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Sorry, but Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder

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Securely hold and charge virtually any smartphone with the Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Car Holder with built-in secondary USB charging port.

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Ceri Powell
8th August 2015

iPhone 6 Plus
Disappointed :(
The holding screw just doesn't tighten up enough, allowing my phone to flop down. The charger port also doesn't fit properly into the 12v socket, its slightly too small and kept falling out. Sort these issues out and I will buy one again.
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David Baker
10th June 2015

Oil at Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder
Flawed design - returned
This was bought to replace a 7 yr old Kensington equivalent no longer made. Unlike the Kensington this has a ball and socket joint at the junction of the power adaptor and the flexible metal rod to the phone holder. The added leverage of the weight of an iPhone 6 overpowers the friction of the ball and socket joint, even when tightened. So it just droops down. And that is before you even attempt to use the phone in situ. Tightening with a spanner very hard might work - but also might well strip the plastic thread. Mobilefun were great and easy to deal with in accepting a return. I have now installed a proper Brodit system (brilliant).
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23rd May 2015

S6 Edge
Not worth the money
Poor, flimsy construction. Supplied charging cable does not work. Do not buy.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sounds like you have a faulty item there, please contact us for a replacement.
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16th March 2015

samsung galaxy
Not very good
I was looking forward to receiving this item but when I did I was dispointed. It doesn't stay up when my phone is in it. It's like my phone is to heavy for it.
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Brendan O'Brien
Bexley Kent
6th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 1
I'm sorry to say that this product was certainly the most disappointing I have purchased from Mobile Fun. The device will not hold the phone securely or firmly but is in fact very springy rendering it almost impossible to activate controls on the phone. Once the arm has been set it is almost impossible to re-align it without removing the complete unit from the lighter socket. The biggest problem however lies with the clip at the rear that should lock the plate in the closed position.It doesn't. the slightest touch releases it and often just the natural vibrations from driving cause it to unlock and spin out of place. Describing this item as rubbish is not a statement of emotion but rather one of fact. Waste of money.
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26th June 2014

Xperia Z2
Not too good
Not sure if its faulty but the phone holder doesn't stay attached to the arm, just slides out. My 12v socket is near the handbrake so have to have the phone in a more horizontal position, maybe that is the problem.
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United Kingdom
14th November 2013

iphone 5, nokia lumia 925
Not so good
Bought it in July. It is quite flimsy so does not stay in position for long. Also i get messages on the phones saying it is not compatible charging device. this week it stopped charging altogether. not very good quality - will be asking for a refund
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United Kingdom
27th October 2013

No good for the Sony Z1
Purchased it for the new Sony Z1, but the phone itself is too heavy for this charger/holder. With the weight of the phone whilst in the holder, the 'bendy' pipe from the cigarette lighter to the phone holder drops down and will not stay upright. I would say this charger/holder would be OK for smaller / lighter phones, but for the Sony Z1 (as advertised) it's pretty useless.
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10th September 2013

iPhone 4S
Dd they even test the product wit a current smart phone?
...because my 4S weighted it down as it disorient plug in nice and tight, so it spins round and thus probably making your phone fall out or a distraction during driving. Also I tried to reposition the very stiff goose neck to help balance it out, but the holder just broke off. Now I have a speared in car charger and holder (that doesn't fit onto anything now). Oh and like other have mentioned, the charging cable is also too loose so it can keep slipping out. Worst product I've bought for here. Excellent mobile Fun delivery as usual though.
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John McKenzie
22nd July 2013

Experia T smartphone
Not what I expected.
The device is far from " fit any car" The device has fallen out twice when I have been driving. I have to use a cable tie to keep it in place.In my opinon the device is made for a lighter holder that is flat either beside the handbrake or flush with the dashboard. In all I am disappointed with the purchase and would be reluctant to recommend it to anyone.
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Ian Summerton
22nd June 2013

Shame I cannot give it zero
Absolute rubbish. The lightening connector broke off as I was trying to set it up. I was able to use it with a lightening / USB cable so I carried on. I have used it for about a week and the arm has come lose and will not support the weight of the holder and phone. Would send it back for a refund but my time is more valuable than that.
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Stephen Makepeace
10th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Not worth the money
I've now had 2 of these and First: they have both stopped working. I've changed the fuses, no good. checked the fuses, they're all okay. Second: the socket where the power cord plugs in, disappears inside. You can dismantle the charger and put it back in place, but should you have to? Third: the screw ring that tightens the swivelling ball has cracked, therefore applying no pressure and the cradle just flops down Fourth and finally: the combined weight of the unit and phone puts too much pressure on the lighter socket and damages it. Now looking for alternatives!
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Richard Coitino
31st May 2013

