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Sorry, but Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth headphones has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth headphones

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21st October 2013

iPhone 4S, Lumia 1020
The sound quality from these headphones is great. I've always had problems with mono earpieces with either the fit or the volume being too low but these fit perfectly and because they're not completely "in ear" but push the sound into the ear your hearing of the outside world is not reduced by any great amount. Have bought one for each of my team.
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Glenn Walker
Fleet Hants
24th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy 2
Amazing set of headphones
If you are looking for a fantastic set of headphones then please read all of this review to see why these are such a great purchase . Firstly I read a lot of reviews before purchasing these headphones and was a little concerned about some of the negative points that some people had mentioned . I can now confirm that all of the following points seem to be completely untrue . 1)Music drops in and out ? NO it does not , I have been using these for over 2 weeks every day at the gym and out on runs and definitely NO lose of music . 2)They are complicated to adjust ? NO they are the most easiest set of headphones to adjust and they sit comfortably in your ear and they do not fall out . 3)The control buttons are hard to use ? NO the buttons are easy to use and are raised so you can fell them with you finger . One of the best things about these headphones is you can check how long is left on the battery by pressing the on button . Also when it gets low you get a recorded voice telling you how long is left and that you need to recharge your headphones . I hope this review has helped you make up your mind about buying a set of these .I can not recommend them more highly and for so many reasons like great sound quality , extremely comfortable , light weight , and great value for money .
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23rd August 2013

Android phone, desktop and netbook computers
Decent headphones that fit - and excellent delivery service
Ordered late Thursday, delivered all present and correct Friday mid-morning. I have had a set of these for some years, using them pretty well every day to listen to internet radio in the early mornings (so as not to disturb the neighbours). I only ordered a new set because the plastic casing was starting to go in various places, and there's only so much I can do with gaffer tape. They've served me well, not least because they hang on a loop over the ear, so I don't have to worry about the speakers dropping out of my funny-shaped ear canals. Sound quality is fine for what I want; and set-up with three different sorts of Bluetooth hardware/software was no problem at all.
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3rd May 2013

iPhone 5
Best Bluetooth Earphone
The main use for these wireless earphones is for the gym and running. I have tried the Jabra Bluetooth Sport Earphones but they were not a snug fit in ear. The Plantronics BackBeat 903+ earphones are in-ear but are not at all like the younger sister, BackBeat go, the 903+ is a mix between the Backbeat go (inject into your ear) and the Jabra (looser fit). The battery life is astonishing, up to 7 hours of use, the longest I have used for any sport Bluetooth earphones. The charge up time is also very quick. The buttons on the side are large and easy to press, they are also multi function, quick press/press and hold. The play/pause button on the right ear can sometimes accidentally be pressed when adjusting the fit, but it is a minor flaw. The call sound quality is as expected and no issues at all. Likes: - Ability to change tracks on the earphone - Long battery life Dislikes: - Quite chunky - Only 1 rubber earbud
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Rob Daglish
8th October 2012

Sony Xperia S, Xperia U
Good Idea, Poor Execution
Very disappointed with these. They're comfy enough, even whilst wearing glasses, and were easy enough to pair, but keeping them paired is an art form. Phone connects and will stay connected whilst talking, but drops out after 15-20 mins of being connected, and won't reconnect without me switching off phone and headset. Stereo audio is good quality, but after a while, starts to drop out frequently - I've had 7 or 8 total drops in sound in 10 seconds, and after each drop, comes back at a different pitch. If they were a £20 pair, I'd be fairly relaxed about the issues, but for a £50 pair of headphones from a reputable company, I'm really disappointed.
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21st July 2012

iPhone 4s
Broke second time I used this. Ear piece came away. Not cheap to buy but cheap in construction! Reception not great either unless phone on your arm [rather than in your pocket for instance].
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25th June 2012

Nokia N8 now using Samsung Galaxy S3
Nice ******
All i can say is i have two sets and more than happy.. tried other brands but as far a volume,sound,chargelife perfect
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26th April 2012

Very handy
This headphone is cordless never gets in the way The sound is tops
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garry standfield
9th March 2012

plantronics backbeat 903+
brilliant device
much better than single device for one ear because there is a lot less chance of losing it,good sound quality and good service what more can i say,top marks
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Whangarei, New Zealand
23rd January 2012

Good Headset
I didn't get my set from here but do buy from Mobilefun occasionally and wanted to provide to feedback to others. This is the second pair of BT headphones I've bought and by far the best and most comfortable. I have small ears and the grommits/plugs sit well and the adjustable ear loops are a good fit. I went for a run and had no issues with them staying on. I only use them for music, not phone calls, and have found the range and clarity quite good. I have read other reviews where the person had discomfort while wearing glasses. I haven't had too much of an issue as I mostly use them for running, but sitting at the computer with glasses on I've started to notice a little pain, but this was after wearing them most of the day. Controls are a little bothersome as require a fair bit of pressure when holding the buttons down for the secondary functions (skip tracks etc). Overall I'm happy with my set.
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15th July 2011

Does what I wanted
Headphones are lightweight, has a good range, reception from my phone is excellent and I can pick up music and phone calls with no wires in stereo.
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4th April 2011

Won't strangle you but will dig glasses into your
A good product with a few niggling points: I use this for listening to music and taking calls on my iPhone 4. Music: music quality is very good however the louder the volume level, the more distortion arises. The headphones do however go extremely loud in case you do want to blow the ear drums out of your head! Talking: In calls, hearing the person on the other end is fine however as the microphone is on only one of the ear pieces and quite a way away from your mouth, I have had complaints of a lot of background noise. (7.5 out of 10 if 10 is using the apple headphones or none at all). Also works with FaceTime, radio apps and game apps. Comfort: In concept its great driving without a headphone wire getting tangled around the steering wheel and strangling me to death whilst my phone is docked on my windshield - HOWEVER - the headphones are a bit uncomfortable. This is the biggest downfall for me in the product!! They fit nicely IN the ear however as I wear glasses, the headphones dig the frames into the area behind my ears. Ouch.. Also, the adjoining wire [between both headphone ends] is pretty awkward behind your neck when wearing anything with a collar. As the length of the wire is not adjustable its a case of tucking it under the neck line of your clothes or leaving it relatively uncomfortably over the collar. Connectivity: The device connects VERY quickly to the iPhone however you can't be in a separate room without disconnection. Controls: The controls work well however the only thing I would pick at would be that the volume up/down buttons are also the skip track buttons. When holding the respective buttons to skip tracks you need to hold down [with quite a lot of pressure] for apprx 3-4secs. Separate controls would've been ideal! Overall it does do what its meant to well, however it isn't ergonomically well designed. Good purchase though if you want to avoid wires from head to phone and you don't wear glasses!!
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Kash Master
24th January 2011

Plantronics 903+
These headphones are state of the art very slik design and work perfect withy iphone 4 and especially whilst working out. Would recommend them to people who travel a lot or go gym and also the headphones look really professional.
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morpheus technologies
24th November 2010

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth headpho
After much searching for a bluetooth soulmate for my BlackBerry Torch, when two other purchases had failed the tes, along comes these guys. This headset is very light on and extremely comfortable (as long as you don't mind something that hangs off your ears and pokes a little into them as well (which I don't) - which means you can wear it all day if required. It is also very easy to hook up with your device and very easy to use straight out of the box.. particularly because it has two buttons giving you total control on music and voice. Not to great in very windy conditions, but nevertheless, the best light-weight bluetooth headset I've used to date!
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