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Sorry, but Clingo Universal In-Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder

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Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.

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23rd February 2016

Clingo clings!
I really didn't think that it would work THAT well... As long as you let it bond properly with the phone you can drive upsidedown and it still won't come off. And better yet, in my case i have a case on my phone, the Spigen Tough Armor, which fits perfectly to let me use the camera when i drive if i want. With that said...the phone fell down once but i have to be honest i say that probably was my fault for not pressing them together better. Every time i did do that, everything stuck together as it should.
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Ian R Aylott
20th February 2016

clingo holder
its the best holder for any phone on the market the only niggle is that it can be to sticky
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Mark Ingham
1st November 2015

I have to say I was a little sceptical when I saw that this phone holder just relied on the stickiness of the unit. The phone just sticks to the holder, and it just peels off. I have had this for a few weeks and it works like magic. This is just a great phone holder and I have just ordered one for my wife's car too..
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North east uk
18th October 2015

Sony Z3
I doubted how much I would trust this but tentatively trying this in my kitchen I ended up shaking vigorously up and down and still cannot believe how good the green gel is No marks left on either case or phone (when taken out of case). All the pot holes in the UK are not going to dislodge my phone from this mount
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RM Brown
13th July 2015

Does what it said on the box
In frustration at all the previous phone holders that I have purchased I decided to try the clingo. It is great, does everything that you expect from a phone holder, is really flexible and adjustable. If you need a phone holder for the car this is the one.
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Theo Lumakis
6th July 2015

Samsung S4
Very Happy
It does what it says on the tin. Clamps to the windscreen No Problem. My phone, despite having a heavy textured Otter Box case, sticks to the sticky pad. No Problem
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Jari Pehkonen
3rd March 2015

I am really surprised how practical this is. The phone stays really tight in the holder.
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Archie Smith
Moruya Heads
1st March 2015

Product arrived in good condition and on time. 5 stars.
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Richard Blunderfield
23rd February 2015

IPhone 5s
Great item easy to use
This item is almost too sticky, I initially had trouble getting my phone back off of it! you soon learn the best way and now it's easy. I have had this for a couple of weeks and it hasn't lost it's stick at all yet so an excellent item.
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Brecon, Powys
10th January 2015

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style
Got three!
Before I bought the first one, I wanted to know whether it could be moved from one place to another. I got a swift reply (bearing in mind the time of year (christmas). I bought one for our main use car. Then the next for our other car but before l received that, bought one for my son for his room. The last two came together. They really are good and would strongly recommend.
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Chris Cannon
28th December 2014

Motorola Moto X
Surprisingly good
I actually ordered the Clingo Universal In-Car Holder by accident, believe it or not. I can only think that I was suffering from some sort of brainstorm to get as far the confirm order page and pressing OK before realising that I had put the wrong in car holder in my basket. To cut a long story short, the item was already in the dispatch phase before I could cancel the order so it was sent out and delivered. Since I had it in my hand, I decided to check it out anyway before returning it, and I'm glad I did. IT'S FANTASTIC. I heartily recommend it if your looking for an easy to install and use phone holder for your car. The only thing I would say is that you need to ensure that the holder is tilted ever so slightly to the back to ensure that the phone doesn't become loose whilst driving. If you stick to this simple rule, it be be solid. So... If you're looking for something to do the job it's designed for well, go for this. 5/5 !
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David Wilkinson
North East
28th December 2014

Clingy Universal In Car Holder
Sticky Sticky Sticky. This unit is so adhesive that it would hold an iPad in place if required. Really really good and the long arm easily reaches the windscreen in a pick up , I would recommend it for any phone, even the biggest smartphone. I am going to use them in the windscreen of Heavy Good vehicles too
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24th December 2014

Clingy in car holder
Very good
Fits easy and provided at a slight backwards angle holds the lumina phone with no problem even through the country lanes.
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20th December 2014

Ottimo prodotto
Ottimo, tenuta eccellente e massima flessibilità nel fissaggio e regolazione.
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Rob Esser
15th December 2014

