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Clingo Universal In-Car Holder

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Product Reference: 25398

Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.

  • "Does what it said on the box"
  • "Super Sticky"

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This product has been given an average rating of 3.8 by 211 customers. | Write a review
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Hampstead Gardens
4th August 2015

Fails under warm conditions
The sticky pad and ball joint fail when the inside of the car becomes warm from either the car heater or the Australian sun. My phone fell on my whilst driving several times and ended up under my feet. this is a highly dangerous situation. I have a clingo desk phone holder also which suffers from the same problem. Very disappointing for a device sold in Australia.
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St helens
20th May 2015

Htc m8
Clingo universal in car holder
I wouldn't waste your money on this ,I've placed my phone on this ,yes it sticks however as soon as you turn a corner or go over a bump it falls off ,cracked my screen . Don't buy
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12th May 2015

Nexus 6
Do Not Use This With A Nexus 6!!
It's a fantastic accessory... as long as you don't have a Nexus 6. This phone has a curved back which doesn't stick to the car holder for very long. In addition this device will pull the silver lettering from the back of the Nexus. I've used this for flat backed phones and it's perfect, it just doesn't work with the Nexus 6.
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Nalin Gamage
22nd April 2015

Samsung S3
Crap product
Never ever recommend. bought couple of months ago but used only 3 times.that was it.sticky pad on the base came off..
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16th March 2015

htc one mini
dangerous not suitable for htc one mini
Very disappointed with this product . Followed instructions ie wash Etc, But My HTC One Continued To Fall Off The sticky pad. Very dangerous and distracting when trying to concentrate on the road. I believe that the curved back of the htc one is not suitable for this product, and should of been advise this in advance. I await your reply and a refund !
MobileFun Reply:
Hi John, we are sorry to hear the product is not suitable and please return it back to us.
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2nd January 2015

Poor option for HTC One (always falling off)
Loved the idea of this but my phone keeps falling off while driving and dropping the phone into the drivers footwell which is a real safetly issue. It may be due to the HTC one having a curved back so less surface area to stick to so it might be alright with a flatter surface but I wouldnt risk it
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Tom Reid
12th December 2014

Clingo Universal in-car holder
Unsticky stickiness
I bought this product as a simple unfussy holder for my phone. The idea of just placing the phone on the sticky surface appealed to me. But the phone just fell off, and it fell off again, and again and again. I pushed it on firmly, but it fell off yet again. This is no good, and certainly dangerous, so I have returned it, and plan to replace it with a traditional holder. It probably did not help, that the day I tried to make it work the temperature was around 0 Centigrade, but then it often is here.
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27th November 2014

Waste of money
Say's it's compatable with the Samsung Galaxy S5...for about a minute before you go over the slightest bump in the road, then the phone is in your footwell.
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co.clare ireland
8th November 2014

waste of time & money
don't know how this got such glowing reviews. received on monday morning, in the bin on tuesday evening. put my phone on the holder monday morning, taking it off pulled the back off the phone... reassembled the phone loaded it on the holder later. taking it off this time pulled the sticky pad mount off the arm with it.... reassembled the holder. put the phone on the holder tuesday morning, had a couple of hours driving to do & as the car warmed up the sticky contact melted, the phone falling into the footwell under the pedals.... pulled over & retrieved the phone, replaced it on the 'sticky' pad, giving it a little twist to secure it, the suction pad windscreen mounting broke off... put the phone in the cup holder on the dash... put the remnants of the 'clingo universal car holder' in the bin....
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Robert Hutchinson
15th October 2014

Clingo universal holder
Doesn't last
The holder was great until it stopped sticking to the iPhone effectively which happened after a few weeks of operation.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Robert If your Clingo Universal InCar Holder starts to lose its adhesive properties - simply remove the cradle, wash it under a warm tap and once dry it's as good as new.
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Dave McKay
24th September 2014

iPhone 6 plus
Rubbish Product
I bought this a couple days ago no good for iPhone 6 plus, my phone fell off on to the floor when I was driving twice. I followed the instructions and sorry its not any good with a iPhone 6 Plus
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Rob Fabry
11th September 2014

Galaxy note 3
The pivot the supports the sticky pad is loose and thus allows the attaches phone to wobble around uncontrollably. Sticky pad is good bur the pivot makes the product useless and completely understand un-usable
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mick carter
21st August 2014

waste of money
tried this product in my car tried to stick it onto the dashboard just keeps coming off after a short time even without phone attached don't bother waste of money
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Mick Sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. If you haven't done so already, please try the following: The included 3M sticky pad should be placed on your car's dashboard to provide a solid base for the Clingo. Also ensure that the suction lever is released before placement and then enabled once in position to provide a stable grip.
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30th June 2014

save your money
i have one of these and its fine when you first put the phone on but once you remove it and it get dusty it looses it adhesion and washing does not help i went back to the grip type of phone holder
MobileFun Reply:
Hi. Sorry to hear you're not happy with this product. I don't understand why washing the adhesive surface is not working for you. If you wish to return it, please do so and we'll examine it and if necessary, replace it for you. But the product is tried and trusted and should work exactly as advertised.
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5th July 2013

HTC Desire S and Google Nexus 4
The sucker falls off the windscreen and the phone falls off the sticky holder
This product just doesn't seem to stay attached. Either the sucker falls off the window or the phone falls off the slightly sticky pad (even when I press it really hard!). Both are very dangerous when driving and make this product basically useless. Save your money, buy something else.
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7th April 2012

