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Sorry, but Clingo Universal In-Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder

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Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.

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29th June 2016

Clingo Phone Holder
Not good for larger phones.
This phone holder overall has a good design in the bracket area but this holder does not secure larger phones such as the Lumia 640XL . Every bump the phone dislodged and fell off. A larger sticky area would be much better and maybe stretch bands that secure the corners of the phone to the sticky area.
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doreen Ashcroft
1st September 2015

iphone 6
Bit disappointed
Overall it's a very good holder and very very sticky in fact I am worried the phone will break when taking it off the disappointing thing is it states that it's case compatible but on the box silicon or leather cases are not suitable which means I have to take the case off every time I use it so since I chose it for compatibility i was disappointed and have only used it three times
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30th December 2014

a bit bigger than expected
Have yet to try out as the suction thing is a bit bigger than expected and so have not found a flat area of dash in a sensible position to fit it (I know I can use the windscreen, I just don't want to).
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Stuart Arundel
23rd November 2014

iPhone 6
Do you have a case on your smart phone!!
This looks like a great product, but not with my iPhone 6 case! If your case has any kind of ridged pattern, the phone won't stick properly and will keep falling off. If your case isn't designed to come off easily (as mine isn't) this isn't the product for you.
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Stephen Barker
22nd September 2014

iPhone 4s
Clingo Universal Car Holder
Firstly, this ended up going in my wife's car so I have not used it myself in anger. When I came to install it in her car, the pin on the suction mechanism lever was half out, so I had to squeeze that in with some pliers. Hope it lasts. It certainly sticks very well, and leaves no residue on the back of the phone, but getting it off is a two-handed affair, as you have to hold the holder and then pull the phone off. This would be annoying if you were trying to get out of the car with something else in your hands. After just 4 days, she is already saying that it is starting to lose it's stick a bit, as it gets fluff and stuff stuck to it. You can just wash it under the tap, but I was not expecting to have to do that every week ! I was originally looking for a car holder for my iPhone 6+ when it comes, but I am not sure this would be it. I really need something I can use one-handed.
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8th July 2014

HTC One Max
Won`t work with HTC One Max
I bought this to use with my HTC One Max, initially I thought it was a clever idea. Unfortunately, when I attached my HTC One Max it did`nt perform well. It gripped for a while, but the phone fell off about 6 times in all, and this was with the car NOT MOVING! After inspection, it`s probably down to the HTC having a curved back, as the holder worked fine with my wife`s Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Please bear this in mind, it will NOT work with a HTC One Max.
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y tatard
30th June 2014

htc m8
Not impressed
I was disappointed and not very impressed by the actual product. I put my mobile on the holder and while I was driving my mobile was shaking and eventually fell off. I'm thinking to replace the device by something with a better design.
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19th May 2011

Good but has it's flaws
There are three great features of this item: 1 - it clings to the windscreen like no other unit i have had before 2 - the arm is rigid so the mobile/PDA does not vibrate or bounce around (much) 3 - the sticky pad holding the mobile/PDA is fantastic and when it does loose it's stickiness, you wash it - brill! The main let down of this mount is the ball joint between the sticky pad and the arm. I have had my 6 months and the joint has lost it's grip which causes my iPhone to "droop" especially if its being charged. I'm sure I can do something to rectify the problem myself but for now I just let it rest on the dash. Would have been 5 stars but for the ball joint flaw. Great service from Mobile Fun too!!
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Johnny Taxi
newcastle upon tyne
19th January 2011

Not for Heavier phones
Its a pretty good holder just not for a bigger phone like the htc desire hd, I have a nokia 6300 which it holds fine, not recomended for heavier phones.
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21st December 2010

Don't but unless you are rich and have money to wa
Bought to stick my Desire HD to desk car, bedside cabinet etc sticks fine with the suction pad. However the green adhesive that holds the phone will stick for say five minutes then my phone will fall! So if you want a damaged mobile buy it now! Right this minute. Otherwise do not buy unless your phone light and dainty and is not a brick like the desire HD.
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Paul Broadwith
7th October 2010

Good but it's not perfect
I believed the hype of this product and bought one. I don't want to start by knocking the product but don't believe the hype. Yes, it's sticky. Very sticky and that's part of the problem. It's almost pulled the case off the back of my mobile. It has pulled out the conference call mute button on the back of my mobile (I have an HTC Touch Pro 2). I have also pulled the holder out of it's ball and socket joint trying to take my phone off. It's basically too sticky - you don't take your mobile off of it, you peel it off, in my case, carefully. The arm that moves up an down locks in place. However the holder is on a ball and socket which doesn't lock. I will use this, as I purchased it. I wouldn't buy another one and I would recommend it with caveats. I am hoping that with more use it will become less sticky.
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kourosh sadeghian
11th September 2010

It has a good quality but it is a little short.
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2nd September 2010

Good and bad
It does work - kind of - but I find it temperamental. I use an HTC Desire which is a relatively large and heavy phone - unfortunately a lot of the time my phone comes off the holder - I'll try cleaning it more regularly - but sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Having my phone drop off whilst driving is dangerous! The holder itself - aside from the sticky pad - is excellent and works great. I think the sticky pad needs to be made more sticky so the phone doesn't come off. On that note the sticky pad meant that the silver "H" on the "HTC" sign on the back of my phone cover has come loose. This is not a cheap item so I would have hoped for less issues.
MobileFun Reply:
Cleaning the pad will restore it's stickiness, and we suggest applying a little pressure when attaching the phone to the pad if it is failing to stick.
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2nd September 2010

Clingo - tips for using
The Clingo held my phone securely at first but 30 minutes into my journey the phone fell off and landed at my feet. I had the charger plugged into the phone which made the charging cable and connector squeeze against the dashboard slightly. This small but constant pressure was enough to gradually peel the phone off the Clingo over the course of 30 mins making it drop dangerously under my feet. I also found that when I put the phone on the Clingo, although it felt quite secure, closer inspection revealed that the entire middle section of the pad wasn’t touching the phone at all and again the phone lifted off the Clingo far too easily after a short while, even when the charging cable wasn’t in place to help dislodge it. I have to firmly squeeze the phone and Clingo together, making sure the whole pad is in contact with the phone, but I still have a niggling fear of it falling off. When it does hold securely, another problem arises. When removing the phone, the battery cover rips off, staying stuck to the Clingo. The ball and socket joint sags under the weight of heavier items like satnavs.
MobileFun Reply:
We recommend regularly cleaning the pad to restore full stickiness. Also, we would advice applying slight pressure when attaching your phone to the Clingo in order to gain maximum grip. When removing your phone from the pad, the optimal method is to peel
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