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Sorry, but Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder

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Product Reference: 27266

Securely hold and charge virtually any smartphone with the Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Car Holder with built-in secondary USB charging port.

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Kevin learner
2nd September 2015

samsung galaxy
Poor build quality
The item does not fit comfortably into the lighter socket of my ford s max causing the power to disconnect on travel. The cable connecting the lighter socket to the phone broke after 2 days and 2 uses. Ok for the price but would have expected the cable to last longer than 2 days. Now using USB instead.
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Charles Cervone
20th July 2015

Product reference: 27266
I'm a bit disappointed with this product. It's flimsy and wobbly, and even though in the brochure picture it is fitted to what looks like a Ford Mondeo cigarette lighter, like mine, it doesn't fit well at all. Plus the phone weight will make the whole thing basically fall out of the socket. I had to make extra bracket to make it useful.
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George Martin
2nd July 2015

Nokia Lumia 635
Not as good as expected
Love the design and the way it holds my phone, unfortunately it wobble around in my socket of my 2015 model Ford Focus so can't use.
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Pete Mahon
4th March 2015

Sony Xperia Z1 and Ford Focus
Disappointing - heavy degradation after 8 month's use
Used twice a day for 8 months, the unit is no longer fit for purpose. There is a spring-loaded mechanism which pushes the clamps outwards when a button is pressed. You insert the phone and squeeze the clamps together with your fingers. This relies on a small gear and plastic teeth on the clamps which are very stiff in cold weather and have eventually given way, with the clamps now losing their grip. For £12 (price I paid) it's not a bad purchase but I would be inclined to seek a more robust and expensive design in future.
MobileFun Reply:
By all means return it as you have a 12 month warranty.
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Tuan Ho
6th December 2014

Car Charger
I received the 2in 1 car charger + mobile docket some days ago but very disappointed when trying assembling them. The plastic nut used for tightening the two parts broken right away and I can not do anything with it. In order to hold the two heavy parts like that, I think the nut must be made of aluminum or brass, not that soft and fragile plastic stuff.
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Hugh Robertson-Payne
5th November 2014

Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro etc
Not really up to the job....
I'm writing this as I had an email from Mobile Fun asking me too, so here are my findings... To be honest, I don't know if the holder I'm looking for exists. I use an iPhone 5s which I use Tom Tom sat nav on. The iphone is in a Lifeproof Frē case. What I need is a a device to hold the iPhone in its case in my work van with the ability to charge whilst using as the Tom Tom app uses a lot of power. I also don't want a suction holder that has to stick to the van windscreen in order to keep the phone out of the sun to avoid it overheating as iPhones tend to. This holder promises to be all these things. It is supported by the 12v socket and the stem can be bent to various angles and positions. The cradle itself is a squeeze and release set up that could fit multiple size devices. The problem is, it just doesn't work that well and is fiddly. It is not very self supporting and so over time it says and flops about and is all a bit of a faff. I've had it a couple of weeks now and to be honest it's either going back or going in the bin, it's just too much of a pain to set right and use effectively. Top marks for effort but not much for execution. Sorry, just being honest.
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4th October 2014

Not suitable for my car
The device didn't sit firmly into the charging port in my Honda Jazz, meaning it wouldn't stay in place for very long. It was also not long enough to position the phone in the desired position. Would not recommend.
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Tash Robinson
26th June 2014

Too flimsy
I though this looked like a good product, but after use I ended up buying something else. Issues: The weight of the phone and dock is too much to be supported by the cigarette lighter port and it was slightly flexing the dash around the port. The attachment that actually holds the dock is a loose fit onto the flexible post, it doesn't lock and it has a lot of play causing the phone to shake and vibrate a lot during diving. The flexible post itself, is very stiff, but is long enough that it also shakes a lot. The whole setup seems unstable. The built in charging port with all the adapters did not work. The USB port worked ok, but I liked the idea of a small built in port that did not require an extra cable and leaving a 2nd port free. Would not recommend.
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Steven Hendry
7th June 2014

Trailblazer advanced pro universal in-car charger and holder
Not very universal
I thought this was a great idea in principle, however the charger is rather flimsy if you go over a bump in the road the charger stops working, I've only used it three times and it's already started to droop, not ideal.
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Faisal Khan
Westmead, NSW
2nd May 2014

