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Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder

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Securely hold and charge virtually any smartphone with the Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Car Holder with built-in secondary USB charging port.

  • "In car charger"
  • "Exactly what it says on the box"

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21st April 2015

Olixar Trail Blazer Pro Universal
Great unit easy to use and a solid product. I have been checking out others but this is the most versatile unit for my use in our vehicles
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Robin Say
16th April 2015

Trail blazer phone holder/charger
Holds device when the roads not nice ...
This item allows one hand to install and remove device with ease. Holds it firmly even along the bumpiest of roads and tracks . Neat curly charging lead and bonus sub charging slot allows other device of alternative charger to be used whilst driving . Flexible shaft , adjustable ball and socket base gives ultimate positioning for safe easy use ... Legally . Great value for money .
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Paul Nowland
Darwin NT
15th April 2015

In car charger/holder
It works best if the phone sits directly above the socket, however if you want it off to the side a bit, it will eventually rotate around with the weight of the phone.
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San Francisco
7th December 2014

Olixar Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder
Works as advertised: charges my Android phablet and holds it solidly.
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10th November 2014

Samsung Note 3
Great product, wrong for my car
This holder is great and was strong enough to hold my Note 3. I think the design is really smart. It's just a shame that the position of my cigarette lighter made it awkward to change gear in my Volvo C30. I did consider changing my car, but...
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north west
18th October 2014

htc one
Def handy for the car esp with smart phones that hve limited battery life - does what it says!
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New York
25th July 2014

Very Good
Great product and good delivery time!
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1st June 2014

Nokia 625
Wish I had thought this through
The item itself it great and good idea. Am able to charge my phone, use navigation at same tome and be able to view screen using navigation. What I did not think about was the position within my VW Fox. I have trouble changing gear as I hit the phone and it falls over. Great gadget but think carefully where it will be positioned and where connection will be.
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Gerry Hodes
Marlow, Bucks
1st June 2014

Blackberry Z10
Great device: just didn't work for my SAAB 9-3
This is such a clever device, but didn't work for me or my car because my smartphone is a bit of a lump and the lighter socket quite recessed. No reflection on the charger, really. This is where Mobile Fun come into their own. The site instantly offers a free return service, easily accessed and simple to process. With this level of service comfort, M-F may be sure I'll return...often.
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31st May 2014

iPhone 4s and Tom Tom go 720
Needed something like this for years.
It does what it says on the web site. At last we can use the phone and/or the Satnav. in the Toyota Celica. Air vents not suitable for traditional devices and no flat surfaces anywhere for suckers. The goose neck is a little too stiff and needs to be adjusted by just holding that part itself. Worried that the actual holder would snap off if used to bend the neck. However, lots of other adjustment which compensates for this. Prompt service.
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Andy C
14th April 2014

HTC One Mini
Good for the price
Useful spare USB port. Fits my phone perfectly. Flexible support and ball joint allows any positioning of phone, portrait or landscape. Supported only by in-car cig lighter socket so not quite as solid support as would have liked, but adequate.
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Andy M
23rd March 2014

Galaxy S3 LTE
Great product
I bought this mount as I didn't want anything else stuck to the screen. None of the vent mounts seemed suitable for a Mk3 Focus, so this looked like an answer. It fits very tightly into the socket on the console,there is no shake or wobble in use, and the phone is held securely in place. I've had no issues with it moving. The charging cable fits well, and there are a variety of adapters supplied. As a bonus, it allows use of the USB socket to run a satnav, or charge my mp3 player.
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East Sussex
16th February 2014

Tom Ton & Samsung phones
Ower to your Gadgets
Ideal size and adjust-ability to fit power socket in car. Would benefit from on / off switch so does have to be partially removed when not in use so therefore only 4 stars
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5th February 2014

Huawei Y300
Perfect for the job intended
Easily put together, robust, however flexible enough to position it exactly where you want in the car. Slightly tight fitting connector to the 12V supply. Does what it says on the tin, and great value for money
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22nd November 2013