Disappointing product quality
It was of poor quality. It fitted loosely in the 12 volt socket of my VW Caddy. The USB cable fitted loosely in socket and so did the USB cable from my sat nav. The whole set up looked and performed poorly. I finished up giving this product away and sending for a dual USB socket from Mobilefun at three times the price and quality to match. Message to Mobilefun: good delivery is one of the factors of company performance but product quality must match good delivery for excellent company performance. Don't. Recommend the product .
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15th May 2013

HTC One X+
Not good
This is the first product I have purchased from here which I am not happy with. It is fiddly to fit to a Kia Pro Cee'd and, once the phone is in place, the adapter is pushed down in the socket and loses power. It isn't going to work without some sort of modification which you shouldn't have to do. Bad design in my opinion.
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Gordon Mac
26th April 2013

iPod touch
Not great
Broke while positioning it in the car . Would have been too loose in the 12v socket anyway . Never used and now chucked in the junk cupboard .
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Ayo Ajose-Adeogun
19th December 2012

Toyota Land Cruiser
this totally doesnt work with jeeps where the cigarette lighter is behiund the gear stick also, the main charge outlet has failed, only USB works
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3rd August 2012

Absolutely Rubbish
I Bought this based on the video review posted on you tube. Totally useless. The Iphone cannot be charged using the usb connection The adjustable neck isn't strong enough to hold the iphone in position The male connector needs to be re-designed as it doesn't fit tightly into the 12v charger and constantly need pushing back in. AVOID AVOID AVOID If there was a negative mark I would have picked that, 1 star is too many.
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Mike P
21st July 2012

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
Seemed like a good idea. Seemed to work well. That was the first day. Then it broke. If you have one, the connection between the bendy bit and the clamp which holds the phone is fragile.
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Johannesburg, South Africa
15th July 2012

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
What a load of rubbish, the product doesn't work, it is too heavy with the phone in, it doesn't stay plugged into the cigaret lighter, the arm, puled out after 1 day of use. this product doesn't work
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7th June 2012

Wrong item again!
I have just received my replacement trailblazer as the first one delivered was incorrect. Infuriatingly, the second one is the same! I ordered the trailblazer advanced pro universal car charger, I received the older model, TWICE!!! Please try again, and please refund all of my postage! If the next delivery is also wrong, I want a full refund.
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21st July 2011

3 months old and broken
Nice idea, worked great in ford focus,but poorly made. After 3 months charging plug broken.
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18th July 2011

Flimsy build quality. Managed to snap it in two in the process of positioning the phone.
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17th July 2011

Waste of money and time
A complete waste of money. Some of the tips broke as soon as I tried to take it out. The holder is rubbish, does not hold the mobile and it keeps falling down.
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Phil McDonald
26th April 2011

stopped charging in 2 weeks
Th phone holder works fine, but it stopped charging the phone after 2 weeks !
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19th April 2011

Trail Blazer Phone Holder
This is the first time I have puchased one of these but I have purchased 3 of the Model that has more of a Fixed arm the last one just kept blowing fuses and the others packed in, the idear of this product is great but in operation they have all had funny moments on charging, when puting on charge it constantly makes the phone bleep at you most anoyingly, I dont think I will buy another.
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anthony f
11th April 2011

not what it said
I thought this was going to be perfect for me , I placed it in the cigarette lighter and it intermitantly charged my phone and when it sat in cradle the phone kept moving. A total waste of money.
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7th February 2011

Not what the doctor ordered!
Unfortunately, the usb port on the charger doesn't charge my iphone 4 when using the iphone usb cable. The jack to insert the cable supplied broke the second time I used it. The charger was a very tight fit for the cigarette lighter in my Mercedes CLK resulting in the cover for the cigareete lighter not closing properly (when the charger is removed).
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Andrew Witchell
1st January 1970

TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
Don't waste either your money or time buying this product
Broke the flexible neck whilst attempting to adjust its position. Used the product once and found that it rotated around the power source making reading the phone screen impossible. In summary it was useless!
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