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder
Take Note
Some reviews show annoyance because the phone drops off and I discovered why it needn't be so. It is a sticky material that holds the phone in place, not a glue obviously. If the phone is leaning forward (facing the floor of the car), even if ever so slightly, it will gradually loosen and drop off but if it leans back, even if ever so slightly it will stay on like a dream. The holder is ultimately elegant and the clever joints allow for it to be moved ito any position while being fixed. it is a dream in-car holder. Just remember to let the phone lean back slightly at least and it will be an absolute joy forever. Brilliance at last.
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14th December 2014

molto soddisfatto
L'oggetto mi è pervenuto come lo desideravo e pensavo,molto semplice e utile,il tutto in tempi rapidi,nel futuro terrò conto delle vostre ottime offerte e qualora mi necessiti un'acquisto non esiterei,considerandovi molto professionali e seri.Distinti saluti e grazie
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14th December 2014

oneplus one
didn't believe it would work, but it did!
I didn't trust that this could be sticky enough to hold the phone and yet still let it go when I leave the car, but it really works. The long reach of the arm is great and it doesn't wobble at all like my last mount. Finally, a big thanks to mobilefun who delivered it despite my ineptness at filling in my own addres .
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Michael Cadman
14th December 2014

Samsung Galaxy
Brilliant idea
It is really good. The phone sticks on so easily, stays there and it amazingly leaves nothing sticky on the phone. Really useful as it fits on the window can be placed exactly where you ant it and is easy to use. Great idea and good problem solver
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23rd November 2014

I was really unsure if this product was going to work or not. Having tried lots of car mounts before I came to the conclusion that nothing was right in the price range I was looking for... Until I purchased this! Great product I would even say amazing, hold my iPhone 5s (in a lifeproof case) really well! Dismounts without any trouble and leaves no sticky residue on the case. Fell off once (very cold morning) but apart from that brilliant bit of kit!
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Mark Ainsworth
8th November 2014

Xperia X3 comoact
surprisingly good
I was a bit sceptical when I first saw it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The instructions say it won't work with a silicon case, which it doesn't. But it grips the uncased phone "like glue". It held tight on a 3 hour journey through the Welsh countryside. A definite 5 starts from me.
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Alan Rule
New Tredegar
31st October 2014

Apple iphone 4
It's really sticky.
I ordered the "Clingo Universal in-car Holder" on a Sunday and received it the following Tuesday. My partner was highly doubtful this would work time and time again, but after removing it & then refixing it several times, she is more than happy with it now especially as the phone stays firmly stuck, even after going over speed bumps.
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Craig watson
27th October 2014

iPhone 6
Sticks like shit
Great bit of kit phone sticks to it even in its otter box case Also well worth the price and fast delivery
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Antioch Tn
26th October 2014

Great product works as described
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john puxty
20th October 2014

I phone 6
spot on product
Another outstanding product and the price is right! Delivery is fast aswell First class company,
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Alan J Turner
19th October 2014

Clingo is an excellent product, no moving parts to break or springs to go "ptwang" and it's stickier than a sticky thing in a stickery, my friends have seen my clingo and also want one !!!!
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Harry Beeton
15th October 2014

Iphone 6 Plus
Unbelievable product for the price! Before I purchased this I thought that the stickiness was a bit odd and thought it wouldn't hold for very long but I was wrong! It is a fantastic design and is as solid as a clamped design holder! Even better that it leaves zero stickiness on the back of your phone after use
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Mohamed Rashwan
High Wycombe
6th October 2014

iPhone 6 plus
I like how the clingo holds and sticks to the device. Very strong. I was just hoping the long stick was movable left and right and not up and down only.
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Nikolay Kumanov
Sofia, Bulgaria
14th September 2014

nexus 5
Most excellent
Indeed just what I needed. Been looking for something like this for a long time
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Chafford hundred
13th September 2014

