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Sorry, but iPhone 4S / 4 Flip Case - Carbon Fibre has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

iPhone 4S / 4 Flip Case - Carbon Fibre

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Designed to protect the iPhone 4S / 4, the flip case keeps your phone safe whilst still looking stylish with a carbon design.

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Busselton, Western Australia
20th January 2016

Fantastic Service/ would recommend
Phone case was perfect fit and I loved the design, also looked very smart.
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31st December 2015

Basically satisfied...
I've bought items from MZ before and liked their range and service although this order took longer for delivery (UK to OZ) however it was Christmas. Product not all that impressive though but does the job.
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10th December 2015

Good Product
Great product. Fits well.
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Ivan Turner
17th November 2015

iPhone 4S / 4 Flip Case - Carbon Fibre
Case Review
Having previously bought similar items from other retailers I was looking for a product that would be more durable and value for money.The carbon fibre flip case fits the bill.Strong,sleek and stylish.From previous purchases over several years from Mobile Fun I have come to expect good quality merchandise from them and I have not been disappointed with this purchase.
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11th July 2015

It looks stylish and feels nice to hold whilst using the phone. There's something about black!
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Newmarket Co.Cork
10th July 2015

received my case today, the product arrived when it should 4 working days. the case itself looked very tidy and looked well with the phone, what you see on internet page is what you get. i would give it 8/10. very happy customer overall
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10th July 2015

iPhone 4s
Great Value
I bought this as a cheap gift to protect my husband's iPhone 4S and it does the job just great. It arrived within a couple of days, securely packaged. It's a nice snug fit with a soft finish on the inside to prevent scratches. You cant charge the phone on the dock with the case fitted but that hasn't been a problem. Great value for money, pleased with the purchase and would buy again if needed. Not for those who want to show off the apple on the back of their phones though!
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Louise Heffernan
22nd June 2015

iPhone 4S / 4 Flip Case - Carbon Fibre
Just what I wanted
Well made case and value for money
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Gary curtis
20th June 2015

iphone 4s/ 4Flip case
Poor quality
This is very bad quality I have it for two days and have had to order a different case as it's so poor.
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bernard mcdermott
16th May 2015

phone case
very nice case,it was better than i imagined
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12th April 2015

iphone 4s
iphone 4s case
the retaining case clip is non-magnetic and is instead a snap-over fit which is much better - the magnetic clip can sometimes pick up coins etc in your pocket a very good product and it holds and protects the phone exceptionally well.
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Norma Creaney
24th November 2014

iPhone 4S Flip Case Carbon Fibre
Carbon Fibre Flip Case - Excellent
This is our second purchase(with good reason)from Mobile Fun. Excellent product, looks good, exactly what we wanted. Superb product matched by superb delivery - We'll be back!
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Watson Fuller
25th July 2014

Good quality item sent promptly
The case fits the iPhone 4S perfectly. Some other purchasers have criticized the closure clip but I have found it works well. The case seems to give good protection without adding too much to the weight or thickness. The item arrived well packed and promptly - very happy with the product and service.
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Jamie Robson
19th April 2014

I-phone 4s
Robust and reasonable
Solid protective casing, good value
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Mrs Kathryn Randle
United Kingdom
28th December 2013

iPhone 4
I needed this phone case quickly !!
After ordering a phone case as a Christmas present for my nephew's new iPhone, I discovered that it was likely to arrive after Christmas !! I therefore needed a replacement quickly. MobileFun were able to get the new case to me 2 days after I ordered it - fantastic service and my nephew loves the good quality case.
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So CaL
4th December 2013

Been searching for this case for some time-finally found it and I love it-quality fit and finish
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Corby northamptonshire
5th September 2013

iphone 4
Not a true fitting to phone
shame had a couple of cases from these guy's but this one don't seem fit the iPhone 4 correctly, have to pull the front cover hard to go over the top of phone to close the case, the front don't cover the whole phone top and sides, considering i had this type of case for htc one x that fitted perfectly shame this doesn't follow suit!!
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United Kingdom
30th August 2013

i phone 4S
Good protection flip case for i phone 4S
Quick and Easy to order online . Delivered within 2 days of order. Well packaged . Nice slim but suitably padded classy little case . Still slips nicely into the pocket. Time will tell if the front flap loses its tightness on the pressure clip that holds the flap to the phone but so far so good . I would recommend this flip case to anybody after a good priced classy looking slim flip cover .
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Ian Sanford
Great Gransden
21st June 2013

IPhone 4S
Good but flawed
The case is well made but I am disappointed that the flip cover does not have a magnetic catch to hold it in place when closed.
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15th June 2013

Neat and tidy
Nice little iphone case. Simple but effective and great value. Not a real problem but the item description did not indicate that the case has to be left open to charge the phone, my wife has a case that allows ALL phone functions! But, happy with purchase and very impressed with delivery time.
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Jo Roman
United Kingdom
12th January 2013

iPhone 4
Really Good
I have had this case for several months now and it has stood the test of time really well. The hinge is still good, the catch still closes snugly and what I really like about the case is how slim it is - other cases I have seen with flip covers are bulky. I have dropped the phone a few times and the case has saved it from harm. I highly recommend it!
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Central Scotland
9th July 2012

iPhone 4
Impressive service and product
Arrived in 2 days - excellent case for the money - compares well to more expensive cases - the "hinge" could prove to be a bit flimsy but time will tell - first impressions are good however with the phone being a tight fit to the case - looks good too. Can't fault the shopping experience either.
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9th March 2012

iPhone 4S / 4 Flip Case - Carbon Fibre.
Just what I was looking for
I am a bit clumsy when it come's to phones so decided I needed a case to cover the screen as well as the back and this case is perfect, it protects the phone but still looks stylish, I usually go for leather cases but this carbon fibre case looks just as good. The flip opens downwards so it is easy when talking on the phone and does not interfere with reception. All this for a very reasonable price.
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Tony Blades
13th February 2012