Nokia Lumia 820
Very useful, not quite perfect!
Bought as a holder for a Lumia 820 in my SAAB 9-3 estate 07 plate. This item is pretty good for the price and prevents having long wires everywhere crossing the controls and steering wheel. The stem isn't as long as I expected, however the plug and stem appear pretty robust and solid. The phone is ideally situated being close at hand, I would imagine if you have a small screen then the position could take your eyes off the road a little too long. Whilst it didn't intefere with the gear stick I do knock it occasionally when going to change gear. The plug is tight fitting in the lighter and I imagine this is designed as such to minimise any movement, so you have to ensure it is fully inserted so as to charge. The unit head rotates and the bendy stem gives you various positioning options. Only occasionally used so far so I can't comment on durablity. In summary it's great for the price, no wires dangling, feels solid and conveniently placed. The only real weakness is that the stem could do with being a little longer. I would recommend as a good budget option.
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Irvine CA
14th November 2013

Works Pretty Good
Didn't want the vent car phone holders because I heard they can break your vents with too much weight from the heavier smartphones. Used a cup holder device for a year but constantly having to fix the thing as it would lose it's tension. Do like this phone holder. Using it in a Toy Tacoma. Perhaps not the most convenient as the arm could be a little longer and it does get in the way of the two cup holders but I can work around it. It holds the phone securely but on some roads it does bounce. When it bounces a lot I've noticed the arm starts to fall slowly. The arm is held in place by a "ball in socket" set up and it probably could be a little more tight. Overall, it's worth it as I've freed up my 3rd front cup holder which is away from this device and I'm not potentially breaking a vent, nor am I blocking a vent, or hassling with my phone mounted to the window.
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Chris Wigg
Co. Cork, Ireland
9th November 2013

Good product
I've found the unit I bought to work well with, in my own case, just one minor fault: the movable link between the charger and the phone could be longer. This variation would make viewing the screen a little easier; my car's cigar lighter is fitted out of range of normal vision. Otherwise, I'm delighted...
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20th October 2013

iphone 5s
Charger /holder
It does exactly what it should do, it holds my phone for viewing and charges it . easy to fit and works well
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20th September 2013

Nokia Lumiar 520
Phone charger and holder
When I purchase this I thought that I could put the phone holder onto the Glass. Not practical for what I require. Now, the charger is great.
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8th September 2013

iPhone & iPad 3
Excellent dual-use product.
Excellent item which works well in both my car and the bus I drive. Only minor quibble would be that it's not too stable (wobbles about a bit) in the 24 Volt input in the bus but perfectly OK in the car.
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John McKenzie
17th August 2013

Experia T smartphone
I posted a rather negative review 3/4 weeks ago re the trailblazer. I want to clear up a couple of points. (a) I was being too gentle with goose neck. (b) For the price it's a bargain I don't know what I would do without it.
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Bob Martinez Jr
Phoenix, AZ
16th August 2013

Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder Almost Perfect
Scope of review is limited to the holder and does not include comments about the Nokia 925 GPS app. The holder design matches perfectly with the Nokia 925 device. The only downside is the supplied charging connector. It has to be forced into the 925 to keep from becoming easily disconnected. Hopefully, it has not damaged the 925. The knurled knob to keep the weight of the from moving has to be really tightened up, which requires caution to keep from causing any damage or breaking. Otherwise the holder is a great design.
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15th August 2013

iPhone 5
Almost Perfect
I was really looking forward to getting the TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder as it was going to allow me to use sat nav on the iPhone. The product is being used by me, but it doesn't get 5 stars for 2 reasons. 1. The bending arm piece is just a little shorter than I expected 2. The bit that goes into the Ligther Charger, doesn't fit perfectly and feels like it doesn't sit true in it. That said, it is a decent product for the cost.
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Andrew McLeman
Edinurgh, Scotland
12th August 2013