Saves lives
Just perfect work in construction industry use when Driving my 10 ton loading shovel it helps me to keep full Control of shovel and if family need me they can call me with the knowledge of knowing I am taking the call with safety of others.
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4th September 2014

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stephen frew
30th August 2014

prestigo 5500
great product
just what I needed
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Michael Maguire
17th August 2014

Handsfree kit
Very happy with it as gives you the comfort that that when you answer a call you can't be done for breaking the law
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12th August 2014

HTC One M7
Best phone holder I have ever owned!
Pro's: Small design, simple but robust mechanism and great variety of positions possible. Holds the device incredibly well! The 'pad' is ridiculously sticky and does NOT leave a sticky residue on your device! Con's: The sticky 'pad' will need cleaning with fresh water, no soap needed, once a week (subject to usage) to ensure the pad remains as sticky as possible.
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Linda Carroll
7th August 2014

Nokia 520
So useful bought another one for myself!
Bought Clingo Universal In-car-holder for my husband for his Nokia when using his sat nav device. He found it easy to fix on his dash board and could rotate it round to look at without taking his eyes of the road. It was so useful I bought one for my car fixed it on my dash board in seconds easy to remove when not needed. Would recommend it to anyone.
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Dean Passmore
18th July 2014

IPhone 5s
I've tried some car phone holders and this by far is the Best!!! I thought id test it to c how good my phone stuck to it, I drove over 5 speed bumps with no problem, a little cross country and the phone fell off, but it was a little extreme though normal road driving, fantastic product, decided I'm going to buy the wife one to ;-)
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John Gear
18th July 2014

Iphone 5s
Usefull item to have
Have used the Clingo for a week and it is brill!!!!!! Phone sticks great with the rubber cover on.
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14th July 2014

Good product
It's good quality mobile holder for light weight phone..
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12th July 2014

Htc ine m8
So simple but so effective. Just stick on your windshield and stick on your phone and it actually works.
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John Worley
10th July 2014

iPhone 5
In Car Holder
This is a great little device no messing with clamps screws or any of that stuff. just stick the base plate wherever you want the glue is truly very strong but not messy if you need to move it later. once you have the base plate where you like it, all you need to do is wet your finger rub the underside of the holder and just press it down on the base plate and turn it which way you want it to face, then pull the small suction lever down and your done. if you need to adjust in anyway turn the small knob and lift the are up or down, simple and quick, even just placing the phone requires just a small amount of pressure and that's it, you can reuse it as many times as you need. remember to put the plastic cover back on the sticky pad or you will end up with all sorts of stuff over it including flies, hair. dust.
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Roger M
10th April 2014

I have already written a review on the Clingo Universal Podium but thought I may as well write one about the Clingo In Car Holder as well. YES - it does work! YES - your phone will stay STUCK! YES - I will be buying more! Brilliant!! Thanks to MobileFun for very fast shipping and great packing also. Why have I only just discovered MobileFun? Where have you been all my life? :D
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Carl Rees
Boston, Lincolnshire.
11th March 2014

Galaxy S3
Does hat it says on the tin.
After trying various in car holders, I saw the Clingo in a customers car at work.After trying my phone on the product, I decided to buy one for myself and I'm glad I did.
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24th June 2013

I love this thing it dies more than I thought it would do and the sticky service seems to get better with time... Would definitely recommend it to my friends..
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robert dews
19th June 2013

samsung galaxy
just the ticket
I ordered the clingo universal in car holder on the sunday was plesently supprised with the service the holder does as the video shows holds the phone without a bulky clamp took seconds to fit to windscreen it also comes with a pad to fix to your dash only drawback ive encountered is the sticky pad is very sticky and tends to pul;l the back off the phone im hopeing it will become easier with time other than that its a great product
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22nd April 2013