Disaster - ruins phone case
Well, it seemed great for a few months, then the weather got warm!! The sticky surface turned to 'goo' and this then ended up sticking to the phone and slipping off the holder. The holder is now useless and my phone is covered in sticky goo - looks like a long job to try and clean it all up. I would avoid this unless you live in antartica
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16th August 2011

Practical Problems
Although this device looks well designed, because the cantilever arm is too long it is unable to withstand the vibrations when driving and so falls off.
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3rd March 2011

Adhesive fails.....
......over time, and no amount of cleaning using the recommended method brings its stickiness back. The device has one advantage - it is very light and can therefore be thrown a long way.
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20th January 2011

product review
Terrible. Very dissapointed. Suction disc or sticky pad didnt work. Fell off numerous times, didnt stick longer than 2 mins on window or dashboard. Had given up after 1/2 hr, though sticky plate which held phone in place worked very well.
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15th October 2010

Not the best
The sticky pad is just not practical. Instructions show how to "restick" the pad when it loses its stickyness but how do you know when it has? WHEN YOUR PHONE FALLS OFF! Also the arm is very unsightly and looks like a girder bridge! I went on to buy a universal holder which is much better.
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9th October 2010

Clingo Car Mount
Very dissapointed - I'm about to send it back.The clingo end works very well but the windscreen sucker end is very poor. On a four hour car journey it fell off the windscreen six times - giving my ipod a hefty bump each time.Until they improve the windscreen fixing I'd avoid and buy an alternative product - the desk version by comparison merits 4 or 5 stars
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7th October 2010

Looks nice, but doesnt stick
It looks really nice and fancy, yet doesnt actually stick a phone too it for too long. Any advice???
MobileFun Reply:
We recommend making sure both the pad and back of your phone are clean before pressing the phone onto the pad with a bit of pressure. Feel free to give the phone a little pull to make sure it has stuck properly - when proper adhesion has occurred, the pho
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6th October 2010

Not very effective :(
The delivery and service was very good, but when I tried the Clingo with 2 different phones in my car, they both fell off the holder onto the floor, one almost immediately, the other after about one minute of driving.
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6th October 2010

Had enough - it's in the bin - too dangerous havi
It's just too dangerous having your phone or satnav fall under your feet every 20 minutes. Pull hard on your phone and the Clingo seems to grab it tightly - great. The key to releasing the phone is to gently peel it off and that's the downfall of the Clingo. If your phone isn't completely flat on the back, or if you have a charger plugged in which is exerting any pressure (eg if the connector is slightly pressed against the dashboard), that's enough to slowly peel the phone off and after 20 minutes it'll drop to the floor under your feet. I keep the Clingo scrupulously clean - the protective plastic film is on the sticky pad whenever I don't use it, so it's not a case of a dirty pad. I've tried about 5 different devices and on the only one that Clingo holds, removing it from the Clingo always results on the battery cover being ripped off the phone and staying stuck on the Clingo. Far from ideal. I think you're actually safer holding the phone in your hand than using this device.
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5th October 2010

Not For Me
Quality of the item was good and the speed of delivery was quick. But it just did not work. Instead of a holder you have a sticky pad, my iphone kept falling off. i ended up throwing it into the bin. Will have to find something different.
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Simon Gresty
4th October 2010

Doesn't stick well to HTC Desire
This appeared to be a good idea, let down by the fact that it doesn't stick well with the HDC Desire's rather slippery back. I have had to "upgrade" it with an elastic band so that my Desire doesn't spend the majority of the car journey on the floor! Unfortunately, I hadn't been around to test this until my 28 days were up otherwise it would have been returned for a refund.
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2nd October 2010

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
Well, the stick on pad on the Clingo is as good as all the others I've tried. In a word, useless. I don't know whether the roads in West Norfolk are worse than anywhere else, but i'm totally fed up trying to retrieve my phone from the foot well of my car, especially as I use a SatNav phone as well. These supposedly sticky pads are anything but, so my advice would be steer clear of this type of phone/satnav holder, and save your money for something usefull like a hammer and nails.
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30th September 2010

Cannot use his
I saw this and so impressed and bought it. This came after 10days and so excited to use it. Very good design and good looking with all movement as described. Unfortunately my mobile started to fall. Therefore, I have washed and cleaned to use it. It worked for few hours and then started to fall again. It useless.
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Milton Keynes
21st September 2010

Not so good as I thought
Clingo. Looks good. Better than having to slot your phone to its holder. I'll get one and see :) Well unfortunately, its not its cracked up to be, I put my phone (htc hd2) on it, yep it holds, tried to "peel" it off the whole head came off. Hmmmmm. Ok next test. I switched on copilot, turned my phone to landscape mode and because I have my phone plugged into the charger (with slack cable) the weight of the lead pulls and the phone is skewed. I think the ball socket is too loose, hence coming off when I "peeled" the phone off, and also skewing when the charge is plugged in - I must stress there is slack in the cable, its not pulling at all. Overall disappointed, not all its cracked up to be. :(
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1st January 1970

Clingo Universal In Car Holder
Absolute pile of old crap
1.Phone sticks but suction cup fails. 2.Ball joint fails. 3.Phone just falls off after time. All of the above result in your phone falling onto the floor of your car. Its so sticky it peels the back off your galaxy S2. After a while the green pad becomes like the slime you bought as a kid but 100 times stickier, and gets stuck all over the back of your phone. Dont waste your money if there was a test period they used very light phones, glued the suction cup and didnt test long enough to discover that the sticky pad breaks down in the sun.
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