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Sorry, but ChargeAll Family Desktop Charger has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

ChargeAll Family Desktop Charger

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Charge up to 6 devices at 1 time without having the mess of cables around you.

  • "Charge all family desktop"
  • "Does what it says on the tin"

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Anne Hainsworth
20th December 2014

I phone
Charge all family desktop
the cables for all our devices plugged in all over the house, now all in one place near and tidy great I love it
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3rd June 2014

iphone 4s, iphone 5, itouch 2, blackberry, ipad, kindle
Great charger, needs small changes
We have a lot of gadgets and this looked to be a great tool to charge them all instead of that mass of cables. It has gone a long way to doing that, with 2 caveats, it can't really charge ipad's on the main platform you have to use the USB ports - they're too big and wobble and it's clear that damage will be caused. Also, if your kindle has any kind of cover on it, which most do you have to remove the cover to charge it, or use the USB port again which practically you will end up doing rather than faff around taking cases on and off. In summary a great idea, a couple of small changes (a longer / deeper attachlent for kindles and some kind of support stand for taller devices like ipad's) would make it perfect. One final small request. Add a switch to turn off the blue lights. in a dark bedroom - they're pretty bright at nighttime!
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20th November 2013

Charge all family desktop charger
Could be better
The charger arrived just five days after the order was placed, including a that was a was a bonus considering I live in Cyprus. Whilst the charges works well with all my families phones, and one or two other items, like my Creative Zen, it was not so great for the Ipad or Nexus 10........which was the prime reason for buying it. The Ipad seemed to take forever to charge, and for some reason the Ne us 10 discharged rather than charge. This happenend using the USB connections, rather than the adapters on top. It is not really practical to use the adapter on top to charge the Ipad, it just isn't stable enough. There is no switch on the unit to switch it off, other than at the mains socket, although the video on the website claims there is, unless the is a different model available. Would I buy again? Yes, but only for the mobiles if I needed one.
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Nigel Prabhavalkar
1st January 2013

iphones & blackberrys
No more clutter
With 2 blackberrys & 2 iphones in the family there was always a spaghetti of chargers and phones. This unit solves this tidily and stylishly, using only one socket and with 4 ports it is ideal for us. Also has interchangeable connectors for different phones.I think a very reasonable price too. Love it!
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graham heal
15th September 2011

family desk top charger
Great product there was just one problem with one of my phones but after talking to your support team thats sorted as well now.
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20th June 2011

Fantastic piece of kit
It's brilliant to be able to put 4 devices on charge in one place overnight so they're good to go in the morning. No more tripping over the kids' cables and easy to interchange the chargers to get the best combination. Can't recommend this enough, a very happy customer!.
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24th March 2011

Excellent, met all expectations
Encouraged by all the other positive reviews, I was not disappointed. Sleek design. Charges all of our phones, without the mess of multiple chargers or the hassle of finding the right charger, or somewhere to plug it in. It would be nice if more adaptors were available (e.g. for DS Lite or PSP).
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James Reading
28th January 2011

ChargeAll Family Desktop Charger.
The charger came next day and in good condition. It is a smart piece kit and works realy well even the wife thinks it is great
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Jan Worsfold
13th January 2011

What a fab 'space ship'
This is a wonderful gadget. Get rid of all those odd leads. Permanently ready for use, just switch on and plug your item onto the charger.
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6th January 2011

no more 'spagetti' cables!
Excellent product, looks neat with no more tangled cables everywhere! and because it's 'gadgety' everyone wants to use it! great!.
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4th January 2011

Great way to reduce trailing cables
The unit gives me just what I need to remove the collection of chargers I have been using. It is reasonable value for money although it can at times be a bit fiddly ensuring that the phones are seated correctly in the charger.
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1st December 2010

About ChargeAll Family Desktop Charger
I'm very happy user. Best quality/low price, modern design, led lights, power on/off button,I don't see enything similar to this. Quick delivery. Just One word: Buy it now !!!
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8th November 2010

Does what it says on the tin
Really good product, enables mutiple items to be charged at same time. No more looking for chargers, untangling wires, just walk over and connect it up job done. Also it stops charging when it the device if full, saving over charging. Brilliant service from Mobile Fun as usuall. Ordered late on Sunday night delivered on Tuesday lunchtime.
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30th October 2010

desk charger
This is a fantastic bit of kit everything charging in one place instead of all over the house.
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28th October 2010

Desktop charger
Think this is better than normal charger as it has a standard fused plug able to charge 2 android phones & ds & dsi using 2 usb on front also has on off switch so can be left plugged in,good service from mobile fun jud
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26th October 2010

space saver
A very handy gadget. Cuts down on charger leads everywhere. Have't tried all connecters yet though.
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25th October 2010

Really Useful!
The good: Love all the "bits" especially the inclusion of 2x of each of the main ones (iPhone, micro usb & mini usb). Additional, 2 x usb ports really useful as well for proprietary connectors. The Bad: Cheap construction (looks a lot cheaper than the pics on the site) A bit slow to charge (but expected if you have 4 devices charging at once!) would have been 5/5 for £20 but £30 i expected a bit more quality.
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dickie gray
21st October 2010

dickie gray
Desk top charger is brill every family sould have one.
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Brian Marshall
12th October 2010

Good Cable Saver
This is an excellent idea. A lot fewer cables and plug ens to store. Easy to use.
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