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Gumdrop Drop Series Case foriPad 4 / 3 / 2 - Military Edition

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Product Reference: 29948

Shock Absorption, drop protection and hard-core readiness in one package for your iPad 4 / 3 / 2 in the special edition Military edition.

  • "Great Service and Great Prie"
  • "Fantastic case"

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narelle frequin
Geelong, victoria australia
15th September 2013

Gumdrop ipad cover
Protects the ipad from rain and being dropped. Great cover for a PE teacher.
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20th August 2012

Gumdrop drop case for the new iPad
tough as old boots.... - probably made from old boots!
So its basically like wrapping your ipad in a tyre - which, if your a certain type of person probably horrifies you! As i have gone through my share of searching ebay for new screens for whichever device i've sat on, dropped or generally lived around, i've become a little more circumspect and place functionality above aesthetics (not that its bad looking by the way). If you wrap your shiny new ipad in this case and use it for general use - its pretty much indestructible (unless you throw it at a wall - and even then, you may break your ipad but it will leave a satisfying hole as well). All in all - its a nice chunky case that protects the ipad from your normal family, the only downside is the screen protector in my view, its not quite as transparent as a normal film screen protector - and considering the nice new screen that's a bit of a shame - but still overall worth it! If your going to drink overpriced coffee in your local Starbucks - not the case for you, if on the other hand your going to sellotape your ipad to your bike handlebars whilst jumping off some hill then this is what you want.
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19th August 2012

Almost perfect
Whilst I accept the majority views about this case in its ruggedness and fitness for purpose the integral screen protector leaves much to be desired. Clearly the 'matt' back surface is designed to avoid bubbles, but, because it sits a little higher than the actual screen, it gives a distorted view of the IPad's retina display. So much so that when reading email or anything else with a plain background colour the image appears pixilated and 'wet'. Personally I solved this by removing the protector from its frame (it's only attached with extremely sticky tape) to rely on the 'Expertshield' protector previously applied; it makes a significant difference to the image quality. Despite the foregoing I would recommend the Gumdrop case to anyone because it certainly has the drop protection necessary to avoid the clumsy attention of a two year old. Unfortunately, because of the poor resolution of the integral screen protector, I can only award it four stars.
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Tim Bell
3rd July 2012

NEW iPad
Perfect and smart looking too
I looked at so many cases even the new all encasing Apple smart cover with a back! In the end it came down to the fact I want to make a statement with this iPad n case and I' m only 40 once! :-p it fits great. Is great hold although the new iPad n case is heavy on my wrist typing this. You can rest it on things though and it props up to watch TV or iPlayer catch up services. The boys love it and it suits them too play metal storm flight sim as its easy to grip and move. I'm sure the screen protector could be clearer but then nothing's perfect. The port covers are solid and button covers work well.
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Ron m
14th November 2011

Good protection
The gumdrop series case is exactly what you need to protect your iPad 2. Giving excellent protection and confidence that should it be dropped or worse, the iPad should be undamaged. The screen that comes with the unit is fantastic just like using the main screen. Cons. It is heavy but not excessively so. Also the advertised replacement screen has proved to be impossible to find unless you get it from gumdrop US which would cost more than replacing the whole unit.
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1st August 2011

a good choice for protection
We use ipads for business surveying both internally and externally. Having dropped and damaged one (which cost £300 to repair) I decided to research protective cases. The gumdrop is the second such case I purchased - the first being the otterbox. Both are roughly the same price. The otterbox advantage was it's stand but I was left unconvinced that the protection it offered would be good enough. The gumdrop is built very well, solid and sturdy; and you just know if you drop it, you wouldnt have an issue. The only downside is the weight of it. If you are looking for solid no holes bared protection (especially for wet or dusty environments) for your ipad the gumdrop will suit you well.
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