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Griffin Capacitive Stylus For iPad And iPhone

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More control as you write, sketch, tap and drag on your iPad, iPhone or any touchscreen.

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5th June 2011

Griffin Capacitive Stylus
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Much thinner than my fingers, which allows more accurate input onto a smartphone touchscreen. Struggled to type accurately before, no problems now! I would have given 5 stars if it had been a even thinner.
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24th May 2011

Good Stylus
Ordered on Sunday and received this morning, Tuesday, as usual excellent service. The only gripe I have is that the web page for this item is slightly misleading as it shows 2 Stylus so was expecting 2 in the pack. Apart from that it seems to be good and will eliminate fingerprints on the screen.
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13th April 2011

Great capacitive stylus
I really like this stylus, and it works very well. I haven't tried other ones, but this one is great because you can see where you're drawing, which I think most of the other ones don't do, and it's quite important if you want to draw with precision. It takes a bit getting used to it, and you have to hold it in a precise way if you want the red dot to line up with your drawing. But it's not a big deal. The only negative thing is that there is a part that surrounds the tip, and it fell off mine after carrying it around for a week or so. Luckily I didn't lose it, and it was easy to fit back on, but now I feel I really need to find a cover for it, which is not an easy task. But over all, it's a great piece of kit, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to draw on their iPad or iPhone.
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Designer & coder for interactive applications
31st March 2011

Great for drawing
I bought this stylus cause I needed a functional way to draw on my phone (I use Autocad's Sketchbook for quick pictures to show to my clients), and it works perfectly. In spite of the wide tip area, when you draw the lines appear exactly where you expect them to, and everything feels smooth and intuitive. Only con: it's as big as a real stylus. I would've preferred it smaller.
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11th March 2011

Useful tool
Not a pen,not a brush, but a great improvement on a fingertip.
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Mr Middleton
3rd March 2011

It works
Ordered this yesterday, and by standard post it arrived today. Perhaps a little cheap in feel, but works great. By far better than any other pen stick I have bought/tried. Happy with the product
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Hampshire UK
18th January 2011

Works Well
Does it's job very well, so much easier than using my rather large fingers! Only downside is where to keep it safely - a small case would help or some means of attaching to phone case. Have a fear of breaking off the business end.
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2nd December 2010

It works well with no probs so far (2months). It my opinion it could be a lot shorter.
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19th October 2010

Dagi Stylus
The Dagi Stylus pen is very good to use, smooth and precise Drawing accuracy is improved due to the clear flat tip The only issue at first is you have to hold the pen correctly (the clear tip must be help flat to the surface of the screen, it Just takes a little time to get use to. over all a great pen.
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23rd August 2010

Works great for painting/drawing/note-taking tasks
The DAGi is working great for me when painting, drawing, and note taking on an iPad. It does take a little getting used to as you need to hold it at a specific angle (so the face is flat against the screen), but the accuracy and visibility of what you are doing makes it more than worthwhile. Works best when you have a continuous drawing/sketching task, i.e. I don't often use it for general navigation button tapping. Side benefit is that your screen stays much more finger smudge free :)
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