Not a secure fit at all as advertised
Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-car charger and Holder. I've used this product for a little less than one month. It started out nice and snug. Within a week of usage however, the gooseneck tube has become very loose, so that whenever I attach my phone (Nexus 5, not a very heavy phone I'd say) the weight of the phone causes it to slip/slide at the end where it's attached to the charger. It's not a problem with the ball and adjustable cog end, that itself is tight. It's the attachment between the bendable tube and it's base piece that get's loose. The result is I have to use my knee/leg to keep the phone in place and everytime I extend to apply the clutch the phone slips down. Also, this is not an ideal device for using on a VW Golf (2000) or for that matter any car where the charge port is very close to the gear lever, as you have to fight with the surrounding area to put the pin in the 1.2A port.
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3rd March 2014

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
I have a VW Passat 2003 1.9TDI and unfortunately , this charger does not fit very well, as they cig lighter is close to the gearstick and the arm on the charger is not long enough to escape the gear stick.
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25th July 2013

tipo di auto
purtroppo io non lo posso usare... prima dell'acquisto assicuratevi che possa andare bene con la Vs autovettura... io l'ho regalato...
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28th December 2012

Not suitable for me.
Whilst I found the product well made, I was unable to fit the charger into an Audi A4 without interfering with the gear lever. The gooseneck and "L" shapes iphone holders have therefore been discarded and I use the remainder of the device solely for charging.
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Peter drury
25th September 2012

sanding galaxy note
This is the second one of these i have purchased,on the first one the flexible charging lead socket stopped wasn't 12 month old but i couldn't find the receipt to return it.i have just bought another thinking it wont happen twice but,guess has.must be a design fault.luckily it has another charging socket so it can still be used.wouldn't have liked to pay Rep for this product.
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24th August 2011

The old adage is true..
Using: HTC Desire S and VW Gold mk 6. I think my expectations (or hopes) were too high, turns out the device is not ideal for the space in my car, there is no angle that doesn't conflict with something, in the process of making the best of it, it broke in my hand, coming apart between the swan neck and the bracket. I was expecting a cheap fix to the car mount problem but.... get what you pay for. And there is no such thign as "universal"
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Jean Clayton
United Kingdom
11th August 2011

Flimsy Bracket
Whilst the charger and holder were good the bracket for the holder is very flimsy, I only had it installed in the car a couple of days and whilst adjusting the position it snapped off rendering the holder useless. The charger is still of use hence the 2 stars
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David Moody
24th May 2011

Not Impressed
The concept is good but the Samsung adaptor did not fit my Samsung Mini phone, It only went partly in and the slightest movement it come out. Not a lot of good in a moving car.
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11th April 2011

Seemed like a good idea but....
I had hoped that I would be able to use this holder to use my phone's sat nav function, (HTC Incredible S)but I've not been able to find a position where it can be placed without it being struck by my gear lever, Peugeot 307, or my knee. I'm using it as a charger at the moment and it works fine for that, a bit expensive for that single function though.
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Chris Smyth
5th April 2011

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and
I bought this for use with an iphone I cannot get the lead that comes with it to charge thew iphone so although the holder is good it has been assigned to a box in the garage of poor buys.
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John Cahill
23rd February 2011

Not bad
I had a bit of trouble putting this together as the joining parts were badly moulded and therefore rather tight. Once assembled it did work quite well although it does get in the way of the gear-stick, however, that's down to the position of my cigarette-lighter.
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3rd February 2011

Not ideal
I saw this item on the mobile fun website and it looked pretty good, but it unfortunatly was too big! I sent it back in the end as the charging unit didn't work for the HTC also. I own a Vauxhall Astra and not matter which adapter i used or where ever i placed it, it was always in the way of the gear stick! Shame!
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Steve Seddon
26th January 2011

just what i thought i needed
Having just received my HTC Desire HD, i needed an adjustable cradle/charger and thought the trailblazer looked just the job. Now i know why the thing is in the sale! Quality is pretty awful and the swan neck doesnt fit properly and the plastic silver ring cover fell off before even being used. One saving grace is that the cradle itself is quite supportive.
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