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Sorry, but Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder

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Exclusive to MobileFun The Stick Um is the only phone holder you will ever need - ideal for any dashboard.

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This product has been given an average rating of 3.8 by 130 customers. | Write a review
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20th March 2013

galaxy s3 iii mini
Purchased this a week ago after watching on YouTube.After persevering for days it still won't stay put on the dashboard. I've cleaned the dash with thinners to no avail.
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18th March 2013

iphone 4S
Don't Bother
At first this phone holder seemed to work and though rather crude looking I liked the concept, especially as I could leave the phone case on. However, the first time I made a proper trip the holder kept flying off the dashboard with the phone attached. And it wasn't even on particularly steep bits or braking hard. The next trip I followed the guidelines and washed the dust off with a damp cloth. This made no difference whatsoever and in the end my friend had to hold the phone for the whole journey as it just kept flying off the dashboard. Fortunately for the manufacturer my iPhone was not damaged in the process as either I or my friend managed to catch it mid air, which is probably not recommended for safe driving, though it is however instinctive. I do not think you can get a much smoother dashboard than mine and yet this holder will not stay stuck, though the phone sticks to the holder as if it were glued. Therefore I would not waste your money if I were you, and if someone had said this on the reviews I read I would not have wasted my money either.
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12th February 2013

Absolute Rubbish
I am sick of my iPhone flying off the dashboard every 5-10 minutes. This holder is not what its cracked up to be, don't waste your money. I'm lucky my iPhone is not in pieces and that I didn't crash my car whilst catching my iPhone.
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18th June 2011

This was advertised as able to stick on textured surfaces which is what encouraged me to order it as this isn't normally the case. I shouldn't have been surprised when it didn't stay on my dashboard and I returned it for a refund
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east Yorkshire
3rd March 2011

No use whatsoever.
Product NO use for my Desire HD, would not hold phone on at any angle,with or without my otterbox commuter case on.Would not hold phone in either horizontally or vertically mounted.Have returned for a refund.
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1st March 2011

Worst purchase
Sadly the worst purchase I have ever made from Mobile Fun. As never worked will not stick to the dash of my Audi A4 in any position or angle. Falls over even with my small lightweight Nokia 5800 in it, unable to use it.
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17th February 2011

Not worth it
Unit is much smaller than picture gives impression, HTC Desire HD takes up more half of width so would not hold Sat Nav as well. Doesn't stick to dashboard (04 Mondeo) even with a good clean. Sticky pad for phone always comes away with it instead of staying on holder. Seems to be a different model to the photo and is certainly not worth buying.
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10th February 2011

bad design
I really feel that this product which is made out of thin metal is extremely dangerous to be affixed to a dashboard in the event of an accident I am sure that the metal could inflict a serious injury besides this it doesn't hold to the dash top at all on our mg, disappointed as 'dash genie' also from mobile fun is a work of genius (no pun intended)buy on of those instead.
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Stuart Grundy
28th January 2011

Sick 'em - or rather not!
The product is extremely poor. It does not stick to many surfaces especially those in cars and my iPhone flew back through the car on one occasion. Also happened with the one I bought for my wife
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21st January 2011

Didn't "Stick-Um"
Didn't do what it said. Would not stick securely to a clean dashboard with a standard 'orange peel' finish, even though the surface was pretty much horizontal. I admit the surface had a slight curve, but this must be true of most places on the dashboard of a modern car. Didn't work so 1 star seems generous
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5th January 2011

Did not stick
My iphone stuck brilliantly - but the holder itself would not stick on my bmw dash whatever I did, so very disapointed!
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8th December 2010

Stick Um universal in car holder
Not impressed at all. Instructions would have been handy but not absolutely necessary. Would not stick to any dashboard! Had difficulty getting phone to stick to unit. No good for most GSP units as a lot have a fixing clip on the back and the back should be smooth to stick.Unit could have been taller to take GSP units. Would have sent back but postage would have cost even more than unit worth.In my opinion "Useless"
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Paul Richardson
2nd December 2010

Stickum Universal in car holder
Tried a few holders for my phone and thought this might work, it didn't but I put it down to to the plastic in my car. I have a citroen C4.
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Grant Leslie
1st December 2010

Not impressed
Seems like a good idea but evry time I try and remove the phone the whole unit comes away from the dashboard as it sticks to the phone better than the dash.
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jack brown
30th November 2010

Suitability for VW`s
I have, both, late models Passat and Jetta . Both of their dash sufaces are slightly dimpled, and also sloping towrds thr driver. My mob is a Sony Ericsson Zylo. It is almost impossible to get the pad to stay in place and adhesion is virtually nil, due to dash surface. Disapponiting really because all othr products have lived up to their claims
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30th November 2010

Stick Um!
Disappointed with the product. I used it in a Honda Civic and the angle at which my Sat Nav was secure did not allow me to view the Sat Nav screen because the light from the windscreen glared the Sat Nav screen. If the angle of the Stick Um was set to enable me to view the screen i.e.closer to 90 degrees, then the sat nav would come unstuck.
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Colin D Brown
30th November 2010

Return of product
Unfortunately this item did not stick on the dashboard of a Volvo XC70.No matter where I put it the mat would not stay put!I am in the process of returning the said article-not for me!!
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John Newman
28th November 2010

A not so sticky problem
Sadly this product is a huge disappointment. I've tried it with both my HTC Desire and my Garmin sat nav and, in both cases, the holder lost its grip as soon as the road got a bit bumpy. The last thing you want is your phone dropping into the footwell as you are driving along - could be quite a hazard. This was with the holder fresh out of its box and it certainly won't improve with age. I've gone back to my old holder.
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