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Sorry, but Tetrax Magnetic iPhone 4 Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Tetrax Magnetic iPhone 4 Car Holder

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Product Reference: 28828

Attach your phone securely to your car's air vent with this Tetrax iPhone car holder bundle.

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This product has been given an average rating of 4.8 by 16 customers. | Write a review
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D A Chambers
North Yorkshire
11th February 2015

Excellent product
The Tetrax Magnetic Iphone Car Holder is exactly what I was looking for.Easy to fit, well made and does the job. the extra magnets supplied also provide versatility.Highly recommended. D A C
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Mark Gibson
17th October 2013

IPhone 4S
Great Accessory
Great accessory perfect for Iphone especially as it came with phone cover. Fits equally well on dash board or air vent Definitely recommend this item
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14th August 2013

Better than the rest
The Tetrax magnetic phone car holder is by far the best I have used in recent years! It is unobtrusive, small and because it attaches firmly to either the air vent or dashboard does not leave any tell-tale ring marks on your windscreen. It holds both phone or satnav securely without the usual bouncing around. I purchased 2 and my son is also delighted with his! More expensive than other devises but I would certainly recommend.
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Peter Phillips
28th July 2013

Iphone 4
Absolutely perfect and simple - my children will confirm it needs to be!
I was aware that there would be a number of alternatives for my requirement but I was persuaded from reviews and the product description that although more expensive than the competition, it would be ideal and it was - brilliant!!
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Simon Aldworth
26th July 2013

iPhone 4S
Excellent product!
I am always wary about buying products that appear to be a gimmick but I am so pleased that I made the plunge. This small and descreet item was exactly what I was after. I used to prop or post my phone in a variety of places to ensure that it did not move about whilst driving but remained visible to see who was calling. Now my phone is easily placed on the magnetic holder and looks like part of the dashboard. Thank you!
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Perth Australia
4th February 2013

Perfect... Works like a charm. Received order in good time and exactly as advertised. Comes with packed of small disks for other devices so very happy :-)
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25th September 2012

iPhone 4S
descrete quality holder
A brilliant product that means I can use my phone properly as a satnav. However there are lots of things in the packet and no instructions. I am using 2 out of 6 parts included.
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19th June 2012

Tetrax Magnetic iPhone 4 Car Holder
An Elegant Product of Excellent Quality
This is a wonderful item! I've been looking for in-car iPhone holders for a while now, only to find they all have pretty much the same boring, fiddly, awkward, clumsy manner of fixing in place. That is, until I happened across the Tetrax concept. There is a choice of either fixing the base holder to the air vent or, using the sticky pad, to other positions on the dashboard or facia. Depending on the location of the car's air-vent/s, it may well end up positioned awkwardly. However, I decided to use the sticky pad to attach it to a smooth part of the sound system facia and it holds effectively and works an absolute treat! The base device contains a strong magnet that serves to attract a similar magnet attached to the actual iPhone half-cover. It is very strong when located onto the base part. Even on bumpy roads, it holds with no problem whatsoever. It is, however, important to mention that it's better (when removing the actual iPhone from the holder unit, to 'slide' it off rather than pull directly. It comes off easily and with no problem despite how strong it actually is when in position. When on the base holder, the iPhone can also be rotated/swivelled to any position required, although you have to be sure when rotating it not to accidentally slide it off the holder. The actual 'half-cover' for the iPhone proper is very very attractive (in black, thus enhancing the look of the iPhone), very tactile (almost a 'rubbery' feeling), fits very snugly and acts as a very effective protector should the iPhone fall in the street or wherever. The package also comes with free additional magnets that I assume (since there is no mention in the instructions) is perhaps to use for other items(?). This is the best in-car iPhone holderI have seen... no silly suction pads, cables etc. All in all, this is an attractive, safe, protective, useful, unobtrusive, highly effective device. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending it... in fact, dump your old one and buy this! I can't imagine you regretting it! Dani (Edinburgh)
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Ron Whittle
United Kingdom
27th April 2012

iPhone 4
Ticks the box
The Tetrax is easy to fit and is unobtrusive. The phone has to be positioned pretty accurately for the magnet to connect, but then holds it well either over rough roads or in use.
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10th April 2012

Works Great
As a regular purchaser of car holders for my phone, thinking this will be the perfect one, it would appear I have found one of the most flexible for any device. Purchased with the Iphone cover as well the holder (so far) has worked perfectly. I did try the mount using the sticky pad but this was not successfull, probably down to my lack of preperation and impatience rather than the product. The vent mount works fine with the phone now being much closer to me.
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28th March 2012

iphone 4s
good kit
very good bit of kit, u just need to make sure u tighten it up securely to the vent as it falls off if not.. brill for sat nav app ... no stickers provided to put it on dash though...
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North Lincs
12th March 2012

Years of finding a discreet holder that does not look make the dashboard look bad, especially without the phone. Years of finding a holder that doesn't fall off. Years of.. You get the picture. Now get the holder. It is tidy, useful, quickly transferable, (using it abroad in a hire car for instance) and high quality. It attaches and detaches so easily that pulling it off to adjust volume is a one hand operation without having to take your eyes off the road. The holder cannot be seen with the phone on either. Probably the best bit of car phone kit I have ever bought, (and I have kept manufacturers rich over the years, trust me!)
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Dave Lathan
24th January 2012

Super Product
I have tried many car phone holders and I have been disappointed almost every time. Only one, the 6300 holder, was seriously useable. The Tetrax works. It really works . It holds the phone like a vice yet is not intrusive and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle in minutes. Well worth the money
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6th December 2011

This little device is the best and only phone holder i will ever use from now on. The i-phone cover is nice and snug and has a quality feel to it, the phone fits perfectly. The magnetic mounting device is easy to fit to the vent and holds the phone securely in place. Its brilliant. Theere wasnt the adhesive pad as promised in the pack so you are stuck with a vent only mount, but there are lots of additional magnets to adhere to your phone or case of chose if you dont want to use the tetrax one.
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