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Sorry, but Clingo Universal In-Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder

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Product Reference: 25398

Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.

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12th July 2015

The solution if it can't hold
My phone started to fall after half an hour, but I figured out what was the problem: The sticky pad wasn't completely flat. So I - carefully took the sticky pad out from its base. (It's only "sticking" there) - pressed it on to the phone - Spread the glue onto the base (only a thin layer to avoid messing everything with the glue) - pressed the pad (and the phone) back to the glued base - let it dry Now the sticky pad follow the shape of the phone, and carries it like nothing. Problem fixed!
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Western Australia
11th March 2015

Clingo Universal car phone holder
It Works very well
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Paul Nowland
Darwin NT
5th March 2015

Clingo phone holder
Sturdy unit, the arm is a bit long for where I wanted to position it. Phone sticks well and easy to uses.
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29th November 2014

Buon prodotto
Buon prodotto, servizio veloce e impeccabile.
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Gary Thursting
27th October 2014

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder
Good Mobile phone holder
The Clingo in - car phone holder is a good practical phone holder. It's certainly different than the normal holder, because of the sticky pad, which seems to work well. At present I have had no issues.
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Samir Ali
11th October 2014

LG G3/HTC One M8
Excellent Item however too sticky sometimes
I saw a similar thing in someone else's car and decided I need the same so I looked everywhere online and to my surprise this was the first one to come up. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for, especially for that budget price! I saw the video and bought it. As soon as it arrived I opened it testing it out out it stuck on really well. Well maybe too well but it is possible to take it out. I used this in another car and worked exactly the same.
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1st September 2014

iPhone 4s
Great piece of kit
The "clingy" is an easy to use ideal mount for iPhone as navigation tool, very sticky no mess just firm grip!
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26th July 2014

Product is good so far only have it a few days
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21st July 2014

design, the phone sticks very good, no problems
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Ezequiel Muns
Sydney, Australia
30th December 2012

Very nice product
Sturdy, very sticky, versatile, nice looking on my dash. I just hope the main joint (the one behind the pad) remains in working order 6 months from now.
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Tony Sågare
20th September 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2
Almost perfect
I bought this model in Sweden almost a year ago. After hours of research trying to find the most sturdy but yet easy to use, I chose a Clingo. I´ve used both window and dash mount. The difference is that the dash itself is a bit soft. The suction cup is at bit soft. The lever is quite tall and the green pad is soft and sticky. These many soft items and tall lever cause to much vibration for getting 5 stars. Btw, the adhesive disc is easily removed from the dash without leaving residue anywhere. But it won´t stick anywhere again at all. Separate discs are available. At least in Sweden. I agree that the green pad is almost to sticky. I use my SGS 2 without casing and the back cover stays on the pad if I´m not careful. I have had no problems in hot summer conditions. Use the guarantee! I´ve experienced that an iPhone 4S (glass back cover)is easier to remove from the sticky pad. The 4S does not get stuck as hard and yet it won´t fall off. Now I consider trying the Clingo ventilation holder due to the shorter lever. Hopefully the vibration will decrease and my view out the window gets better. I hope you got a little more info. Regards from Sweden.
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22nd March 2011

First one was great so bought another two for different vehicles
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Peter Washington
10th March 2011

The Clingo Sticky Pad does what it says on the tin
The Clingo Sticky Pad is exactly what it says it is, a Pad that is VERY Sticky, BUT you can peel things off it very easily and reuse it ! My only problem is that my lovely shiny new Smart Phone is SOoo heavy that I don't believe the suction cup and / or the sticky backed plate is strong enough to hold the whole arm in place if it is stretched out horizontally, so I am looking at other ways of fixing the Clingo unit in my car.
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Mike Harkett
Wisbech, cambs
17th December 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
Really like this product and this is the second reviev I have done of it. Reason for that is that I have now been using it a month or so. Its a well made quality product. The mount to the window is solid but easy to use. Havent tried the self adhesive pad for dashboard mounting so can't really comment. Setting it up was easy as has been adjusting. Which I have done plenty of. Lol. The green clingo pad grips unbelieveibly well. Have just upgraded to an htc desire hd which is a heavy handset, but no problem. I was a little concerned is the fitting of a gel case to the phone would effect the grip, and it did! it sticks even better!!! not a mark on the case or phone. In fact the only smapp negative for this product is the ball mount on the back of the pad. This seems a little loose, and would benifit from some kind of locking ring. Other than that a top notch piece of kit. 9 out of 10 in my book.
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2nd December 2010

No Brainer Phone Holder
Wow what a cool and pratical pice of kit. Easy to install, easy to use and unless abused should last years. The green 'clingo' pad stickd like s*#t to a blanket yet leaves not a mark on the phone. Am so impressed will be ordering some for my friends for christmas. top marks Mobile Fun :-)!!
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22nd November 2010

Not everything sticks
Don't get me wrong, the clingo car holder is a really good product, and things stick to it amazing - I even had a friend stick a packet of crisps to it to eat out of! The only thing is that I find, on my clingo anyway, that the suction cup can be a bit temperamental. By that I mean that it often takes a good push on the windscreen to get it to stick, and it doesn't always stick. I've had it fall of quite a few times & once when driving, but if you do give it a really good push you should be alright. So apart from the suction cup issue the clingo is great and I would recommend it.
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Simon Alexander
Woodford Green
18th November 2010

Great Item, Fits well
My main concern when I purchased this was that my phone would fall off the mount when I drove over a pothole but I neednt have worried. The Clingo car holder not only fits the window well but also the phone. In fact it clings on to the phone too well as sometimes it can be difficult to remove your phone from the unit but I would rather that then it work loose. It also has great manoeuvrability should you want it at an awkward angle. Would reccomend.
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Caroline Thomas
15th October 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder.
Very efficient service and also pleased with the kit - so effective was the sticky pad that the first time I used it it pulled the back off my phone!! Go used to it now and peel it off gently. Also with a little use it is not quite so violent!!.
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1st October 2010