Iphone 3
Super Sticky
Excellent service. Ordered Thursday received Friday. Really pleased with this phone holder. I had my doubts but it really works well. For those wondering you can have cables connected whilst the phone is being held such as charger and line in. Just make sure there is plenty of slack. The Clingo has held my phone perfectly since purchase. Over bumps, curbs you name it, it has ticked all the boxes. It will hold sat navs as well. Just so you all know the surface must be flat. For example the sat nav I used would not hold because of having a speaker on the back. It will hold an Ipad Mini with ease. Haven't had to clean as yet but is simple enough. Just rince under warm water. How long the stickiness lasts is the question but I can confirm that I found reviews online which confirmed they had been using it for a few years so looks all good also. The holder looks the part and is solid as a rock.
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chris jones
2nd April 2013

Amazing so far
The design looked great, but I was sceptical about the safety of my beautiful phone happily "sticking" to the holder, but this was best option I found for iPhone5 However, it is working brilliantly, survived 1000km drive from switzerland - robust and reliable. As the arm is quite long, the positioning ends up aligning well with other instruments, out of line of sight, but easily in view. Best thing was it is close enough to really work for a hands free conference call as well. Worried that the stick might not last, but cross that bridge if we get to it.
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Stuart Byles
United Kingdom
4th February 2013

Nokia Lumia 920
Great bit of Kit
What a great phone holder. It holds my Massive, Heavy Lumia 920 with ease. I've bought two of them, one for the Smart car and one for our Nissan Elgrand. 2 very different cars, 2 very different setups, both work perfectly for me and my Lumia. You can even stick it to the pad at an angle so that you can use the camera while you're driving! Turn it horizontal whilst in use if you want (useful for satnav), angle it towards you for better speech recognition, I've got one on the windscreen and one on the dash and I could be more pleased.
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4th September 2012

Galaxy S3
Great Product
I have had this product since July 2012 and looking at some of the previous comments i thought i would give it a good testing before i gave a review. The sticky pad that you apply your phone too is excellent and i have had no problems...if anything it can be a bit too sticky and can be tricky to peel your phone off. However i would prefer it that way than watching my phone falling off, sliding down the dashboard and bouncing out the window and down down the road! The suction clamp that applies to the window is also excellent and it has never fallen off the windscreen. I bought this because it works well with the samsung flip cover, I just stick the phone in portrait and let the cover fold back over the bracket.
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29th December 2011

I'm so satisfy for the clingo! it's a really great item and it works practically with everything. By now no problems. The only thing is that I don't know if the disc mount (dashboard) can mount and remove it without loss glue. For the rest awesome!!.
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Marc Reed
13th December 2011

Mine was so good I had to buy one for my wife.
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19th May 2011

Great item
The item is great. It does hold the phone just the way I want without blocking the sides of my phone. It stays farmly ang turns any direction I want. Its cool.
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11th May 2011

Excellent customer service
I bought one of these back in October and it's been great until the recent hot weather, where it seemed to go too soft with the heat and started leaving sticky marks on my phone. I contacted the manufacturer this morning and they replied within a couple of hours and are sending out a replacement! Can't fault that kind of customer service! Apparently they have improved the design so this won't happen in future.
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Krys Young
7th March 2011

top job item
Top jolly phone holder , one light soapy wash and the sticky pad is good as new.
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13th February 2011

Well, I have tried many other similar holders, and this has to be my favourite. * Built well - strong yet light * Suction cup lever very easy to set in place, with firm grip * Easy to move phone around, yet enough friction in the joint so the phone does not flop down when driving * The sticky surface is not a gimmick, it DOES hold! * Recommending this to anyone I know who is searching for a solution like this.
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Mike Leitch
8th December 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
I was looking for a universal holder for my Nokia mobile and also my iPod Touch. I bought the Clingo after reading reviews, and have not been disappointed. It works well attached to the windscreen, or to the top of my dash using the self-adhesive disc (which I have found best)
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John McAllister
2nd November 2010

clingo universal in car holder
I have tried this product using a number of in car appliances and has been very successful with all tested
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12th October 2010

I've had no problems with it it's easy to use
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11th October 2010

Amazing! had several different holders for other phones but this one is the bet by far
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7th October 2010

