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Sorry, but Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

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Product Reference: 28152

The Jabra FREEWAY in-car speakerphone makes hands-free calls sound better than ever – and makes controlling them effortless.

  • "I like the automation"
  • "Top notch"

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Timothy Prollins
17th March 2017

I like the automation
I like the automation. This device turns on when you get in the car, and I think will keep me out of gaol with its hands free operation.
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2nd September 2016

-Great product! -clear conversations over the phone. -Easy to use. -need to talk clear to active the 'voice commands'. sometimes picks up wrong command. -FM transmitter is not the clearest sound to play your music. Better use AUX for that.
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Clifford Harrington
Perth, Australia
20th July 2016

Top Product!
Excellent product. Installs easily, pairs up quickly and has clear speakers and microphone communication. Battery life is very good and is quite stylish.
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maleny queensland
8th July 2016

Its the best handsfree speaker I have purchased the clarity and clearness of the voice is fantastic. It was so easy to set up and I love when the voice tells me that both of mobiles are connected. I highly recommend it and the best thing is I no longer have to access my mobile phones and run the risk of being picked up by the police and the price is very affordable.
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lana yakimoff
21st June 2016

not worth it
i purchased this product with hopes to use as speaker phone. The set up is not straight forward and the "voice" keeps telling me to reset up when i have about 5 times. I am over it and most likely will toss it! save your money
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16th June 2016

I'm pretty happy with this.
Haven't had it for very long but, so far, it does pretty much everything I'd want it to do. Seems like a solid, well built time and the sound quality is excellent. Easy, quick setup and no hassles.
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Allan Dixon
15th September 2015

Great clarity and is easy to listen to
The jabra freeway has great clarity and is easy to listen to. The only problem i have is that it only recognises some of my phonebook. The off on function when you leave and return to your vehicle i find great. Am very pleased with my purchase.
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Neil Haines
25th June 2015

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone
An excellent hands-free speaker phone that allows me to make and receive calls without taking my hands off the wheel for more than a second or two to press a button then the rest is done using my phones voice dialling simple and with the added bonus of being able to tune my car radio into the Jabra so that calls are heard through the stereo and when not using the phone for calls I can play music stored on my phone through the car stereo also how cool is that. On another note the first Jabra I received turned out to be faulty, no ones fault just a duff unit but Mobile fun were excellent in their response to my claim, kept me informed by email and replaced it in about a week Superb.
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Peter Honnef
Townsville, Queensland
5th August 2014

Efficient delivery, great product
Happy with purchase and service from shopping cart to front door and follow up!!!
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Donald Nolan
5th March 2014

Jabra FreeWay
I bought this product so I could answer my phone while still paying attention to the road. This is a good item to have for that reason because it let's you answer and hang up with just your voice. If you should happen to leave your vehicle this item go's into self shut down until you return and when it sense your cell is around it will re awaken ready to go. I recommend this item for all drivers.
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Malcolm Vance
23rd December 2013

Good Product, poor service.
The product is great, however the quality of the service was lacking. I ordered a Jabra visor bluetooth and it did not arrive for weeks. Only after enquiring about it's whereabouts was I informed that there was a system failure and my order had been affected.
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14th December 2013

Samsung galaxy note 3
Top notch
Exceeded my expectations, which at the age of 62 is not easy. In a nutshell, switch on, listen to the instructions, prepare to be impressed! Works perfectly. If I was forced to offer a complaint it would be that it has frightened me to death on a few occasions shouting "connected". Otherwise no less than perfect! Sound is loud and very clear. When you you receive a call it announces the callers name very clearly. We have a Parrot in our company van which will be replaced by another Jabra Freeway the earliest opportunity.
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Annette Moore
Raleigh, NC
20th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Phone Commands
In phone commands does everything but what I ask, redials, plays music, calls last number instead of number I ask, wants to pair , goes to what I can say, seldom what I ask. Would love it if that particular feature worked ?
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28th September 2013

dialect problems
Really looked forward to using this product but unfortunately it did not like my Norfolk accent. All worked well apart from the phone commands. Tried using other accents but to no avail. pity as it is a very neat unit
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London user
22nd September 2013

A bit expensive but worth it
I got this item because I wanted better sound quality, the ability to play audio from my phone through it and to avoid the running commentary on how it was doing loading my phone's directory which I got from a Supertooth unit when it was pairing and which was really irritating. It has lived up to expectations so far. Sound quality is good and it pairs quickly and without commentary. Battery life seems good so far - I just leave it on and it connects and disconnects as I get in the car. It has lasted well over a week so far without being turned off. Re-broadcasting audio from the phone also works well. One quirk - sometimes you have to talk to it with an American accent. The command to ask it to tell you how much battery time it has got left is "battery". But if you say it with a British accent it ignores you. You have to say "baddery" - then it will tell you. I don't think this is carried over to the voice dialling, because that is done by the phone. And one irritant - you can't see the button labels in the dark and you have to learn where they are. I think they can light up under some conditions, but if there is a way of turning the light on I haven't found it. All in all this is a very useful piece of kit and I would recommend it and, crucially, would buy another one if I needed a second.
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East Sussex
2nd January 2013