Works great with an iPhone 4!
I bought this to replace a vent mount for my old iPhone 3GS. I liked this one because it works with any phone and doesn't block up an air vent. Have only been using it for a week but it sticks like glue both to the windscreen and the phone. The arm is adjustable and it holds the phone in portrait or landscape easily. Removing the phone is simple, just apply sideways pressure to peel it off and it comes away with minimal fuss. I did try it with a Tomtom Go 530 but it was too heavy to stay stuck for long, as I expected really!! A lighter model may last longer... On the whole it's a decent phone holder that will last through at least a few phone upgrades.
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Pedro Duarte
17th September 2010

I received the clingo car holder last week and´at the moment I´m impressed. I was afraid it wouldn´t work, but it does, and very well to be fair. I don´t know how long it will last but for now i´m very pleased with my purchase and with mobilefun service :)
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at home
10th September 2010

This is actually surprisingly good. I was a little dubious of it's claims to just stick to your phone but it seems to work. I've washed it once now and it still sticks firm. The armature is well made and easily pose-able too.
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8th September 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S Silicone Case - Black does not cling to clingo, it is alright once on the motorway, if not bumpy; otherwise not good; the phone without the case sticks superbly.
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8th September 2010

Surprisingly Good
Recommended, Simple effective product that actually works well. I bought it as I did not want to remove my iphone4 case every time I put it in my car.
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7th September 2010

Clingy Car Holder
Does what I wanted it to do, holds the phone up landscape for navigation purposes. Granted, it does wobble a little but I cant see how the manufacturer could have avoided it, I just rest it on my dash to minimise the wobble. Only 2 negatives are the horrible highlighter green pad that doesn't really look in place in my cream leather BMW, but fortunately the actual piece that contains the green pad can be removed so I just keep it in my glove compartment when I don't use it. the other downer is The pad is really strong at first, that it pulled the protective lens off my camera (HD2) luckily it was still sticky enough to put back on. Easily avoidable by making sure the camera lens if you have on just hangs of the side. cont complain with MobileFuns service though, really a pleasure to deal with. I placed the order at 2pm and received the item the next day, I wish all mail order sites could be the same!!
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7th September 2010

Recommended but not Perfect
I really like the way this "anything holder" works. I have two remarks: - The sticky green needs to be washed quite frequently in order to keep stickiness (or maybe I should clean my car more often). - Although it is already quite stable, it maybe could have been build a little more stable. All in all, I would recommend this holder over all those huge bulky generic phone holders. Using this holder your phone will be less prone to being scratched.
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19th August 2010

Solution for your touchscreen phone
Most universal car holders use an adjustable grip to keep your phone in place. However, those seem to be made for older much larger phones. This cause some minor troubles when trying to reach the edges of your touchscreen. With this solution there's nothing in the way when using your phone. It is strong enogh to hold your phone in rough conditions (tried in the boat to) but for some cars the arm might be a bit short.
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17th August 2010

It bit of a pain for blackberry curve!
Very good bit of kit. very sticky, however I have a blackberry curve, so every time I remove my phone to get out of the car the back comes off. I then have to peel it off the holder & put it back on the phone!
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9th August 2010

IPhone4 - Does the Job
This holds the item securely as stated. However its so secure that its a little fiddly to remove your device from it.
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6th August 2010

Great product but clean regularly
I bought 2 of these, one for each car. they are BRILLIANT!! They stick to the window like limpets (no need to wet them first and leave a ring mark), and stick my phone so well it's a struggle to get it off again. The arm is rock solid but adjustable. I love it. I have a HTC HD2 and it has come unstuck in quite a short while without a case fitted but I found I just wasn't pressing it on firmly. with a firm press or with a gel case on the phone it stays put really well. I'm being picky but it gets 4 stars cause I don't like snot green and it does lose a little stickiness over time and you can't predict when. That all being said I would buy again and again and recommend it to anyone.
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Michael Jones
Jersey, Channel Islands
6th August 2010

This is a great bit of kit, does what it says on the box, so easy to set up and adjust if need be, the only fault I could find is if the weather is hot, the sticky part tends not to hold onto the mobile very well, otherwise, GREAT!!
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6th August 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder, good but be caref
Bought it as I thought it would come in handy so only given it a brief test. A useful gadget which easily attaches to the window and has a very strong pad to hold your device. But be careful when detaching you device as it pulled the cover off my mobile. Recommend.
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5th August 2010

Great for a Tenner!
I currently own an iPhone and needed a car holder. I looked before but never found one that quite suited me. Until now... I received an email from mobile fun advertising it, so I thought 'what-the-hell' and bought it. It works really well and swivels so that the phone can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and the case can be left on (with one proviso). The case has to be hard flat plastic. Anything rubberised will not stick, or if it does it'll be only for a few minutes. Anything with a mottled surface will stick for longer but will eventually fall of. I have an otterbox case (the one with the plastic part that goes over the rubber part) and I have had to flatten the back a little on our linisher at work. It now sticks fine. It sticks even better without a case at all as the iPhone's back is shiny. All in all a great bit of kit within it's limitations.
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29th July 2010

Not bad
I got this product to use with my HTC Hero. It holds the phone well, although it needs two hands to pull it off when getting out of the car as the clip section of the holder moves at the slightest touch - this is also true if the phone is needed as the phone needs to be held in order to do anything. Also, the holder doesn't keep the phone steady during driving - instead there is a small but noticeable wobble to the holder. This might be annoying if in use with GPS active. Pretty good though for the price.
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