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
Neat soultion to holding phone
I wanted something to hold my iPhone 5 phone both securely and in my vision without putting it on the windscreen or on the dash vent. This may not be ideal solution for all cars depending on the position of the charger socket, and in fact due to the ashtray cover in my car it only allows one reasonably suitable option. The arm however is quite flexible but secure when tightened so it should in fact manage to fit most cars. The charger cable comes with sockets for iPhone 4 and 5 (+ others) and even when fitted a USB socket is still available. So as not to lose the other adaptors in the glove compartment I used the plastic packing to create a makeshift tray so that the other ones not in use are easily found.
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5th July 2013

NOTE, EXPERIA arc S, ipod, iphone 5, iphone 4s, Samsung.
Missing Parts.
I received my TrailBlazer today and all was well until, I noted the package description clearly states 7 (SEVEN) tips. My unit only had 4 (FOUR) I am rating the unit purely on it's actual performance but, I am disappointed at the discrepancy in tip description and the actual amount on arrival.
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3rd May 2013

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
Easy to position.
Overall I'm pleased with the charger/holder. There a couple of things though that could be improved. There is quite a lot of movement because of the way it fits into the cigarette lighter. Also there is quite a lot of noise when the charging socket is in although the volume of my music cancels this out. It is easy to position and it is easy to release my mobile.
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28th April 2013

iPhone 4S
As Advertised
As a solution to having several components together to present my iPhone so that it is visible and useable this actually works. Good quality build and works as advertised. In my Focus the position could be a little higher which would need a longer 'goose neck'
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24th April 2013

Nokia Lumia 820 / Honda Civic (2000)
Shame I can't use it in my car
I have tried and tried and tried but I just can't find a way to use this in my car that provides a solid, safe and convenient mounting for my phone. One problem is the ball and joint socket at the holder end is a bit wobbly. I will see if a friend would like to use it in their Volvo which has a vertical centre-dash AUX power socket while I will go back to using a cheap holder gaffa-taped to my old Garmin weighted bean-bag.
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Mr M Mistry
5th March 2013

iPhone 4s
simple, easy and works well
i brought this based on the previous vast amounts of reviews. works well and does the job of holding your phone in and on charge on comfortable view within the dashboard area hidden away and out of sight using on vertical dashboard lighter socket - great but slight movement but i know that all it takes is a little adjustment with a thin slip of plastic to stop it wriggling around. slight weight on the lighter socket but again this is overcome by bending the goose neck slightly backwards before bending the top so the phone is top back bottom forward so the weight is pushing the unit back into the socket last note is the connectors - if you have a cover on the the casing on the iphone connector is thicker then the standard iphone cable so the casing stops the connector from fully going in, in my case i had to take the cover of completely - but problem solved easily as i had another iphone cable which i just use to connect so no need for the spares.
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Brian Pike
23rd September 2012

Nokia Asha 300
Slightlyy disappointed
Description very good. Delivery excellent Video first class. Slight problem, my Car is a Ford Scorpio with a full nokia phone system. This is to upgrade the phone system The fitting into the Cigarette lighter is not a good one and not firm enough It works OK but rattles a bit and does not keep very still.
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Graham P
4th September 2012

Excellent Item and superfast service.
I ordered this item on Friday and received it the next morning. Excellent service. The charger works fine and the holder (which would be handier if it was a bit more flexible) does the job. However, for the price, it is good value for money and I would recommend it.
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30th July 2012