Motorola razr i
Should have been so good !
Incoming calls...Brilliant, clear and plenty loud enough. Outgoing calls...Hopeless, only works if you make the call manually which defeats the object of voice activated hands free, not to mention illegal if you're handling your phone and driving !! The voice recognition just doesn't work, you ask it to 'call home' and it finds 'skysports' or emails or another random number that doesn't even start with the same letter. Having googled the problem this seems to be wide spread, I even tried using an American as suggested on google !!! No, that didn't work either so I have sent it back and bought a Parrot minikit system instead and guess what, it works brilliantly...happy days !!
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Philip Delaney
26th September 2012

The Best......
Are we glad we found this, the last system we had was a Parrot and what a perfect name for it as it doesn't understand you and you don't understand it. The freeway should be called 'freedom' , from hassle of devices that do not work. Freeway is so clear and just works that I feel like buying a load of them and spreading the 'Gospel' of JOBRA .... Just get one and bring it everywhere with you, tell the world that you have eventually found the saviour of the mobile car phone speaker system....Brilliant!
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David Wintin
Braintree Essex
2nd July 2012

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone
Purfect for my needs
I could not have picked a better company or service than this one, the delivery on time great for my needs brilliant, I will be useing you again thanks
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John Turner
22nd June 2012

Jabra Freeway
What I was looking for
Very quick delivery and instruction easy to follow, unfortunately all works well but the voice commands. Still trying to resolve.
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Alnoor Hirji
Suffolk/Cambs border
28th May 2012

Jabra Freeway
Hands Free in a true sense
Excellent device, easy to use and sits discreetly in the car without drawing attention. Love the feature where it disconnects from my iphone when the iphone is not in the car and wakes up again when the iphone is brought into the car. 14 hours of talk time and up to 40 days on standby on one battery charge that only takes 2 hours or so to fully charge at home at the office or even in the car. Doesn't always uderstand some voice commands such as "Battery" but a great job of calling the number I want to call from my contact list. Very clear sound when talking on the phone and the people at the other end can't belive that you are calling from your car which means the the sound is clear with no background noises. Love the fact that I acn also play the music from my ihone through the car speakes, good value for money.
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4th May 2012

Jabra Freeway
It does what it says on the box
What a great product the talk time is excellent as is the stand by time and it saves battery by shutting down when you get out of the vehicle and connecting again when getting back in. It will shut down if the vehicle is not moving eg quietly sat waitng for some one just move the visor and get reconnection.Have also bought a second one.
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25th April 2012

Jabra Freeway
Best Handsfree I've tried
Now had this for approx two weeks and works really good. Not needed to use the facility to route call sound through the car stereo as the Freeway's own speakers work well. Calls are clear and people I talk to can hear me well. Mostly connects with my phone automatically and very quickly when I get in to the vehicle - have only had to connect it twice manually - not really a problem as just need to press the button on the Freeway. Would certainly recommend based on my experience with it
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7th February 2012

jabra freeway bluetooth
good bit of kit but has one draw back takes ages to set up on car audio and you get a lot of crossover on chanels other than that it works as it says on the tin
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J Elliott
West Sussex
21st November 2011

Great piece of kit
After having had a few different Bluetooth ear pieces, all of which ended up "dying" after a while, this is a very good alternative. It was very easy to set up, and so far I'm very impressed. Clear sound, easy dialing etc. Shame about the accent, but you can't have everything.
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John Lloyd
14th April 2011

Great bit of kit
Works very well with both my Blackberry and Iphone 4. Only downer is the units voice
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12th April 2011

Better than a parrot
Started using my freeway this week and it beats my existing parrot on a number of grounds: 1. Pipes calls into car audio system. The parrot lacked this and on freeways the parrot was constantly competing against road noise. 2. Sound quality is awesome 3. Connectivity, I'm on Samsung Galaxy and it's simple plug and play. 4. Auto turn off and on based on engine vibration 5. Connects really quick on entering car. I hit the ignition and by the time I reach the gearstick it's connected The one thing it's not great on that the parrot is... adding voice tags. The freeway does not pick up my accent and only seems to recognise my attempts at commands when using a dodgy US accent
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