Great product
Works perfectly, fitted easily and holds my phone, and anything else the kids popped on in without a problem! Well worth the money, even works angled down to stop the sun glare on my phone. Very firm hold regardless of the type of road and the dashboard mount was an added bonus!
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7th October 2010

Of various universal car-holders I've tried over the years, this is the most compact and efficient so far. A small design improvement, where a power cable might be used, could be provision of a means of channeling the cable along the stem of the unit to tidy up the cable run. That aside, very impressed.
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6th October 2010

Clingo in car holder
After searching for a new in car mobile phone holder for my wife i reluctantly decided to buy the Clingo. I say reluctantly because i wasn't too sure about the stick on effect rather than have the phone gripped. I should have had no fears. The Clingo does exactly what it says on the box. The windscreen or dashboard clamp are very adjustable and hold it securely and i must say i'm impressed with the holder. Not only does it hold the mobile in place it will even hold my Tom Tom go 720 which is quite heavy. Only had it a week or so but up to now i consider it a good buy at a reasonable price.
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Kevin Stephens
2nd October 2010

Clingo oh !!!
What do I think of this Clingo, it does work. If you use your device naked then there should not be any kind of problem, however if you are like me and use a case then I have this to say,make sure the case is flat & smooth silicone case's don't want to stick very well at all, I tried a Switcheasy Colors case for my iPhone 4 this did not want to stick, some like a Switcheasy nude or Speck candy shell type case should work just fine. So what do I think, well as I said it does work just be aware that some cases might have issues, would I recommend this Clingo car holder ? Yes I would just be careful if you use a case that's all I can say, oh and keep it clean, it comes with a piece of plastic film on the sticky pad I would keep this on when not in use. Buy and enjoy.
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24th September 2010

Kid tested!
I received my clingo mobile holder and was really please, not only did it pass the rigorous testing from my 3 & 5 years olds but it also kept my htc wildfire firm on both town, country and motorway roads. It was so easy to fit and came with a dashboard mount as well so I have it mounted were it does not affect my vision at all. A great buy and great delivery also.
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anthony reynolds
barrow in furness
11th September 2010

clingo universal incar holder
I had this delivered within 48 hours,very impressed, the holder is very strong sticking to the windscreen and sat nav. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you.
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The Hague
7th September 2010

Clingo Universal In-car holder
Mobile Fun Says: If you are having trouble sticking a device to a Clingo pad, we recommend cleaning the pad, and applying pressure when attaching the phone to the pad. I have no problems adhering to the extra pressure ";needed" to be sure but perhaps, it has to do with the full surface utilization the greenish pad has covered and in my HTC HD case, there is that slight protrusion which allowed a narrow window of a gap... that resulted a less firm grip. As for the Nuvi 1490TV GPS unit, the rear surface involves abt 30% of corrugated surface and this existence of air pockets certainly creates this lack of complete grip. I believe this Clingo is a fabulous alternative to quick pasting and removal but if your unit has a built-in power connection on the original docking that comes with the unit, the Clingo will reduce that continuous supply of 12v power which most of us would prefer to be assured with when we leave the vehicle. However, the Clingo itself is a worthy option as an alternative. i now have the Clingo Podium and the result of the sticky green pad is excellent, provided I carefully cover the back surface where no pockets of air is given presence. One needs to be sure of your unit's surface to start with.
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7th September 2010

great piece of kit, I leave it attatched to my phone and it works as an angled rest when on my desk , highly recommended.
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Peter Hazell
3rd September 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
Clingo Universal In Car Holder is the BEST buy i have made for sometime in the "world of gadgets" I havs a Dell which is heavy and I have had no probelms what so ever I am thinking of maybe replacing my satnav holder for a Clingo Universal In Car Holder.
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23rd August 2010

clingo in car holder
Surprised by the quality of this product, first class. fixing to a windscreen is simple and even supplies a self adhesive plate if you want to fix to the dash. Overcomes the problem of reaching over to the windscreen to fix satnav/phone.
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dale richardson
20th August 2010

simple install, secure
Bought for dell streak, easy install, with very sticky secure holder. A lot cheaper than the dell holder.
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Richard Underwood
18th August 2010