HTC Desire S
Very good, but needed a bit of packing
After signing up for a new HTC Desire S I started looking around for a good phone holder for the car. I have seen quite a few online and of freinds but was not keen on any of them. I don't like the ones you stick on the windscreen as I feel they obscure the view and are generally out of easy reach. I also did not like the ones that clip in the vents as this will obviously impare their operation. The Trailblazer looked like the perfect solution for my Rover 25 so I bought one. The item arived reasonably quickly and I got straight to work assembling it and fitting the correct micro-USB adapter for my phones charging port. The 12V socket in my car is mounted horizontally, emerging from just below the radio. With careful bending I was able to crank the flexible swan neck of the Trailblazer to position the holder just to the left of all the radio and vent controls, perfectly reachable without stretching and at a good height. For my car its below dash level but I do not find this an issue. Unfortunately there is one slight issue with the Trailblazer. Although the flexible neck is lockable and the phone holder itself can also be locked at any angle, allowing you to quickly switch the orientation from portrate to landscape, the fix in the lighter socket is just not tight enough. On my first tight bend at reasonable speed the phone and holder rotated slowly round in the socket to end up upside down in the foot well. I would say that the ligher adapter is better than most chargers as it has four sprung clips on the outside of the barel, but these will not hold even a lightish phone like an HTC Desire S in the horizontal position when going around bends. If the ligher socket was vertical this would not happen. I have however fixed this with a bit of light card from a cereal packet. I put the card just under the sprung outer contacts to make a very tight and snug fit in the ligher socket, and now its rock steady. All in all I like this holder. It is infinitely variable for positioning and so can put the phone pretty much where you want it, quickly and easily. I like the holder rotate facility, which is good when you want to use the phone for Satnav. The phone release mechanism from the holder is very good, quick and easy, while in the holder its firm and secure. The only improvement would be stronger lighter socket contacts to prevent rotation.
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Alstair McCall
20th June 2012

Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
Does the job
Having had the charger/holder for a few weeks now it works really well. One small niggle though,since the power socket in my car is mounted horizontally, when I fitted the phone to the holder it kept swinging down towards the floor.To remedy the situation I had to make a small bracket and and fix it to the consul and cable-tie it to the bracket. The addition of a usb socket is really useful allowing a second device to be used. Apart from the small problem with the socket I am delighted with my purchase.
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8th June 2012

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
Great at this price
Reall does exactly as it says and with lots of flexibility with the position you put it in.
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Clive P
22nd March 2012

HTC Desire
Does what it says on the tin
I've been looking for a phone holder / charger for a while that could be placed within easy reach whilst driving and thought that this would fit the bill. After a bit of bending of the flexable arm I managed to position it away from the gear stick and my left leg in my car ( Mazda 6 ) and my phone worked perfectly even with sat nav on. The only things I would point out is the pictures do not show the lead attached to the power adapter and that as it is made of plastic, the swivel joint might break if you are not careful when tightening or adjusting the unit. Overall a good value phone holder / charger.
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Martin J
9th March 2012

Samung Galaxy 2
Does the job.
Delivered promptly. It sits neatly in the power socket on my Merc, which is vertical, but can imagine it may be more of a problem on a horizontally positioned socket. Tends to wobble around a bit, but otherwise good value and makes the phone easy to view.
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Phil Gray
29th February 2012

A most useful gadget
Really clever little device. If only the adjustable arm was a little longer, it would be perfect.
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16th February 2012

Good buy!
After reading many of the reviews when I was looking for a new holder for my Nokia E7, I plumped for this one. Easy to put together and the multiple charging adapters are great - friends have been very grateful to be able to charge their phone when in my car! I agree with some other reviewers, if the phone is a tad heavier, bigger etc unless you really work to get the flexible stem in the right place, it can drop down slightly. This is minor really as it still keeps hold of the phone and let's face it if you are driving you shouldn't be looking at your phone even if in a holder! Another tip is to move the stem so it leans on a part of the car and this seems to work ok! If the phone holder was connected to the stem with a ball joint as at the base of the stem it would be even better and more flexible to use. So all in all a good buy for what it is.
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Big Al
14th February 2012

life saver
Just got a new car and the old universal holder was not compatible because of the shape of the dashboard. So I ordered a new holder with a long flexible arm on it, and it works really well. Only one small criticism, sometimes because the weight and angle you have the phone at, it will slip round in the cigarette lighter and the phone will fall down, if the attachment you place inside the cigarette holder could be of a tighter fit then I would have given it 5*, all said its a great product and at a great price.
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2nd February 2012

