 hours with heavy use before recharging.
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Mid Wales
24th January 2012

Great product made a big difference
Fed up with having to charge the phone on a daily basis so went for this item. Found it do be great, the extra thickness and weight makes it feel more solid and safer in my hand, as I had already dropped it once on concrete also the texture of the cover gives it a better grip than the original cover, as for use I dont have to by my charger every day. Its better than having to carry extra batteries or a charger with you. No down side for me Highly recommend.
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Neil Munro
Hayling island
13th January 2012

3200 mAh battery for Samsung S2 Phone
Battery was delivered on time. Charged it as prescribed. Works fine and increases time before you have to recharge battery compared to standard battery. It is also much easier to hold then the very slim standard phone. However is there a leather case to take the phone now it has a greater depth to the phone.
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4th January 2012

Not as big as expected.
Was bit worried about the size, looking at the photos and videos, But now that I have it, I am extremely pleased. Same thickness as my old Blackberry 9700, no bad thing as it now feels even better in my hand, and the case makes it easier to grip in my opinion. Very happy and now a perfect mobile.
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13th December 2011

Great battery for great phone
Having bought the Samsung extened battery case which has to be charged seperately I bought the Mugen 3400 MAH for my Galaxy S2 to replace it. Really pleased with this product and would highly recommend it, no worries getting through a heavy days use, wish they produced a seperate charger for it so that a replacement battery could be used as it takes a long time to recharge, also would like it in white for my wife's Galaxy S2.
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oliver vogt
28th November 2011

the phone is complete now...
With this battery the galaxy s2 lasts actually one day and more. Why this is not a standard option is beyond me. No regrets for retiring the iphone!!!!.
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United Kingdom
27th November 2011

This makes the Samsung Galaxy S2 perfect
I love my Galaxy S2 but for one thing: it's shocking battery life. Enter Mugen with this excellent product, which basically solves this one flaw by virtually doubling the capacity. True it does make the phone rather thicker, but because it is so thin in the first place this does not really matter. In fact it arguably gives a more solid feel to the phone and makes it easier to hold. This is incidentally a much better solution than Samsung's own extended battery case, which is terrible - see my separate review of this it.
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T Lowe
13th August 2011

Mugeb Battery Galaxy S2
I previously purchased the Mugen battery for my Galaxy S and found it to be a superb battery lasting 2/3 days compared to the standard Samsung battery. So on purchasing the Galaxy S2, even though the Samsung battery is slightly better, I had no hesitation in getting the Mugen battery, now getting 2/3 days before charging (obviously depends on usage). Excellent battery.
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27th July 2011

A much needed accessory
A nice bit of kit which allows you to get the best out of your s2 without panicking about the ever decreasing charge indicator ! it has a nice feel to it with improved grip over the original. The only small criticism I have is that the fit is not that great around the camera. There are no issues affecting the use of the camera but there is a generous gap that crud easily finds it's way into. Otherwise it's all good !!.
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Dave t
25th July 2011

save yourself a tenner
No differant to std battery save yourself a tenner and get the std one cos this is not worth the money.
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