Does what it says on the tin
It's fine and it works! I had my reservations about either not being sticky enough or being too sticky, but it seems to be just right. Provided that you have a device with some flat bits on the back it will work and it looks far better than the large and ugly multipurpose holders with adjustable side bars. I am keeping the sticky pad covered when not in use to avoid dust and I haven't tried washing it yet, so can't comment on that aspect. The sticky bit sits on a plastic ball and socket joint so it is infinitely flexible and the windscreen suction cup works. The joint can pull apart for flatter packing and so I'm hoping it doesn't loosen with age. I can't think of a better device for my needs (Samsung Galaxy phone for in-car GPS and handsfree calls).
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13th August 2010

Clingo in car holder
Does a excellent job
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knottingley wakefield
12th August 2010

great gadget
This is an excellent gadget. I bought it for my husbands birthday, and he is really happy with it. have used it to hold mobile phone Much easier than hands free kits for talking and driving. The sat nav fits on there as well
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Neil Martin
11th August 2010

First time I used it my phone fell off. I think that was because everyone in my work had put their paws on it to see if it worked. By the time I got my phone on it, it wasn't very sticky. Gave it a wash - It's been perfect since then. Looks good. Doesn't obstruct any of the phone connectors.Very easy to change from portrait to landscape. I'm using an HTC wildfire. It's also had an HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S on it.
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10th August 2010

Had doubts before it arrived that it wouldn't be very sticky and had visions of the phone falling off. Doubts totally unfounded it holds the phone like crazy glue and leaves absolutely no residue when you remove it. Best in car mount ever and the Samsung Galaxy S looks fantastic mounted on it almost looks to be floating in air.
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9th August 2010

An excellent product
Most impressed with this product. Sticks firmly to the windscreen and has never shown the slightest inclination to drop my new iPhone 4. I have tried several car holders and this is even better than the best I have tried so far.
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chris sayers
9th August 2010

Clingo universal In-car phone holder
Quite simply this is by far the best Iphone holder I have ever bought ( And I have bought many different types with each variant of iphone). Its beauty is its simplicity. It easily attaches to the windscreen, no fuss or messing about and is stuck firm, and the green sticky pad is amazing. When it gets covered in dust and loses its 'stick' just wipe over with a damp cloth, and the stickiness returns, I don't know what its made of, but its just amazing. Easily deserving of 5 stars.
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Gareth Beard
6th August 2010

Clingo Car mount review
I have spent some time looking for a car mount and was put off by the price of the official HTC one (I have Desire). Especially as I already have a car charger. This product is great, really well manufactured and the sticky pad works well. If it does fail to stick properly just a quick wash and it works perfectly again. Happily held for a 4 hour journey and left no residue after, even when the phone was pretty hot. Recommended and great price.
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6th August 2010

clingo univversal in car holder
the clingo was purchased to hold a reversing camera screen on the top of the windsceen, a first class job,a solid support. RD.
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6th August 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
The best car phone holder I have puchased in a long time does exactly what the advert says.
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Simon Cooper
North Shields
24th July 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
Ordered this product at 1.05pm on Friday, delivered at 11am next day - superb service mobilefun. The product is absolutely first class. I bought it to hold a HTC Desire, and it holds it very strongly, without leaving any residue on the case when the phone is removed. The mount sticks very firmly to the windscreen, and can be adjusted to any angle you wish, and then you tighten up one screw ratchet fixing with your fingers, and your all done. Very simple, secure fixings on a first class phone/satnav windscreen mount. Excellent product, excellent service from mobilefun - all for £17.49 !!
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Brentwood, UK
23rd July 2010

Really Happy !
Great bit of stylish kit, sticky pad really works and holds securely. Ordered Thurs PM, Recvd Friday AM. MobileFun - Superb Service and good prices.
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