Trail Blazer Charger/Holder
Once you get it to the correct position(1st attempt I knocked it with my knuckles when changing gear!!) its a sturdy bit of kit also handy with the USB port for charging Kindles etc,the only downside and that depends on the layout of your dash ,I could do with a longer stem for My car (2010 Accord).
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Peter Hart
West Yorkshire
7th January 2012

Pretty good, but be gentle with it!
Overall I'm pretty pleased with this; it came at a competitive price, not much more than many of the phone-holders which don't have a flexible arm on them. Just a word of caution so you don't do what I did: the flexible arm is very stiff initially, and trying to position it in the car with the holder and phone in place (which is the natural thing to do) I managed to snap the rather small bit of plastic which attaches the holder to the arm. A spot of superglue has fixed it up and it's fine now, but I wasn't best pleased when it initially happened! Now it's fixed, the holder and arm are reassuringly solid, the holder retains the phone well, and the arm allows flexible positioning depending on where your lighter socket is. It's also nice having a set of phone adaptors in the car in case someone else wants to charge their phone or device.
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23rd December 2011

Does the job
The mobile cradle does the job well, although stability is a slight issue i.e. if your electrical point is located in a horizontal position rather than a perpendicular position in the vehicle, then the weight of the phone can cause the arm to swing around if not well seated in the socket. However, it looks good, is out of the way and thus far I've had no issues. The one big downside is that the actual cradle itself is totally plastic, including the moving parts which in my opinion doesn't bode well for longevity.
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11th December 2011

Very good
No problems. Sometimes you have to readjust the neck but it's no major issue. Charger works, neck stays stable once adjusted. Good price.
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Nick Lincoln
9th November 2011

The best HTC Sensation car phone holder I can find
First things first; this device all depends on where your car cigarette lighter is positioned. In my Peugeot 306 it is off-centre, on the right, just above the most forward (5th gear) position of the gear stick. As such the device is out of the way and can be adjusted. It works! It holds the mobile in place & it charges it! It's perfect for sat nav stuff but I wouldn't want to dial out on the phone in transit - the holder has a tendency to tilt if the phone is touched without a degree of gentleness - this is not easy travelling along a motorway at full tilt...
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16th August 2011

Works ass expected
Works exactly as I expected As other reviews have said it does feel a bit light, but just a little care makes sure you set it up right and keep it working fine I'm happy with it :-)
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County Durham
11th August 2011

Good piece of kit
Cradle holds phone well and will angle to suit any driving position. Integrated charger is brill. Really good value for money.
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3rd August 2011

Good inexpensive solution & good service
Its a good product/solution for my HTC. Build quality is fine. The USB charger is great so I can charge another device. Product arrived ahead of time but was missing the charging cable, but sent email to MobileFun customer service and received the missing part within a couple of days. Good product and good service. Thnx
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30th June 2011

Nice piece of kit
If you don't have the latest bluetoothh technology pre-installed in your car you need an after-market solution. This ticks many boxes- especially the sheer number of adapters supplied to fit most phones. One word of caution - in my astra, the 12v outlet (cigar lighter) is close to the gear shifter which can cause a problem.
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27th June 2011

perfect little helper!
This product is actually really goood! the lead doesn't work if stretched too far but other than that this is just what I needed for my car! I have a suzuki ignis and it fits perfectly without getting in the way of my gear stick :)
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27th June 2011

