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Sorry, but Clingo Universal In-Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Clingo Universal In-Car Holder

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Product Reference: 25398

Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.

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This product has been given an average rating of 3.8 by 227 customers. | Write a review
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Martyn Langlois
26th July 2015

Clingo In Car holder
Disappointed with the product
I tried using the product for a number of days but eventually gave up. I found that the angle of the pad was not as adjustable as I needed, and after a few days it did not hold the phone securely, and the phone kept falling off
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Mike Wilson
26th April 2015

Clingo Universal in car holder
Looked good out of the box
Looked good out of the box. Easy to fix in widescreen or on the dash. Worked fine for the first day and then my phone started falling off (LG G3). Cleaned it, gave it all lot of tlc. All to no avail. My phone keeps falling off after about 5 minutes. Disappointing.
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Central Wales
20th April 2015

Clingo Universal in-car Holder
Not Impressed
Very pleased with the delivery and service of MobileFun. The item however is not what it makes out to be. My smart phone is a blackberry passport and whilst it holds it well on motorways and smooth main road it does not even close on the lanes and tracks of my local area in my Land Rover Disco. The unit also is not that well made with the locking screw keep coming loose and the sticky cover for the screw head fixing dropping off before the end of the first day. The sucker fixing is barely adequate and again over the bumps it drops of the screen. Will be looking for a more robust unit to suit my needs and terrain.
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Darren L
29th March 2015

Iphone 6 Plus
Great for a week and now in the glove box.......
Brilliant for a week, held handset perfectly but after a week the phone was just falling off, often into the foot well of the car which was interesting when driving! Tried following the guidance to clean but pointless. Great idea buts now in the glove box!
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Austin Woods
United Kingdom
11th July 2014

iPhone 5s
Clingo Universal In-Car Holder hmmmm
I wanted to love this so much as it looked great, But the problem is the iPhone wobbled a lot and made me feel sick as I couldn't concentrate on the sat nav on it. Will brop work for lighter phones but not great for iPhone 5S. Sorry.
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17th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Didn't live up to expectations
Having seen mixed reviews about this product (most of them good) I decided to try it out. At first it seemed fairly good but after driving around (under normal road conditions) my phone started to fall off the sticky pad. I do have a slim back case on the phone to protect it but the product description said this wouldn't be a problem. I have to say that returning the product couldn't be easier so I would buy from mobilefun again knowing that the customer services team look after you well. Unfortunately the star rating is for the product and not the customer services team...
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16th December 2010

no so good
Sticks to the windowscreen like gule and the bit you stick the phone to is cleaver and works well for a little time but you have to keep it cleaned regular and if you attach the power lead it then drags the phone of the attachment, I would have prefered a more conventional holder and I am going to see if I can adapt it by using an old one I have but keeping the bit that sticks to the window.
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Kev P
30th November 2010

Clingo ( It doesn't )
To be fair my phone(N8)isn't completely flat so it didn't have the whole surface to cling to.It may have stuck better to a flat phone. The suction took a lot of faffing around with and still fell off. Well made but doesn't do what it says on the box.
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26th October 2010

Not so clingy
I've been using this for the best part of the month so that I could give an informed view of the Clingo's performance. It's not good, I'm sad to say. I'll be buying a new car holder today (not Clingo), as I don't think my Desire is going to put up with continually falling on the floor as I'm driving; nor do I want to cause a pile-up as I'm struggling to stick my phone back on its holder. I've kept the surface clean - both of phone and holder - I even keep the plastic cover over the sticky part when not in use so it stays clean. And there's only so much pressure you can apply to a touch-screen phone. Therefore: 1 star for original concept, 1 star for aesthetics. But seriously I can not recommend.
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Brian Kelly
30th September 2010

Phone holder arm
Recently purchased Chingo Universal in-car holder. Good angles and views of phone but phone keeps dropping off sticky pad. Is there a more secure way of holding phone. ? Please help
MobileFun Reply:
We recommend keeping the Clingo pad clean and applying a bit of pressure when attaching your phone to the pad.
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The Hague
7th September 2010

Clingo Universal In-car holder
Arrived as scheduled (5-7 working days) en it appeared robust van construction although its very plastified and the green color sticky pad showed adequate area of holding a standard size cellphone & GPS unit. I have a HTC Touch HD smartphone and a Garmin Nuvi 1490TV gps unit which this was to serve & support. I bought two of these holders. It didn't hold its sticky grip longer than 2 kms drive!!! Grrrr...:(( Attempted 2 more occasions and it still fell off. The holder itself seems to hold its ground but NOT the green sticky pad unfortunately. I'm not sure now on what I'm going to do with these two holders???? :(( fortunately I can still use and rely on the original holders of my two units which will NEVER fall off its docking location. :)
MobileFun Reply:
If you are having trouble sticking a device to a Clingo pad, we recommend cleaning the pad, and applying pressure when attaching the phone to the pad.
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2nd September 2010

clingo car holder
Great device till l got a silicone sleeve - clingo will not hold the silicone cover.
MobileFun Reply:
If you are having trouble sticking your phone to the Clingo pad, we recommend you clean the pad. We have tested their whole range of products with a variety of cases and products, and are confident that it should work with a silicone case.
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16th August 2010

Caution: Clingo Universal in car holder
Stand back and think this through first. The sticky bit on the holder is so seriously sticky that if you don't _peel_ away very carefully the thingy on the holder, either the holder unit comes way from its' base or the battery/sim flaps comes away from the back of your phone. :-( MikeS
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