Exactly what I was after.
This is my 3rd iPhone flip case and this is by far he best.
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David Butler
West Midlands
9th February 2012

Great case - shame about the service
This case is just what my son wanted for Christmas and got on the 20th January. I ordered two items on the same day, the one arrived next day, this one took a month. At no point did I get an apology from mobile fun and I got a string of different cutomer service staff trying to deal with a problem they caused. Each new person had to be started from scratch with me explaining their problem. They won't get any business from me again.
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6th February 2012

Very pleased with this
I was after a case which provided good protection but retained the slim profile of the iphone. This case does both of those very well. It's well made and the various cut-outs for camera, mic, etc are neat and accurate. I was prepared to pay a lot more for a case but on seeing the various leather ones in the flesh, found they were too bulky and cumbersome. I have no hesitation in recomending this flip case.
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Dave Payne
15th January 2012

nice goods right price
Case I bought does the job perfectly without being bulky
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Chris West Sussex
3rd January 2012

Excellent Case
This case looks very smart and protects the phone from scratches. Very happy with it. Yes, as others have said, you do have to leave the case open during charging but does this matter? Also don't believe it is real carbon fibre but am not worried by that. Phone is still easy to use for phone calls and the flip is not noticeable when talking/listening. Mobile Fun's service was all one would hope for. Why would anyone spend more on a mobile phone case?
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Aberdeen Scotland
14th December 2011

Brilliant case.
I bought 2 cases and just hoped that they were going to be as good as the ones I bought last year( but from a different company) and really glad to say that I like these cases even more than I could ever have wished.The i phone fits perfectly and does not move about yet it is real easy to remove the phone to enable it to be charged on eg alarm clock or any other accessory that requires an indirect insertion I am quite particular and don't often dish out compliments but I have no hesitance recommending these.
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24th November 2011

Marvelous (needed this a year ago!)
Excellent phone cover for my iPhone 4, it protects the back and more importantly the screen which also has a film on it. Looks are good to, very masculine. Great product
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25th October 2011

A perfect case and excellent value
I am extremely happy with this product, it is a perfect case and excellent value. It protects perfectly, offers easy access to all buttons, camera etc., but also offers protection for the main base port when closed. It also looks very smart.
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28th June 2011

Very effective and good value
Simple and stylish. Very slim, so doesn't make the phone too bulky. I like the design (leaves key controls accessible when closed), but a bit irritating to have to leave it open to recharge the battery. Not sure how long-lasting it will be, but at the price, a great buy.
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11th May 2011

Great product
Exactly what my husband wad looking for . Very happy and product fits like a glove, unlike some other products that he had tried from elsewhere. Great, speedy service.
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11th May 2011

Fantastic product providing great protection and not too bulky. Well worth the money.
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8th April 2011

Great protective case for the iPhone
Its a solid protective case for the iPhone 4. My only gripe is that it's not protected when you need to charge the phone as plugging in the USB connector involves keeping the case open - if you knock it off something, if wont help. That's a pretty minor issue, overall, it looks good and does the job perfectly.
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30th March 2011

Good but not excellent
Does its job, but in reality looks more like plastic rather than carbon fibre. Solid though, fits iPhone4 very well. Main drawback - the flip holder, very basik and I am sure over long period of time and constant use will leave wear marks on the handset.Should have a magnetic holder instead. Value for money - just above the average.
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22nd March 2011

Good Protection for iPhone 4
If I hadn't been told this was carbon fibre I would have said it's compressed cardboard - I don't know what carbon fibre should look and feel like. And although the outer surface is textured it is not non slip so it did go flying when I was carrying it on top of another flat surface. Shan't do that again ! Fortunately though, this cover gives good protection for the iPhone 4, looks neat and is very lightweight with a soft lining to protect the glass. I can now slip my phone into my pocket without fear of damage by my car keys or anything else I may be carrying in my pocket. The cover neatly grips the phone which it fits snugly. There is no overlap around the bezel therefore it does not get in the way when texting etc. - although the front flap, which folds forward from the bottom is a bit of a nuisance. Had it gone the other way though I guess it would probably have obstructed the rear camera.The volume control etc remain easily accessible and unobstructed, as do the cameras. This cover does suit the purpose for which I bought it, basically so that I could safely put the phone in my pocket when not using it in a in car phone holder. And although it makes the phone a little thicker there is no noticeable increase in weight.
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Andy Houghton
Great Yarmouth
25th February 2011

Superb case
This is by far the best iPhone 4 case I have owned, it fits perfectly, the protection for the screen is ideal an all functions on the phone can be accessed. It's small so fits in your pocket with no ugly bulge. Once again perfect.
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19th December 2010

Very good
Item was delivered promptly, and was as it was described in the description. Very pleased, and would definitely recommend if you are not looking to spent £20 for a case.
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Jon Jackson
1st January 1970

Iphone 4S
Cheap Naff
Poor fitting, rubbish clasp which in time will either bend and be ineffective or mark and damage the phone. Not at all happy with this purchase !! shocked at previous reviews.
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