Excellent product but build quality a bit dodgy
I bought this phone holder because all the ones with suction mounts never stay on for more then a few hours and it's really annoying when they fall into the footwell when you're driving. This one fits into the lighter socket so stays rigid. However, I have a ford focus and the position of the socket is such that it's a bit of a squeeze to get the holder to fit. However, the flexible neck is excellent and you can twist it in all manner of shapes to get it to sit nicely in place and the phone (htc desire) then sat just to the left of the gear stick just where I wanted it. Things I like about the device: flexible but rigid and doesn't wobble about extra usb port for charging another device easy to fit phone multiple charge leads for different phones things that could have been better: the silver top cap came off after 2 days and won't fit back on. Poor build quality the blue light stays on even when the ignition is off which I dont like the actual phone holder has a habit of popping off the stem if you try to adjust the phones position one handed (i. E while driving) so for the price not bad, with some very good features but build quality could be better.
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Scott Birnie
7th June 2011

iphone 4 Car Charger
This is a great car holder / cradle for the iPhone and a good combined unit with the charger although the charger can be a little intermittent on bumpy roads!
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30th May 2011

what it's supposed to do
Just what it says on the tin.
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milford haven
28th May 2011

just what ALL the familys mobiles need in the car
It does what it says,charges whoevers mobile needing charging when out in car. So no more family excuses:phones out of battery.
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Sarah Moss
13th May 2011

Does what it says on the tin!
Easy to assemble and install, works a treat, exactly what I needed and I particularly like the facility to add a second phone to charge.
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Mr M.
29th April 2011

Worth buying
Good quality product, however this is dependant on the location of your car's power socket. The supplied gooseneck does make it easy to find a decent position for your phone, but again will depend on the car. I have the new fiesta and the socket is placed below the gear stick, meaning I have to make sure the phone clears the handbrake and 2nd gear! Once in place the holder is sturdy and secures my phone really well. Worth the price and delivery was very impressive.
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West Sussex
18th April 2011

Very useful
Ideal size & shape for the Audi Q5, well thought out. Could have been a bit sturdier on the feed connection but a minor point. Great idea.
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14th April 2011

"Just what i needed"
Fitted in seconds and working. An inexpensive and easy solution to a need.
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Andrew Hill
Crawley West Sussex
10th April 2011

Fits my Mondeo MK3 Perfectly...
Fits in my Mondeo MK3 perfectly, nice tight fit in the cigarette lighter. Unfortunately the charging adapter on mine did not work with my HTC HD7 but the USB port is OK. Hence the four star rating.
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West Sussex
6th April 2011

Spot on
My TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder arrived the following day after ordering & upon easy assembling fitted it into my Audi Q5 lighter socket in the ashtray. Made for the job. Disappointed that there was no Goose neck adapter in kit as the ad suggested but not a real problem. Charger lead & adapter work great & good selection of connectors. Thank you
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6th April 2011

Its ok but....
Pretty much does what it says on the tin.....well blister pack really. Charger works fine with my ip4 however I only recieved the flexi gooseneck arm, the other right angled one was not included in the pack.
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5th April 2011

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and
Excellent,might get in the way if i had manual gears but with my auto it works fine.
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28th March 2011

Has Expected
The Best phone car holder I have had in a long time plud it's also a charger, very happy.
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John Dean
22nd March 2011

Excellent Product
I upgraded my phone from one that used an installed car-kit, so needed a new holder/charger. This is a versatile option that holds my phone securely an allow me to keep it fully charged at all times. Adjusting was easy, but took a bit of 'trial & error' to get a comfortable and safe position. Not sure at this stage how long the cigar lighter mounting will last in daily use.
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5th February 2011

Excellent Product
Compact, neat don't have trailing cables when charging. The flexible arm attachment is definitely a bonus. The only negative I have found is that the charging cable could have done with being a little longer for use with the flexible arm attachment as my phone's charging point is on its top.
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Derek Tomblin
Hastings, England
5th February 2011

Good Choice for the Car
Just as described. But a little difficult in my car as lighter socket is close to the gear lever position in 1st gear (Hyundai Coupe). It would be useful to have instructions included.
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